25 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Partner At Home

Spending quality time with your partner at home is so important for the two of you to reconnect.


You must come up with things to do with your partner if you want to have an amazing time.


In this article, I will share with you ways how you can spend quality time with your partner at home.


So, let us get right into the topic of today without wasting time.


This is how to spend quality time with your partner at home;

1. Watch movies on Netflix and chill.

If you want to make things cool with your partner at home then try this. Start watching Netflix movies.


Watch movies together and chill. Make this interesting.


You can decide to pick the best romantic movies and then go to the scariest movies.


Let your partner jump at your lap if he or she is so afraid.


You can make this fun when you all pick your characters from the movie.


As in watching movies while you talk about your characters. Put yourself in the characters of people in the movie.


This will be more fun since you will have a lot to argue about funnily.


Make sure there is a bowl of popcorns that you all share.


This is one of the simplest things partners can do indoors. It may seem silly but actually, it’s one of the best ways for couples to spend their time together at home.


Personally, this is one of my favourite ways of spending time with my partner at home.


2. Play truth or dare games.

To make time funnier with your partner at home then you can decide to play truth and dare games.


Truth or dares games are so fun and since you are indoors it will be more lit.


You can ask each other to do crazy things as you all laugh and enjoy the time you have together.


This will help you so much to reconnect with your partner and it may end up fixing any issues that the two of you had.


In a relationship sometimes the best way to fix things is to have fun together and you will all forget about the challenges and the problems you have been going through.


When playing these games with your partner make sure you turn off all your phones.


If not then you can put them in flight mode. This will help you to get rid of all distractions.


This is your time together so make maximum use of it.


You are just the two of you so, leave the world outside.


3. Share your worst nightmares.

This is another way you can spend your time with your partner at home.


It’s time to share your worst nightmares.


Share all those weird dreams that you had with your partner.


This is important in a relationship because it helps the two of you to be open to each other.


When you get used to sharing the scary things in your life it will be very easier for the two of you to open up to each other.


This will increase the trust you have in each other and thus strengthen your relationship.


4. You can be playful together in bed.

I love this part! Being playful with your partner in bed is one of the amazing ways to spend quality time with your partner at home.


Get playful with your partner.


Keep aside all devices.


Make sure your laptop and phones are away from the bed.


Hahaha! This is fun.


I warn you early enough that if you let these devices stay on the bed you might end up cracking their screens.


Keep the bed open enough for every kind of play.


The first thing I would do with my partner is get into pillow fights.


If you don’t have those soft and fluffy pillows then I recommend you get one that will make your playtime in bed amazing with your partner.


5. Romance as much as you can.


This is another part that you will not avoid when you are indoors.


After you have been playful together on the bed you will definitely get exhausted.


When you get exhausted after the pillow fights then you will find yourselves in each other arms.


Make things exciting by going slowly on each other.


Remember you have the whole day at home with your partner.


Go for those kisses gently and caress each other.


Keep the romance vibe alive for a while.


The way I recommend it to be; don’t have sex so soon.


Romance and after that do something else. The main reason I’m saying this is that you will get tired easily even before the day ends.


When you are all exhausted even before the end you will fall asleep and there is so much that you wouldn’t have done together.


Anyway, if you wish to go ahead and get on each other there is nothing wrong with that.


It’s all about enjoying each other company at home.


6. You can cook meals of the day together.

This is something else you can do with your partner at home.


You can all get into the kitchen and cook your favourite meal.


Furthermore, it’s not a must you cook the same kind of food you have been cooking for a while.


There is are so many channels on youtube and food blogs that you can find you’re a new recipe to try on.


Make this amazing.


You will learn something new at the same time you will enjoy your time together.


Cooking together is a romantic thing which every couple should try.


If your boyfriend wants to cook you dinner or your girlfriend then let him or her do it with your help.


In this way, you will make it more fun.


Remember you are here to spend your quality time together. So, make it fun as much as you can.


7. Help each other with the house chores.

Now that you have prepared together meals for the day, you will also have to help each other with the house chores.


If you had your meal and you are full then take about ten minutes to relax and then get on the house chores.


Keep the room clean there is more fun to come.


You can wash dishes together and make sure the carpet is clean and free from the popcorns and food that might have spilt accidentally.


I know you may be surprised why I’m talking about popcorns.


Remember you watched Netflix movies with a bowl of popcorns.


So clean up everything with your partner and get back to the fun of the day.


8. Lay down looking at the ceiling and share what you feel about each other.

This is another thing you can do with your partner at home.


It’s an amazing idea of quality time for couples at home.


Give it a shot.


It’s very important in a relationship for couples to share how they feel about it each other frequently.


Most couples forget to do this because they think that their partners are fully aware of it.


It doesn’t matter whether your partner is aware of how you feel about him or not.


Your partner wants to hear what you have to say on how you feel about him or her.


It doesn’t mean that when you are already in a relationship you will not share how you feel about each other.


Don’t let the word I love you end because you already have him or her in your life.


So, lay down and look at the ceiling and share what you feel about each other.


Tell your partner what you truly feel about him or her. This is important because it will help you reconnect and strengthen the bond of your relationship.


You have to know that you are spending time with your partner so that you can make the most out of it.


So make sure you use your time effectively and maximize every second you have with your partner.


9. You can teach other new things.

This is another way you can spend time with each other at home. There are so many things you can do together.


So, teach each other new things.


It’s obvious you know something that your partner doesn’t.


Teach him or her most romantically. Choose something simple.


I bet the things I would do is to teach my partner how to breakdance, sing, and write articles.


Check on something fun that you can teach your partner and go ahead on doing it.


10. Share the most embarrassing moments in your life.


It’s good to share the most embarrassing moments of your life with your partner.


You should be able to share everything with your partner if you want to make your partner trust you.


It’s not good to keep secrets from the people you love. There are so many disadvantages of keeping secrets if you want to know how secrets can affect your relationship then read this article.


You might like this: Disadvantages of keeping secrets from the people you love.


So, share these embarrassing moments in your life and laugh.


Sharing them will make it easier for both of you to share anything that you have in your hearts.


If you shared with him or her the most embarrassing moment of your life what would prevent you from sharing anything with him or her.


It can be fun at the same time it pushes your time effectively at home.


11. Shower together.

Who wouldn’t prefer doing this with his or her partner? I will definitely shower with my bae.


So, get into the bathtub or shower and make each other clean.


It’s romantic, why not do it if you have the chance.


This can create an amazing memory that will never fade out of your mind.


12. Share your success and failures with your partner.

You have to understand that relationship is not all about romance and sex.


There are so many things you can do in your relationship.


I remember I asked someone who broke up with her boyfriend.


I asked, “Why have you broken up with him yet you guys looked so much cute together and the love was immeasurable.”


She told me, “Abdul, a relationship is more than just looking cute together and loving each other. There is more to it.”


This made me nosy and I started investigating her ex-boyfriend.


I found out that he was so lazy and unambitious guy.


I remember vividly this is the reason that made me come up with this article.


You might like this: 7 things do if your partner lacks ambition.


I gave you this short story for you to understand that relationship needs more than romance and sex.


So, make a point of sharing your success and failures.


This will help you to encourage each other on achieving the best in your lives.


It will also help you to know which areas that you can support each other.


You will have to support each other because supporting each other is one of the factors that can prevent a relationship from failing.


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13. Wear each other’s clothes and take photos.

This is another amazing way to spend quality time with your partner.


Wear each other’s clothes and take photos together.


I would definitely go for the photos in front of a mirror.


Taking photos with your partner can make you push time so effectively.


Take photos of each other and share them on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.


14. Listen to your favourite music together.

This is another way you can spend time with your partner at home.


Put your playlist on play and listen to them.


To make it more fun; make sure the music is loud and you have the lyrics of your favourite songs.


Sing along with your favourite songs.


Try to hide the lyrics and ask your partner to sing the songs.


Make humour out of this and have fun together.


You can also decide to compete and see who has the best voice when it comes to singing.


This is all for you to have fun in every activity that you choose to do with your partner at home.


15. Dance to the music you listen to.


This is the other thing that you will obviously do when you are listening to the music together.


When the vibe is high enough you will find yourselves dancing even without a formula as long as you enjoy the music.


I know I would get my partner involved in deep house music.


This is the music with super amazing beats that will make you dance even if you don’t want to.


This is so fun and a perfect way to enjoy your quality time with your partner at home.


16. Play video games together.

This is another cool way of spending your free time with your partner at home.


Choose a game that your partner is familiar with and try it out.


If your partner knows nothing about the games then you can be a teacher to him or her.


Teach him or her to play the game and start playing it.


Go easy on him or her and let him or her win once or twice in that game.


If you keep on beating him or her on the game he or she will get bored, let him or her rejoice for beating you a little bit.


This is having fun and it can push your time together with your partner so amazingly.


17. Plan a vacation together and give it a head start.

When you are with your partner and you laying down on the best while holding each other’s hands; this is the best time to plan something amazing together.


You are not under any kind of pressure. You can think of so many things together with your partner.


The one that I have in mind is planning a vacation together.


I chose this because there are so many things you can talk about during the vacation and this will be an awesome way to push your time together at home.


I’m not just talking about planning a fake vacation but a real one.


This can start from how you will raise the money, think of the cities you would like to visit and the kind of resorts you would like to book.


Planning such kind of a vacation with your partner helps the two of you to stick with each other and keep on making the relationship better because you have a goal to accomplish.


18. Talk about your families.

This can also be a good idea for you to spend your quality time with your partner indoors.


There is so much you can talk about your families.


You can start with the kind of parents you all have, what they like and what they hate.


Share what you all do when you are with your families.


Additionally, share the nicknames that your parents gave you and how your parents perceive you.


If you haven’t introduced each other to your families start thinking of a way on how you are going to do that.


This is because it’s very important to make your relationship official even to the closest people in your life and we all know those are your families.


Imagine how your families will react when you introduce each other before them.


This is a good topic to talk about when you want to spend your time perfectly with your partner at home.


19. Take your partner through your whole wardrobe.

Do you want to spend quality time with your partner at home? Don’t forget to do this.


Take your partner through your whole wardrobe or suitcase.


Show your partner the kind of clothes, you like to wear.


You can also even let your partner try them and see how he or she will look at them.


There can be so much fun here. Try to make it exciting.


Don’t do it like you are selling them.


20. Do scary things together.

You can do scary things together and raise the adrenaline in your body.


You can start by watching scary movies together.


Horror and zombie movies.


There is an amazingly scary horror that if you have never watched it then I suggest you go ahead and watch it with your partner.


“The Nun” is a very scary horror movie you can watch with your bae.


After watching these kinds of scary movies then go ahead and do scary things or talk about them.


Make sure the lights are off and the room is totally dark to make it more fun.


You can try anything scary like putting on creepy masks and wearing weird clothes.


Make it look like Halloween.


This is another amazing way of how you can spend quality time with your partner at home.


21. Share your worst fears in life.

Now that you have done scary things and you know what your partner is scared about then start talking about them.


Share your worst fears in your lives.


You can share the things that you all fear most and also talk about the kind of situations you wouldn’t want to find yourselves in.


This is another way of opening up to each other deeply.


This can help both of you understand each other deeply without judging each other whenever anything happens between the two of you.


22. Write each other letters and read them loudly to each other.

It’s time to shift the environment now from scary shit to more fun and laughter.


Ask yourselves, when was the last time you wrote letters to each other?


Have you ever even written letters to each other?


If you have never done that then get into it.


Start writing a letter to each other of every mood (Joy and sadness) and after that read those letters to each other.


This is a good thing, though I never tried it.


Very soon I’m going to do it with my bae.


You can give it a shot I know you will all laugh and enjoy it.


The words when written are usually in a different way than when they are spoken.


So, it is time to find how different they are.


23. Talk of the goals of the relationship that you have achieved and the ones that you haven’t.

Talks about your relationship goal; talk of the goals that you have achieved and the ones that you haven’t


Talking about them will be like assessing your relationship and seeing the stage it is in.


This is important because it will help you figure out what things you haven’t done in your relationship.


You will also identify the area of your weaknesses and strengths in your relationship and this will help you make a significant improvement to your relationship.


Appreciate yourself for the goals you have managed to achieve no matter how smaller they might seem to be for both of you.


That is progress.


And if you haven’t achieved any goals in your relationship then don’t get discouraged.


Think of ways you can do to achieve more goals in your relationship.


This is a very positive way to spend your time with your partner at home.


24. Cuddle for hours.

I think I can do this the whole day.


Who doesn’t like a cuddle?


If you don’t like it then you are missing a lot.


Have you ever cuddled?


Can you tell me how it feels like to cuddle in the comment section and I will also share my experience.


Cuddling is one of the ways you can choose to spend your free time with your partner at home.


Turn on your music, find a perfect position and hold your babe.


Cuddle for hours, talk nothing just feel each other’s heartbeats and breath.


I’m sure you will like it.


25. Sleep together until sunrise.


If you have been cuddling for hours you will probably fall asleep while holding each other.


When you wake up in the middle of the night you can get to bed or sleep on the couch until the sun raises.


If you are not that much exhausted you can spend the night in a very romantic way.


You can get on each other and make the shits wet.


And have a very good and deep sleep.



These are some of the things that you can do with your partner at home.


You should spend your free time with your partner in a way that you will be creating memories each and every day.


This is very important in a relationship.


You might like this: 4 reasons why relationships need quality time.


Furthermore, you will never know when your partner is going to leave you when you are going to be away from him or her.


Life is too short, so enjoy it with your partner to the maximum.


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