Do Guys Like When Girls Give Them Compliments?

Guys like it when girls give them compliments because of several reasons. In this article, I will share with you several reasons why guys like compliments from girls.


In short, we all like compliments, but guys usually take compliments so highly because they rarely get them compared to girls.


So, without further ado, let me share with you what you need to know about this topic.


Guys like it when girls compliment them because it makes them feel good about themselves. It’s very hard for guys to ignore compliments. They do find these compliments important feedback that enables them to keep making themselves better.


If a guy ignores your compliment then it’s due to several reasons that you can check on the article below.


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There are several reasons why guys like compliments. I will share them with you so that you can know how to use these compliments to your advantage.


This is why guys like compliments;

1. Compliments raises guys’ self-esteem.

This is the first reason why guys like compliments.


Guys like it when girls compliment them because it raises their self-esteem.


Self-esteem is all about how someone perceives themselves.


If you look at yourself and convince yourself that you don’t look attractive then that means you are having low self-esteem.


But if you think highly of yourself then you have high self-esteem.


You should understand that everyone at any point in his or her life had an issue with this.


Not all guys that you see out there are completely happy and comfortable with how they look.


Some guys find themselves unattractive and this lowers their self-esteem.


When it reaches this point they will be so happy when they get compliments from other people.


So, when you compliment these guys with low or moderate self-esteem this will boost their self-esteem.


As a result, this will make them feel comfortable with how they look and this will also boost their confidence.


That is why when you compliment a guy he will want to keep the conversation with you going.


This is all because he is confident enough that you like what you see and you won’t mind hanging out with him.


This is the main reason why guys like compliments.


2. Compliments make guys feel good about their appearance.

I kinda talked about this in the above section, I will explain more on the issue of appearance in this section.


When you compliment guys on their appearance, let me say their body sizes, their muscles and several things that you will find interesting in them it will make them feel good about their appearance.


This is another reason why they like compliments. Even if a man knows that he has a nice body he will always appreciate your compliment and feel so good about it.


And that is why I said in the beginning that it’s hard for guys to turn your compliment down except when you have an issue with them.


But if you are friends with them and there is no friction between you and them then they will be so happy to get your compliment.


When you compliment guys about their appearance it will make them think that you find them attractive and this will make them feel good about themselves.


If you want to know more about what guys think when you compliment them then don’t forget to read the article below.


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3. Compliments make them feel they can get any girl they want.

As I said earlier that if you compliment a guy you will increase his self-esteem. This means his confidence will be above the ground and this will give him the boost to hit on any girl he finds attractive.


Guys like compliments because it makes them feel that they can get you and any girl they find attractive.


Do you know what they think? If you can find them attractive to an extent of you complimenting them then another girl also will see the same.


When you compliment guys they like it because it makes them feel they can hit on any girl like you.


Don’t be surprised when they start hitting on you because complimented them.


The moment you compliment anything from a guy he will feel that he has control.


He can use his looks to make anyone down for him.


And this is one of the reasons guys value compliments so much.


As said earlier that if you raise a guy’s self-esteem you will not stop him from doing anything he wants because he feels pretty motivated.


And this is what aids him in that feeling.


This can be a bad thing you know, if you are dating him and you give him a ton of compliments then you might make him want to hit on other girls for him to just hear their feedback.


As you know anything that has its advantages also has its disadvantages.


4. Compliments make guys feel that they have the girls’ attention.

Guys like it when girls compliment them because they feel them feel that they have the girls’ attention.


There is nothing more amazing than when guys realize they have girls’ attention.


Think of these guys how they behave at a party when they know they got girls’ attention.


They will do all sorts of things because they know they have the spotlight.


Don’t get me wrong, most of us like it when we have everyone’s attention.


When you compliment guys you will make them feel that you have given them your attention.


For you to give out your compliment to them you must have seen something that intrigued you and that is why you did it.


This is one of the reasons why guys like it when you compliment them.


5. Guys like compliments because they use them as feedback.

Guys like it when girls compliment them because they use these compliments as feedback.


The moment you compliment guys they will consider your compliment.


They will use your compliment as feedback to check on where they should improve and where they should minimize their efforts on.


If you compliment a guy on the outfit he puts on and you don’t touch on his hairstyle, he will conclude that the outfit is awesome but he will have to change the hairstyle.


And this is why guys like compliments. They use these compliments as their mirrors.


It can be that how they perceive themselves is not the same way other people will.


This is another reason why guys appreciate compliments from girls.




I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions on anything you would like me to clarify then leave your comment.


I would love to get your compliment on the comment section because it will make me feel good about the kind of articles I crank on this blog.


I like compliments too.


Thanks so much for reading the article. Check out other amazing articles that I wrote on this blog. See you next time.


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