5 Reason Why Guys Freak Out About Pregnancy

Every guy will freak about pregnancy except when he has prepared himself to be called a dad.


In this article, I will share with you why guys freak out about early unplanned pregnancy.


Pregnancy isn’t a bad thing at all. Every guy at one time or another would like to have a kid.


They would like to have a kid but at the right time. Unfortunately, things happen when they are least expected to happen.


When a guy doesn’t expect to have a kid and suddenly his girlfriend get pregnant then he will freak about it.


Without wasting time let me get into these reasons why guys get shocked when they find their woman pregnant.


These are the reason why guys freak out about pregnancy;


1. They never expected you to be pregnant so soon.

If a guy never expected you to be pregnant then he will obviously freak out when he finds out that you are pregnant.


In the same way, you will be shocked when you receive something that you never expected to receive from anyone.


So, if the guy never expected you to be pregnant so soon then he will be in shock to hear the news about his woman being pregnant.


Pregnancy it’s not a small deal in a relationship. This can change someone’s life in a second.


It’s a change that everyone needs prior planning before going forward and making happen.


If a guy planned that he would like you to be pregnant after you have been engaged and you get to be pregnant earlier than that then it will be a big blow to him.


2. Guys freak out about pregnancy because they aren’t ready for the responsibilities.

We have those guys who are still structuring their lives and they want to be somewhere before they decide to have a kid.


They might be busy working on their careers which might make them so committed to them.


This will obviously make it hard for them to concentrate on their studies while taking care of the kid.


If their careers are so demanding then they will be required to be committed to them until they finalize them.


As we all know, being a dad is a big blow for a guy who is not yet prepared to be called daddy.


Being called a dad it’s all about being responsible. A guy will have to make sure the kid is safe health-wise and receive all the basic needs required.


All these are responsibilities will be hard for a person who isn’t prepared to handle.


So, this is a good reason to keep a man in shock if he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant.


3. Guys freak out about pregnancy due to financial constraints.

The pregnancy is a blessing and every guy would be so much happy about it.


But it can also be a disaster for a guy who is struggling financially.


Those guys who are having an issue with their financial status will make them stressed.


Let us think of all the things that a guy will have to do for his girlfriend if she ends up being pregnant.


If the woman will refuse to abort because she is concerned about her health or some religious beliefs that she holds onto then the man will have to be ready to stand for her until she gives birth safely.


The guy will have to pay the hospital bills after her delivery, the guy will have to buy the kids clothes, if the woman is kicked out by her parents due to the pregnancy then the guy will have to provide a roof for the woman and kid.


These are just a few of the things that a man will have to do for his girlfriend when she ends up in such a situation.


This will be very hard for those guys who have no money. Let me say if they don’t have jobs and they are still staying in their parents’ house.


This will be so hard for these guys.


This is another reason that makes these guys freak out about unplanned pregnancy.


4. Guys freak out about pregnancy because of what their family is going to say about it.


When a guy has impregnated a woman then he will be forced to tell his family.


So, if the guy is from a tough family who care so much about morals and principles then this will be a big blow to him.


If this is the case, then when a guy’s family finds out that he has impregnated a woman he might end up being kicked out of the house and his college or university support be cut off.


This will obviously make it hard for a guy. He will lose his dignity from his family and also lose his family.


Let me give you an insight about the place I stay. I’m in Kenya, Mombasa. When it a guy has impregnated a girl then he will be faced with two options.


The first option is to marry the girl he has impregnated, take care of her and drop out of school.


The second option is to be kicked out by his family and find a place where he will stay with the woman he impregnated.


This is because this conveys a lack of discipline and it brings shame to the family.


This is especially, those families that are believed to be of high standards of morals and respected in the community.


I know several people who were kicked out of their families because they had impregnated a woman.


So, if a guy’s family is tough and he finds out that his woman is pregnant then he will freak out.


5. Guys freak out about pregnancy because it’s a big change.

As I said earlier, that pregnancy can change someone’s life in a second. The moment a woman gets pregnant then, this is a change between the man and the woman.


Everyone is nervous and afraid of change. Adjusting to the change that life comes with is what makes guys freak out about the pregnancy.


Every guy knows that when his girlfriend is pregnant then he will have to change in a way that he will portray good behaviours before anyone since he is now someone’s father.


He will have to shape his life and be ready to handle the responsibilities that the kid will come with.


This is a change and it can be so stressful getting accustomed to. It’s a big change that changes someone’s life so quickly.


These changes also come with pressure that will be so hard for anyone to handle.


This is what makes guys get shocked whenever they get the news of pregnancy.


Why do guys leave when you are pregnant?


Some guys will leave you when you are pregnant simply because they aren’t ready for responsibilities. Other guys end up being confused about how they can handle you while you are pregnant. This makes them freak out and leave.


Confusion is one of the factors that also make guys leave their women when they are pregnant.


Most guys don’t leave their women when they are pregnant because they don’t love them.


When the thoughts of responsibilities hit them they end up leaving. It’s very hard to handle something that you aren’t ready to for.


Do guys come back after they left you while you were pregnant?

As I said earlier, that the fear of responsibilities, confusion and change can make a man freak out about pregnancy especially the unplanned one.


This can make a man leave you while you are pregnant. He will have so much to think about.


Guys do come back after they left you while you were pregnant when you have given birth or they have found a way of handling the pregnancy with you. Also, if the confusion has faded. When they accept the change then they will come back.


In most cases I came across where men go back to the women they left is when they have given birth.


The kid usually unites the couple again.


Sometimes this does not happen. If the guy had no intention of moving to the next step of life with you then he will never come back if he left you while you were pregnant.


So, you should be careful with the guy you choose to occupy your life.


Some guys will only be there to use you.


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How do guys feel about an unplanned pregnancy?

To be honest, unplanned pregnancy brings so much stress. My ex once lied to me, she told me that she was pregnant and she seemed so serious about it.


I was so much stressed. I think I lost weight.


After one week she told me she was joking. I was so much relieved.


If you want to know how guys feel about unplanned pregnancy then this is what I can tell you.


Guys do feel stressed and overwhelmed about an unplanned pregnancy. This is because of the responsibilities, confusion and change that this pregnancy comes with. It’s so stressful to handle an unplanned pregnancy because of the decisions a guy will have to make with his girlfriend about it.


It’s a pressure that can be so hard for a man to bear. So, don’t be surprised if a guy freaks out about the pregnancy.



Unplanned pregnancy is a big deal to any guy no matter how much he loves you. So, freaking out about it is something normal. This is so much to handle because of the huge responsibilities that it comes with.


Though, if a guy loves you so much he will never leave you just because you are pregnant. He will stand by your side as you all figure out a way of handling that pregnancy.


It can be so hard to handle the issue of pregnancy if you are both young. At one point or another, you will have to involve someone who is mature and can offer you guidance in handling it.


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