If Your Boyfriend Never Texts You First (Know This)

When you always text your boyfriend first but he never texts you first then you should know this. In this article, I will give you an insight into why he never does that.


My boyfriend never texts me first but always replies.

There is something you should know if your boyfriend never texts you first but always replies whenever you text him. He doesn’t text you first because he just wants to see if you care enough or committed to that relationship this is especially if you are at the beginning of your relationship.


Anyway there also might be several reasons why your boyfriend never texts you first.


Sometimes he will not text you first because he is not feeling like doing so. You know the feeling that comes up when you are constantly in touch with someone?


You might end up feeling that you are so clingy. It can also make you feel that you are too much to someone.


In most cases, those who are at the beginning of the relationship will end up feeling like this.


So, when your boyfriend doesn’t want to be seen as clingy or being obsessed then he will not text you unless you text him.


The other thing might be that he might have forgotten that you are among the important people in his contacts. So, when you text him he finally remembers. This is especially for people who are super busy and occupied by their careers.


Someone who is ever busy and committed to his career will rarely find time to text you. He might even forget to text you at all but he will call you because he still cares about you despite his busy schedule.


If you end up texting him then he will gladly and quickly reply to your texts.


You also have to understand that not all boys are into texting. Some prefer calls mostly to texts.


Some find texting a waste of time. Let me use myself as an example. I’m a blogger and mostly I have my fingers on my keyboard.


Do you think it will be easier to find me texting my girlfriend?


After writing several pieces of articles I will be damn tired. The only thing I can do is to call her to know how she has been doing.


I always text him first should I stop?

If you always text him first and he keeps on replying to your texts there is no need for you to stop because that keeps your communication going. If you find it cool texting him first then that shouldn’t be an issue.


Anyway, when it doesn’t feel right for you to text him first always then make a point of stopping and see if he will text you.


If he is someone who cares about you then he will text you when he notices that you have gone silent, because it’s not your habit.


Something I would like to tell you is that men find it so amazing to receive texts from people they love.


Men usually feel so valued when they are texted first.


Anyway, if you feel like stopping texting him first then you can eventually do so because it’s your choice.


You have to know that if the communication between the two of you ends because you stopped texting and he never texted you too then you will be putting your relationship at risk of failing.


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My boyfriend doesn’t text me much anymore.

If your boyfriend doesn’t text you much anymore it’s might be because he has lost interest in you, bored with you, is busy, doesn’t know what to talk to you about or he just ignoring you.


At the beginning of a relationship in most cases, you will find that couples are constantly texting each other.


Normally, after a few months, the texting rate will not be the same as at the beginning of the relationship.


This is because you would have known so much about each other and you would have shared so many things together.


For the communication to keep on going you will have to come up with something new and different to talk about if you want the texting to go back to the way it was.


Unfortunately, you will not come up with something to talk about if you haven’t been spending time together.


So, if this is the case don’t expect the two of you to text each other more.


When your boyfriend doesn’t text you much you have to find a reason why he isn’t texting you much anymore.


You aren’t supposed to come up with conclusions if he isn’t texting you much nowadays.


Find out why and try to set things right.


He always responds to my text quickly.

If he always responds to your texts quickly then this means that he is happy to be in touch with you. He values you and prioritizes you that is why he never delays answering your texts.


This is how it should always be. Someone ignoring your texts or answering an hour later after you have texted him is so rude.


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It also shows that that guy prioritizes you and if someone does that then you are damn important to him.


This is the kind of person who will make time for you no matter how his schedule is.


As we all know there is nothing important in a relationship than having a person who is always available for you whenever you need him or not.


My final thought

If you always text him first and he always replies and you find it okay then there is no problem with that.


When you find it a problem texting him first always then you don’t have to question yourself so much.


Talk to him and tell him how you feel about that. If you don’t like it then tell him.


Also, ask him why he isn’t always texting you first and hear what he has to say.


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