A Girl Keeps Texting But Doesn’t Want To Date

Sometimes you might fail to understand why this is happening to you. A girl keeps on texting you but she says she doesn’t want to date.

Here is why she might be doing that.

If a girl keeps on texting you and yet she told you that she doesn’t want to date this shows that she likes your company. She enjoys talking to you and you seem the kind of a guy she would want. So, don’t ignore her texts, she might change her mind.


I’m sure you are not the only man who keeps on facing this issue.

I have been there several times. Imagine having met a super cute girl who seems perfect in every way.

You make up your moves and she seems interested by the way she responds to your words and her tone.

You start thinking that you got her in your box but she is way out.

Anyway, when she tells you that she doesn’t want to date but she keeps texting you don’t worry so much about that.

I came across such kinds of girls and later they changed their minds.

So, you may ask me,

What can I do to make her change her mind when she doesn’t want to date me?

You can make her change her mind by;

  • Continue keeping in touch with her the way you have been doing.
  • Stopping to push her away simply because she has told you that she can’t date you.
  • Make an effort of spending more time with her than before.
  • Have a habit of surprising her when she least expects you to.
  • Prove to her that you can be more than her friend to her by handling her in a special way than you handle your all friends.
  • Make her trust you by not keeping secrets from her, keeping her secrets safe, and being honest to her.
  • Don’t flirt with other girls when she is around you she will think that you are like the rest of the guys.
  • Be the person who will be available for her whenever something has gone wrong on her side.
  • Do the things that she seems to enjoy the most– common interest seems to attract someone easily
  • Be real, be yourself, and always act out of your own opinion of what you think it’s best for you — ladies like that.
  • Make sure you always compliment her and express how happy you are whenever she is around.

These are just a few of the things if you focus on she might change her mind because if she keeps on texting this means she likes you already.

You can use that to your advantage.

Why does she keep texting me if she’s not interested?


I know you may be wondering why she keeps on texting you while she isn’t interested in you.

She keeps texting you because she likes your company and you are an easy person to talk to. On top of that, she enjoys talking to you which is why she keeps on texting you. Girls find it easy to open up to people they find easy to talk to.


So, if she keeps on texting you, you might be that guy who knows how to talk to her in a way she feels so comfortable and valued.

If you have great listening skills she will always talk to you.

Most guys are not good listeners so when she had found you to be a good listener then she won’t stop talking to you.

She will keep on texting and even calling a few times if possible.

She just wants to be friends but she keeps texting me.

Sometimes it sucks you know. You feel different for her but she tells you that she only wants to be a friend to you.

It can be hard talking her out of it when she has already made her mind.

Anyway, don’t worry too much about that. How long can she be a friend to you?

One month? Two months? Or a year? Don’t think too much about that. If you want her and she has told you that she only wants to be a friend to you because she is already dating or she has someone else in mind.

Don’t worry too much nowadays most of the relationships are unstable. The fact that she can text you even in the middle of the night what clicks in your head?

For me, I know when a girl texts you early in the morning, afternoon and even at night, this means that she doesn’t get the attention she wants from the person she is dating or the person she has a thing for.

So, if she finds that you are the only one who you have time for her she will never hesitate to text you.

Most ladies expect guys to act differently whenever they are told that they can’t get the chance but only friendship.

Some guys will act by blocking them, others ignoring them while others go to an extent of abusing them.

So, if you act in a decent way you can still win her because she hasn’t rejected you she only said she wants to be your friend.

She might be observing the way you act, she might be trying to get to know you better, all in all, don’t lose it if she told you she only just wants to be friends.

If she keeps texting you but she only wants to be friends don’t worry about that. Keep the conversation going and make it more interesting you might end up changing her mind and she will eventually kick aside the friendship aspect.

She rejected me but keeps texting.

If she rejected you and yet she keeps on texting you then this might be the case.

When a girl rejects you and keeps on texting you she might be feeling sorry for you upon the decision she decided to make because you don’t deserve it. She will be texting you because she feels guilty about rejecting you, deep down she still cares for you.

Some girls don’t have the stomach to say no to someone extremely good to them.

They usually find it hard. The bad thing about the friendship between a man and a woman nowadays it always ends with one person falling in love with the other person.

In which in most cases, this relationship never happens. As in one person rejects the other.

No matter how long you will be a friend to her, you might one day find yourself so much in love with her.

Deep down you know the relationship between the two of you will never work out but you will still push it.

This is where the rejection comes in.

Anyway, it’s always better to express yourself than to have those feelings deep inside you.

Getting them out, by expressing what you feel to her is one way of lifting the burden from yourself.

As a man, you should know that there are two things you should expect from a girl when you choose to ask her to be your girlfriend.

She can either accept you or reject you. Once you keep that in your mind you will never be afraid of any answer that you might end up hearing from a girl.

Something else I would like you to know when a girl rejected you but keeps on texting you is that she is still thinking of what you told her and she might have never really thought of rejecting you. She might be waiting for you to ask her again after some time so that she can correct the mistake she made.

The funny thing is that she will never admit that she never wanted to reject you. Most girls don’t want to be seen that they don’t know what they want.

To sum it up, if she has rejected you and you have tried everything you can to get her in your box, just accept that she isn’t into you.

She might be texting you because she just sees you like a friend and a brother. If she has made her mind it can be hard to change it.

Walk around the world you will eventually find someone who is interested in you and she will never let you walk away.

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