Dating A Man Who Struggling Financially? Do This

Is your boyfriend struggling financially? In this article, I will share with you ways of dealing with financial problems in your relationship.

Financial problems in a relationship have been common conditions for most couples. If your boyfriend is struggling financially this is what you should know.


Most couples are struggling financially but very few people talk about this issue. I really don’t know why people keep quiet on this matter. Today I have decided to dig deep into this issue and reveal everything to the public.


It’s okay if you are struggling financially. This is because not all people are the same. Our social classes are very different. We have those who belong to the upper class which we declare as ballers—rich kids. The other group is the middle class.


The middle class is well off but not compared to those who are in the upper class. In the class, we have those of the lower class who are completely fighting for their lives to run like the other people. This is real.


Deep down you know yourself in which group you are in. You probably know your partner in which group he or she may be. In most cases, people fall in love without considering each other’s financial status.


This is something that couples will come to discover after they have completely gone deep in the relationship.


They say love is blind and that is true. People will fall in love without even thinking of other factors like background and financial status. Love drives people, so they have no choice but to follow their feelings.


Later on, you will realize that this issue of financial problems will start popping up. Some end up regretting why they didn’t realize this, some end up being stressed, and others end up breaking up.


So, let us talk about the ways of dealing with these financial problems in a relationship.


If your boyfriend is struggling financially, you don’t have to break up with him and find someone who is financially stable. Try your best to build him, support him and help him become the independent guy you would be proud of in the future because life situations do change.


Is it OK to support your boyfriend financially?

There is no problem in supporting your boyfriend financially. It’s very okay to support your boyfriend financially. This is a relationship goal that you should be aiming to achieve. The relationship is not only about sex and romance but also about supporting each other and building each other.


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If your boyfriend is broke there is no need to dump him. People will never remain constant in their current state. Life changes, and so, are the conditions of people. Today he may be struggling financially but maybe tomorrow he will be financially stable.


If you as a girlfriend can support your boyfriend financially then I advise you to do so. I know people might fall in love but be completely from different social classes. You may be rich and your boyfriend may be poor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support him financially.


I know most girls have the mentality that boys should be the ones who are supporting girls on the financial side when it comes to a relationship. I want to admit that not all boys have the ability to support their girlfriends financially.


If you find your boyfriend stranded financially and you find that he is doing something very important, help him out. Your help to him will make your relationship stronger. Your boyfriend will always love you since he will know that you will always be there for him whenever he has a problem.


Can a relationship survive without money?

A relationship can survive without money if the two of you love each other and you are all determined to make a step in your life. If one of you entered the relationship due to other factors that did not include love, then that relationship will never survive.


I have come across couples who are all struggling financially but they still manage to keep their relationship alive. If both of the partners in the relationship are really into each other then there is nothing that can prevent them from making their relationship work.


Love is not measured in the amount of money that people have. We have people who have money and yet their relationships never survive. So, it is very important to consider that for a relationship to survive the first factors come from within you couples yourselves.


The other factor like money is a secondary factor that also contributes to the survival of a relationship. The primary factors that are from within the people who are in relationships are the ones that can either determine whether a relationship can thrive or fail.


If the primary factors of what made you two fall in love are well built then there is nothing else that can break your relationship. So, a relationship can survive without money if the couples meant their love for each other.


Though, a relationship without money will never survive if one of the partners is impatient and greedy. If your partner is greedy and only thinks of having a luxurious life then that relationship will never survive. You will never keep someone in your shelter that is seeing beyond it.


People should be contented and be grateful for the little they have. Couples with the aspect of contentment can be able to pull through this issue. If this aspect misses then definitely that relationship will never survive.


Another important point you should know is that if the couple in the relationship is completely broke then that relationship will fall sooner than you think. Relationships will be so much fun if money is available.


This is because the trips, vacations, dinners, and other activities that you will prefer to do with your partner will never be possible if you have no money. So, on another side, I can say that if you have no penny that relationship will eventually fail.


You should at least have something even if not enough but enough to take you somewhere, with that at least your relationship will move somewhere. The excitement to be intensified in a relationship, money should be there.


As we all know if the excitement fades in a relationship, that relationship will not stay that long because the spark of love would have been extinguished completely.

Can finances ruin a relationship?

The truth is that finances can either ruin a relationship or build it. So, let me elaborate to you on how this can affect the relationship in either way.


Finances can ruin a relationship if the couples are completely broke. If you are broke there is so much you can’t do in a relationship. Your relationship will be completely dormant. You will never be able to impress each other in that relationship.


First of all, where will you be hanging out with your partner? Where will you find your privacy? If you are far from each other; let say you are at a distance that requires you to travel to meet your lover, this will be impossible.


No matter how much you love each other if you can’t meet that relationship will just end without even meeting. You will be communicating via phone for a while but that too will stop.

I mean where will you get the cash to buy airtime and data bundles for you to keep in touch with him or her?


As we all know because it is something that I have been repeating in this blog, communication, communication, communication is the key to every relationship. Without communication, relationships will never survive.


This means if you won’t communicate with him or her because you have no cash to buy airtime then count that relationship shuttered.

You see, it is completely difficult to keep a relationship running without cash. So, this is how negative financial issues will ruin your relationship.

If you also have money on the other side this can be a very good stable stand for your relationship. You will have everything to add some excitement to your relationship.

You can go on trips, vacation, rent a cottage for a week, go sky diving and do so many more activities that you can do with money.


All these activities will be making you and your partner comfortable. This is something that everyone wants in a relationship. Shopping in Dubai Mall and maybe having lunch in Australia.

Have a beautiful apartment close to the beach with an amazing view of the ocean by your window with your bae on your side.


Damn! Everyone wants his or her relationship to be super fun and exciting. This will increase happiness in the relationship and create perfect memories. Unforgettable memories.


You also have to understand that if someone has money he or she can cheat on you easily with anyone she or he wants. Money might drive someone to be unfaithful. The stability of someone’s financial status can make him or her change completely.


He or she may lie to you that he is going somewhere he or she is coming back soon. He/she may even decide to fly somewhere far from where you are.

Let us say, if he or she had someone else, far from where you are. Even if he or she cheats you won’t realize.


If he or she can make sure that you are comfortable with the money he or she has, do you think he or she cannot make someone else happy? I mean money is not a problem for him or her. Do you think that will be an issue for him or her?


This may result in infidelity which we all know is not something good in a relationship. Sometimes people change when they have money.


Finances can build your relationship or ruin it. It only depends on how true the two of you are to each other. If you are faithful to each other and love each other unconditionally then financial issues have to be the least of your worries.


What to say to someone who is struggling financially?

If someone is struggling financially the only thing you can say to him or her is to motivate him to work hard. Encourage him or her not to give up on findings that can make him or her earn extra money.


There is so much more to be done than to be said. If your boyfriend or boyfriend is struggling financially you should first start by;

This is what to do if someone is struggling financially;

1. Encourage and motivate him or her. 

In most cases, people who are financially down are usually discouraged by that. This may even make some people drop their relationships. It’s stressful handling a relationship without money

The only way to keep him or her fighting is by motivating him or her to keep moving on. Encourage him and say positive things to him or her.

This might ease the tension in his or her mind. Life can be tough sometimes. Cash can be a hard thing to find.


The only way to prevent someone from giving up is by motivating and encouraging him or her without blaming him or her for the situations that you are both in.


Remind him or her that situations will never remain constant. The future might come with something amazing.

Tell him or her to keep pushing harder, because the only people who succeed are those who are hardworking and determined.


2. Support him or her.

Don’t use only plain words to keep him or her motivated. At least show a hand of support and help him or her to make the dollars. Maybe offering your hand for him or her might help him or her to start generating cash.


My boyfriend doesn’t help me financially.

If your boyfriend doesn’t support you financially, yet he can do so, then he is stingy. This can also be that he is trying to make you independent. So, if you can find a job do so, and prove to him that you can support yourself too.


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Wah! I really don’t know how to start this. There is something you should understand. Your boyfriend is not your bank. I don’t mean that he shouldn’t help you financially but you don’t have completely to depend on him.


You also have to help yourself. You may be dating someone but he might be having so many responsibilities to handle.

Maybe the salary that he receives at the end of the month he has to make sure that his family gets something from the same money.


If he is the firstborn and he has siblings who are looking unto him. Let us say his mom is single. It will be hard for him to let his siblings with nothing.

We all know it’s quite a job for a single mother to handle all kids on her own. He will have to help out. So, don’t complain so much if he doesn’t help you financially.


You should first understand the situation your boyfriend is in before making any assumptions.

Most boyfriends like to be responsible for their girlfriends. No one wants to keep his girlfriend unhappy. If he has money he will obviously make sure you enjoy it with him.


Furthermore, there are those guys who have money and they have no responsibilities to handle but they will never help you financially whenever you have a problem.

These are the worst boyfriends. This is the kind of person that you shouldn’t expect to be a responsible family man.


The moment at which you are dating someone you can learn so much from him or her.

So, observe carefully the person you are dating before deciding to allow him or her in your life. All the characters of the person you are about to marry will be portrayed the more time you spend with him or her.


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You should never rush into a relationship. Get to know the person first.


If your boyfriend can help you out with your financial issues and he isn’t ready to give you a hand then I don’t think that is the right guy to stay with.

Lovers should support each other no matter the kind of problem they are involved in.


Amway, before you judge him on that you have to make sure that you have completely exhausted the reasons why he doesn’t want to help you financially.


My boyfriend is draining me financially.

When your boyfriend is draining you financially, the first thing you have to do is to find what he uses that money for. If it’s for irrelevant things then stop giving him money and ask him to be independent. Let him find a job to do and support himself.


This is something you should talk about with him. Find the reasons why he is draining you financially. Then make your judgment.


This is something very weird. For me, I have never asked money from my girlfriend. Where will I get the courage of asking her for help when it comes to financial matters? This is completely hard for me to do.


Though, some of my friends told me about this issue. My friend has recently broken up with her boyfriend; she told me that her boyfriend used to drain her financially. She told me that that was the first reason why she broke up with him.


She continued narrating to me the whole issue. Furthermore, she used to pay for everything whenever they organized a date. He never made an effort of helping her out on that. She told me that she used to buy for him airtime almost every day.


At first, she thought that maybe later shortly this habit will change but she was wrong. I felt so much sorry for her. Despite him draining her financially she found out that he was cheating on her and this made matters even worse.


In the beginning, I said it’s okay to support your boyfriend financially. This is acceptable but it should not be a continuous habit. If you make it a trend your boyfriend may stick to that routine. Which we all know isn’t that good.


A man should be able to stand up and work to pay his bills. Depending on a lady to pay his bills always is a shameful thing.


You should not support your boyfriend financially if he uses the cash negatively and recklessly. I have to admit that there are boys out there who are draining the pockets of their girlfriends in the name of love.

 The sad thing is that they take cash from these innocent girls and they end up using it for drugs.


If your boyfriend is using that cash you help him on the negative side you should not support him. He will be only draining you financially for no good reason. Anyway, he should be the one fighting to get you the required support on the financial side.


To conclude, people do struggle financially. This is a part of a challenge that people face in relationships. There is nothing wrong with supporting each other when it comes to financial issues.

When your boyfriend is broke, build him and support him instead of breaking up with him.

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Support him but, you should not allow him to drain you financially for negative reasons. Got any questions? Leave your comment below.

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