Is Blocking Someone Immature?

Blocking someone is not being immature. So, if someone called you immature because you blocked them then they are the ones in that category.


In this article, I will share with you some insights that will enable you to know if blocking someone is being immature or not.


When you block someone because they did something to annoy you to an extent you feel no need to be in touch with them then this is not being immature. You have acted on your feelings. You blocked them because they annoyed you and it’s not because you are immature.


As long as you blocked them because they did something to piss you off then you did the right thing.


Some people will tell you that you are being immature by blocking them.


They only tell you this because they want you to feel sorry for blocking them yet they are the ones who hurt your feelings.


When someone texts you something that hurts your feelings and you don’t feel like talking to them then you should block them.


You have the right to cut off communication with someone who hurts your feelings.


No one needs to question you simply because you acted on your feelings.


So, blocking someone because he or she did something to piss you off is not being immature.


You were acting on your feelings and that is what matters. Don’t let someone makes you feel bad about yourself simply because they did something that made you block them and now they are turning on you.


As long as you have a solid reason why you blocked him or her then you are not immature. You thought through it before you blocked him or her.


Is it immature to block someone?

No! it’s not immature to block someone. You should not feel bad about blocking someone who made you. If they did something to upset you and that is why you blocked them then you are not being immature. You are yourself.


When someone refers to you as being immature for blocking them then you should know he or she wants you to blame yourself for acting on your feelings.


You should not worry about what someone tells you after you have blocked them.


They are feeling bad simply because you blocked them. They are upset and that is why they react by throwing words at you to make you feel bad too.


Is blocking someone on social media immature?

Blocking someone on social media is not immature at all. As long as they did something to make you feel bad about yourself, abuse you in any form or send you things that you don’t want to see then that is being reasonable and not being immature.


There are so many crazy things going on on social media. So, if anyone enters your DM and starts making you feel uncomfortable under your skin then you block them.


You should not let anyone send you something that you don’t want to see or read.


Blocking someone who disturbs you on social media is taking good care of yourself.


Is blocking and unblocking immature?

No! When you block someone because they did something to offend you is not being immature. When you change your mind and later unblock them that is a decision, you thought through it and that shows you have clarity of what you do.


Everything that you do before blocking someone shows that you are someone thoughtful.


You did not just wake up and decided to block and unblock someone. You did it because there was an event that led to it.


Is it immature to block your ex?

It’s not immature to block your ex. You block your ex simply because he or she is an ex. There is nothing wrong with getting your ex out of your life. Your ex is something for the past and blocking him or her is not being immature, you are being reasonable.


If you feel that there is no need for your ex to be in your life then you can go ahead and block him or her.


You should not feel sorry for blocking your ex.


If you want to move on swiftly then you should block your ex and no one should tell you that it’s immaturity.


If your ex told you that you are being immature for blocking him or her then know that he or she wanted you to be in touch with you, stalk you on social media and use that to make you feel bad.


Blocking your ex is being reasonable it’s not recommended you be friends with your ex.


Your ex might end up ruining your relationship. If you broke up then he or she should not be in your life anymore.


Is Blocking someone healthy?

Blocking someone who hurts you, treats you bad, makes you feel bad about yourself and manipulates you is healthy. This is because you are being considerate of yourself and eliminating anything that can harm your health.


When you are in touch with someone who treats you bad then you should not hesitate to block him or her.


There is no need for you to be in touch with someone who keeps hurting you.


You don’t deserve to be treated like that.


Leave any toxic relationships.


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Is blocking someone toxic?

Blocking someone is not toxic it’s what you should do to people who don’t treat you nice. If someone is texting you things you don’t want to read, they make you feel so low and even hate touching your phone then you should block them.


Blocking them is not toxic, you are eliminating the toxic people in your life so that you can have control.


When someone treats you in a way that you don’t like and you know you can get rid of them by blocking them then don’t hesitate to do it.


It’s good for your mental health.



When you block someone that is a decision that you make when someone does something that you don’t like.


You block them because you feel they have hurt you in a certain way. All these are decisions that you make because something unpleasant happens to you.


This shows that you are considerate before doing it.


So, don’t let anyone tell you that you are immature for blocking them.


Don’t allow them to make you feel bad for getting rid of them.


When someone doesn’t treat you the way you want then you should block him or her and you should never feel sorry for making such a decision.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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