Do Guys Regret Breaking Up With A Good Girl?


I want to be honest, guys do regret breaking up with a good girl. They may act like they don’t care before their friends but deep down they feel the pain.


So, if you are wondering if guys do regret breaking up with a good girl then the answer is YES! It doesn’t matter whether he was dumped or he dumped her, at last, the regrets will cling to his heart.


We have those guys who will act like they don’t care and play it cool even after losing someone.


They only do this to convey to people that they aren’t affected by the break-up.


This is especially for the guys who usually want to be seen strong. They act like they are always in control total of their emotions but the whole truth is that they are covering their faces with fake smiles.


The truth is that every guy eventually comes to realize the worth of the person she was dating.


Be it 2 years or 4 years later. Something will click in their mind and remind them of the good girl he lost.


We all may try to be strong and pretend not to be affected by the break-up but deep down we feel the pain and the regrets.


Guys have emotions too, they can feel pain and regret. The only thing that gives them an advantage is the ability to hide their feelings.


For guys, it’s hard for them to hide their feelings and emotions that is why when a girl is hurt, anyone can notice easily.


In my case, I still regret up to date, I broke up with someone very important and it left a mark in my heart—a scar that can hardly go away.


I still regret the break-up but the only thing that keeps me going is accepting the things I can change and move on.


So, guys do regret breaking up with a good girl. It doesn’t matter whether the guy used to treat her badly or the girl used to treat him badly.


Whether he dumped her or she dumped him the regrets will always be there. The only thing is that men are good at hiding their feelings.


Do guys feel bad after dumping a girl?


Guys have feelings and emotions just like girls do. We have emotional guys.


I can use myself as an example. I’m so emotional, I can easily cry over small things.


So, the question of whether a guy feels bad or good after dumping a girl depends on various factors.


If the guy dumped the girl because she cheated on him or did things that ruined his life then he won’t feel bad about dumping her.


But if the guy dumped the girls simply because he found someone else to whom he found himself attracted to then he will later feel bad for doing that.


He may not feel it at the moment when he will be dumping her but after some time he will feel guilty about doing it.


Guys will only feel bad after dumping a girl if she didn’t deserve to be dumped and yet they did it. They will feel guilty for hurting an innocent girl. But if the girl who they dumped deserved it then they will not feel bad about it.


When a guy is hurt by a girl and it made him decide to dump that girl then there is nothing that can make him feel bad about making that decision.


In fact, it will be so easy for him to move on.


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Do guys ever realize what they lost?

At one point or another they all come up to realize that they lost someone they will never replace.


It may take longer for them to realize what they lost, but they all do.


I broke up with my ex 7 years ago because of her family, she eventually decided to move on, but up to date I still feel the loss of her from my life.


I wish I could go back in time and make things better but that is impossible. I live with the loss.


I feel the pain but I keep on moving forward by occupying my life with new people, finding new things to do, venturing into writing articles and living my life to the fullest.


Guys do realize what they lost and it might keep hurting them if they won’t find a way of moving on and accepting that they lost it. They feel the loss and pain, though it might take long before they start realizing it.


After a breakup guys tend to pretend that everything is okay. The solo dates and constant updates of status on social media about moving on and flirting with other girls and making it open to the world.


This will happen in the first month but by the second month, this habit of hiding what they feel will start fading away.


They will eventually feel empty and lonely after about 3 months. Furthermore, they will realize the habit of constant flirting doesn’t make them happy at all.


This is the moment they will start to realize what they have lost.


What happens when a man realizes he lost a good woman?


When a man realizes that he has lost a good woman he starts to regret and feel bad about it. He will start to learn to appreciate every good thing that the woman did to him. But it will be too late for him to go back for that.


Why do guys act like they don’t care after a break-up?

Guys act like they don’t care after a break-up because they are trying to hide their feelings. They do all sorts of things so that to distract themselves from the pain that they will end up feeling when they start thinking of the break-up.


They act like they don’t care so that they show that they aren’t affected by the break-up, especially if they are the dumpers.


All this is to hide what they really feel about the break-up. But it eventually hits them later.


Why do guys feel the break up later?

Guys feel the break-up later because, at the beginning of the break-up, they usually try so hard to hide what they feel by doing things that distract them and making themselves believe that they aren’t affected by the break-up. After the distractions are over is when they end up feeling it.



Guys also do regret breaking up with a good girl, whether they were dumped on they were the dumpers. They do feel pain and regret because eventually, they realize what they have lost.


They usually act like they don’t care after the break-up but the truth is that they feel it so badly.


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