Do You Have Issues Trusting Your Boyfriend? (Do this)

Do you have issues trusting your boyfriend? Are you completely feeling insecure around him and about the relationship you are having?


Anyway, don’t worry that is something that everyone experiences when they are in a new relationship. Although, even the old relationship can have trust issues when one person in it starts to change.


Trust is something very important in any relationship. If you have trust issues in your relationship you should find a way to fix them before things get way out of line.


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So, if you have trust issues with your boyfriend there might be a couple of reasons why that happens. I will outline them in this article.


Most relationships fail due to trust issues. No matter how much you love your boyfriend but if there are trust issues in that relationship it will never work out.


If you are starting a new relationship you should build based on trust if you really want it to be successful.


In Her Beauty, I wrote an amazing article on how to make a new relationship work.


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There are so many things that can ruin your relationship but the biggest one is trust issues. This something is in between the two of you. It’s not caused by someone out of your relationship.


What does this mean? This means this issue can be fixed with the right approach.


Some people find it hard to trust and you might be one of them. It’s not a bad thing it may be due to the past relationships you had.


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Why do I feel I can’t trust my boyfriend?


The main reason why you feel you can’t trust your boyfriend is that you feel insecure, you are afraid to give in, you are still in shock of what happened in your last relationship, you are so sensitive when it comes to trust issues and it can be that you don’t see a reason to trust him.


The moment you feel insure in your relationship it will be very hard for you to trust. This might be one of the main reasons why you are completely afraid to give in.


When you feel insecure—you feel unsafe giving all your trust to someone. The issue of mistrust is connected with doubts.


If you have a single drop in your boyfriend you will never trust him. Doubts never allow trust to flow appropriately in a relationship.


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When you are afraid to give in to your boyfriend this can be another reason why you have trust issues.


Giving in to someone is the act of letting yourself deep into someone’s heart. You love him completely without looking back.


This is something that can be really hard for someone who has never been so sure about relationships.


A person who used to feel that love is all a fantasy people see in Tv shows and movies. When a person grew with this attitude and later on he or she enters a relationship it will be hard to trust.


So, your mindset sometimes plays a part in the relationship between you and your boyfriend. If you never used to believe in love then giving in will be so hard.


The moment you find it hard to give in it will be hard to trust—that is where trust issues will come in.


The other thing is that if your last relationship was a mess and this made you completely be in shock of what you experienced this will be pretty hard for you to trust.


Our experience in relationships sometimes makes us find it hard to trust. Every time you look at the new relationship you are in you will always think that it will end up like the last one.


When this happens you will eventually develop a protective mechanism to protect yourself from being hurt again.


It may even not be that the person you had cheated on you. It may be that your relationship was toxic or unhealthy and what you went through made you so different.


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When you go through such phases in your relationship it will be very hard for you to trust your boyfriend.


The other thing that can make you not feel like trusting your boyfriend may be that; it’s your nature to be sensitive to trust issues.


This may be just the way you are. This mostly depends on the places you were raised, the kind of people who raised you, the people you interacted with and so many other factors that I can mention here.


When you are that sensitive person who takes every tiny detail into consideration before you act on it, this might be the reason why you have trust issues with your boyfriend.


You might be in love with but your trust issues never walk away from you. If you are such kind of a person trusting will be hard but when you trust someone it’s going to be way much deeper.


The last thing that might make you feel not to trust him, it may be that you don’t see a reason to trust him.


Trust is something that needs to be earned. We all know that, don’t we?


If a person hasn’t done anything to earn that trust it will be definitely hard to trust him or her.


So, when your boyfriend hasn’t conveyed anything that can make you trust him then this might be the reason.


In everything, we intend to do in a relationship we always have to find a reason why we are doing those things.


For example, if you want to surprise someone with amazing gifts then there has to be a reason why you are surprising him or her.


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As I was saying if he doesn’t show a reason for you to trust him it will be hard for you to trust him. So, in this case, having trusting issues is okay.


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Can trust issues ruin a relationship?


Trust issues can ruin a relationship if they aren’t fixed early enough. If you have trust issues in your relationship you will hardly perceive love the way it needs to be perceived, you will rarely share everything and that will distant you from each other. In turn, this will decrease the love you have between the two of you thus ruining the relationship.


Trust is very essential in every relationship. So, don’t lie to yourself that your relationship will work out without you working out your trust issues with your boyfriend.


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Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Take an example of a house. If It’s is built on a poor foundation it will later on collapse.


This is because as the house keeps on expanding the weight on the bottom will be so massive. If the foundation is poor what do you expect?


This is the same case with relationships. If you will not be able to stand for long as the days keep going by because trust in it is an issue.


So, let us figure out a way of how you can fix this issue before it makes your relationship fail.


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How do you fix trust issues in a relationship?


Fixing trust issues in your relationship should be the main focus. If you really want to make your relationship last then you should definitely go ahead and fix this.


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So, what should you do if you can’t trust your boyfriend?


Here is what to do if you can’t trust your boyfriend; doing these things will eventually fix your trust issues in your relationship.


1. Find why you have trust issues.

This is the first thing you should do if you want to fix your trust issues in your relationship. Finding the reasons why you have trust issues will help you to find an appropriate solution to your problem.


So, just sit down and figure out why you have trust issues. Analyze from the start of your relationship and write down everything you find that makes you not trust your partner.


When you come p with your list of reasons why you have trust issues and start identifying issues that seem so sensitive to you.


The issues that you find them so damn bad and they contribute to the largest part of your mistrust in that relationship.


Mark them and then start thinking straight in finding if they are issues that are likely to make you not trust him.


When you find that they are very solid issues that makes trust in your relationship so minimal. Make a meeting with your partner.


2. Talk to your partner.

Have you found out why you can’t trust him? Then it’s time for you to start a meeting and discuss these issues with your partner.


Sit down with him and make everything open to him/her. Let him or her know that those things you jot down are driving you completely insane.


You don’t have to hide anything from your partner. Let your partner know even if they are embarrassing things that you find they temper with your trust in that relationship.


If you really want to save your relationship you will definitely consider doing this. The trust is that if you fail to talk to him or her you will never figure out this problem.


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At least when you make a point with your partner you will have a chance of making things better.


Your bae will clarify everything to you and make it open for you to understand why certain things happened in that relationship.


3. Clear your doubts.

The moment your partner has clarified everything to you and you have found a reason to believe in him or her then clear your head of all doubts you had about him.


Clearing your doubts will make you gain the ability to trust your partner a bit by bit. This will make it easy for you to focus your trust on your relationship.


As said earlier that doubts are connected to insecurities. So, when you manage to do one of these then you will have a reason to trust your partner again.


This would have totally fixed your trust issues. So, it’s up to you to make this point of fixing your trust issues in your relationship.


The other thing is that if you haven’t found a reason to trust your partner, and your instincts tell you that your bae is lying to you then this means there are many things to do in your relationship other than clearing doubts.


Ask him or her to be open with you and make everything clear if he or she really wants that relationship to make a progress.


4. Make your partner believe that you are worthy to be trusted.

You can clearly tell him or her to prove that you can trust him or her. You will have to ask him or her about this if he or she hasn’t done anything to earn your trust.


Trust needs to be earned. You can’t just sit and wait for someone to trust you. This will be a hard thing to get and it might take so much time.


So, let him or her show that you can trust him by doing the things that will earn his or her trust.


Ask your partner to share everything with you even the worst things he or she has ever done.


If he or she will be able to open up and share everything with you then this means that is a person you can trust.


If your partner will hesitate or fail to open up then this is something that it should tell you that he or she can’t be trusted.


5. Give it time.

Trust takes time to be developed. You will probably never fix it in one day or a week. Trust takes time to be built.


The funny thing is that it can be destroyed in a spur of a second.


So, do everything you can to fix your trust issues. Give it time and be patient about it. You will eventually find the solutions to your problems.


Give your partner time to figure out what to do and fix his or her issues at his or her end.


Give him or her space to make things right as you also work on your end.


If all the results are combined, then you will be able to fix your relationship issue.


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Which ways of fixing trust issues in this article do you think it’s effective?  Leave your comments.

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