Does She Keep Breaking Up With You? (Solved!)

If your girlfriend keeps breaking up with you whenever anything happens that annoys her that can be so frustrating.


This might make you want to let her go because you will feel like you aren’t in her heart and you are only wasting time investing your feelings in her.


In this article, I will share with you the reasons why she keeps on breaking with you and what you can do to stop that.


You might have already known some of the reasons why she keeps on breaking with you.


When you annoy her or you get into a fight these are obvious things that you might have experienced that make her act the way she is acting.


If you are wondering why she keeps breaking up with you and coming back then this might help you.


These are the reasons why she keeps breaking up with you;


1. She keeps breaking up with you because she likes doing it.

Why would she keep on breaking up with you if it’s something that she hates?


If she does this every now and then it’s something that she likes doing. She finds pleasure in seeing you suffering.


The truth is that if she hated breaking up with you every time she wouldn’t have been doing that.


Instead, she would sit down with you whenever anything happens in that relationship and resolve it peacefully.


This is the right way that couples should use to solve their issues in relationships.


When she prefers breaking just because of tiny mistakes that you never did intentional then she definitely loves hurting you.


2. She keeps breaking up with you because she feels like she will have more control over you.

This is something else you should note. If you love her that much to an extent that you always want to please her then you would do anything to make her happy.


She knows that.


If you don’t want to miss her around you then you will always be ready to do anything to please her.


She knows that when she breaks up with you, you will start begging her to come back into the relationship.


This is the point where she will have the ability to control and manipulate you to give her what she really wants.


If she has made you obsessed with her then you will give her anything she will ask just to have her by your side.


In this way, she will have more control in the relationship and power over you.


3. She keeps breaking up with you because she isn’t that deep into you.

If she keeps breaking up with you whenever something messy happens do you think she is really deep in for you?


A person who loves you deeply will always keep you want to keep you close. She will never be willing to let you be away even a mile.


This is love. For those couples who love each other that much.


Ask yourself if the love she has for you is that really that deep. Does she take you seriously?


A girl who loves you deeply will never even mention the word “break up”. This is because she doesn’t to be far away from you. It will hurt her when it happens.


You will fight but she will still be around you, you will even be surprised she might ask for your forgiveness yet you were the one who brought up the fight.


So, if she keeps breaking up with you whenever anything messy happens in your relationship then she doesn’t love you that deep enough.


4. She keeps breaking up with you because she is bored with the relationship.


When a relationship is old enough this is something that you might also experience.


The moment the relationship starts to bore her she will always think of walking away from it.


This makes her think that breaking up is the easiest solution than telling you that she is bored with the relationship.


She breaks up with you and some weeks later she reaches out to you apologizing.


This is because she doesn’t have any alternative she finds herself back to you.


Since you love her you will take her in.


If the relationship was so much fun for her do you think she would always break up when something messy happens in the relationship?


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By now I hope you have an idea why this happens.


5. She keeps breaking up with you because she wants more attention than you already giving her.

If you are that busy guy then she will be doing this.


Women need their men to be around for them whenever they need them.


So, if she has been trying hard to get your attention but has failed completely and she knows that if she breaks up with you you will be more concerned then she will do this.


This is the fact, every man will be so much concerned when his girl is away from him.


When she breaks up with you it’s obvious that you will never let the communication flop, you will always call her every day and you will make time for her to win her back.


Doing all these things make you shift your attention and energy to her. This is what she wants.


So, if she knows only a break can make you be focused on the relationship then she will keep doing it until you learn how to give her the attention she requires.


6. She keeps breaking up with you because she can’t control her anger.

If you are dating a short-tempered girl then this is something you should expect.


The moment a person can’t control his or her anger then it will be hard for him or her to make good decisions.


No one makes good decisions when he or she is mad. This might be the same case with your girlfriend.


So, when she gets angry and you don’t know how to handle her when she is upset then she will break up with you until her anger fades.


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She finds that breaking up with you for some weeks will make her cool down.


This is because she will be away from you. When she misses you then she comes back to you.


If your girlfriend breaks up with you every time you argue then know that she is a short-tempered person. She can’t control her anger. When she gets upset the only thing she thinks of is walking away from you until she calms down. This is what makes her break up with you.


Now that you have known why she keeps breaking up with you it’s time to find a solution to this problem.


It’s a problem because if it’s not solved it will eventually ruin the relationship. I know you don’t want that to happen at all that is why you are here with me.


What to do when your girlfriend keeps breaking up with you?

When your girlfriend keeps breaking up with you; this can make your relationship be in a bad state.


So, this is what to do when she keeps breaking up with you;


When your girlfriend keeps breaking up with you find the reasons why she does that and find the appropriate solution for it. If she does it out of no reason then tell her how that is affecting your relationship and if she keeps doing it you will be out of that relationship.


Stand up for what you think is right for you. The truth is that you did not enter a relationship with her so that to be treated like a kid.


That is something that is inappropriate and you should not tolerate it. So, tell her if she keeps breaking up with you then you will fill her space with someone else who will be willing to stay.


This isn’t a threat to her, but it’s a way of telling her that she has to be serious about the relationship.


How to stop her from breaking up with you


This is another part that will also give you an idea of what to do to stop her from breaking up with you.


This is how you can stop her from breaking up with you now and then;


1. Learn to resolve conflicts earlier before things get messy.

You will have a good chance of making her find no reason to break up with you whenever you resolve every conflict when it’s easy to handle.


The best way to do this is never to allow a misunderstanding between the two of you to stay alive when you go to bed.


Before you go to bed make sure you solve the issues.


When you have this habit then she will have no time to come up with a fight that will cause a break-up.


Don’t let conflicts pile up. Always make a habit of solving them whenever they pop up.


2. Try hard to understand how she wants to be handled.

There is always a way every woman prefers to be handled. If she wants to be handled like a princess then do it for her.


If she wants to be handled roughly then do it for her.


Do things her way, do what she prefers you to do to her and stop questioning her.


Do you want to keep her? Then make her happy.


If she wants you to take her out for a picnic when you least expected her to ask for that just do it. Enjoy the things she enjoys.


Make her feel that she has you on her palm. This is what some women want, it’s what makes them feel loved and special.


3. Give her all your attention.

You will have no alternative if you have fallen in love with such kind of a girl.


If you want her to stop breaking up with you then give her your attention.


Make sure you listen to her careful whenever she is saying anything that she feels it’s important and you think it’s silly.


Always make an effort of texting her first every morning, keep calling her late at night.


In short, just prioritize her. Put her at the top of your to-do list. In this way, you will have her in your palm and she never thinks of going away from you.


You will make her satisfied with you and make her even love you more.


4. Make the relationship fun and exciting: not boring and dormant.

As I said earlier that she will keep breaking up with you if she feels the relationship bores her and she is faded up.


Don’t allow the relationship to be boring. Always find something to come up with that will make her want to spend more time with you.


The best way you can accomplish this in your relationship is by breaking the repetitive cycle of events.


Change situations, if last weekend you took Creamy Inn the next weekend take her to the seashore, the next week take her to the pool just keep changing things.


This is not only on dates that you will be taking her also on every other thing that you do in your relationship.


There is an article that will help you to figure that out.


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 5. Always make her happy and avoid all things that can make her annoyed.

When she is always happy with you, do you think she will have the audacity to break up with you?


You have been dating her for a while, you know her better than anyone. If you have been dating for that long then take your time to understand her.


Find the things that she is interested to do and always make an effort to do those things with her.


Do everything you can to make her have a smile on her face. Though, I know this is not possible.


Try your best even when she will get mad at you she will understand that you never intended for her to be.


If she told you she hates certain things then avoid them. Don’t do them intentionally and see how she will react.


Girls are pretty good at identifying that.



If you have done everything you can to stop her from breaking up with you and she still does that then she probably doesn’t know what she wants from that relationship.


A person who knows what he or she wants from a relationship he or she will never keep dragging it behind.


You can read this article and help her get to know what she wants from that relationship.


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