7 Ways To a Fix Relationship That Feels Like a Friendship

I will share with you ways how to fix a relationship that feels like a friendship. With these steps, I’m sure your relationship will feel whole.


You might be asking yourself why your relationship feels like a friendship. In a real sense, you worked so hard to make him or her realize that you had a thing for her/him.


What Does It Mean When A Relationship Feels Like A Friendship?

When a relationship feels like a friendship it means you have lost the romantic touch. You aren’t that close and you don’t involve yourselves in things that spike the romantic interest between the two of you. So, you have to find a way to change this feeling before your relationship falls.


When it happens that you are in a relationship with someone and you feel like you are in a friend zone, you have to look back and reconstruct again your relationship. If your girlfriend or your boyfriend perceives you as a friend it’s probably the way you perceive him or her too.


The way you treat each other matters so much when it comes to a relationship. So, you have to turn everything romantically so that your relationship doesn’t end up feeling like a friendship.


This feeling of feeling that your relationship is like a friendship might prevent so many great things from happening in a relationship.


You have to fix this if you want your relationship to move to the next step.


So, let me share with you ways on how you can fix a relationship that feels like a friendship. As I said earlier, without fixing a relationship that feels like a friendship there will be so many things prevented from happening. You will just get stuck on one point instead of moving forward.


You probably know that when your relationship feels like a friendship you won’t be able to plan anything romantic with your partner. This means you will always remain undecided on most of the things that go on in that relationship.


For a while, it might feel like you both don’t know what you are doing in that relationship.

It will only feel like you are wasting each other’s time. So, fixing this is very important than just moving forward with the current state that your relationship is in.


This is how to fix a relationship that feels like a friendship;


1. You should talk with your partner.

This is the first thing you should do with your partner. When your relationship feels like a friendship then it means you haven’t been honest and open to each other for a long time. This means that you just assumed that everything in your relationship is good to go.


In a real sense, there is so much that you haven’t discussed. In most cases, these people who feel this way in their relationships it’s like they are completely shy to open up to one another. They take things just as they see them.


They hide their feelings within themselves and convince themselves that they all understand each other by external expressions. This now makes them so afraid to act on their feelings while they are dating. They stare at each other and fail to have the courage to handle each other.


So, you should talk to your partner and tell him or her how you feel about him or her. Make everything open to each other and let your partner know that you are fully in for him or her. Let him or her know that you have deep romantic feelings for her.


When you clarify your feelings to your partner in this way he or she will understand that your relationship is a romantic one and it’s not all about friendship. In this way also you will give your partner the courage to change the way you two feel about each other.


2. Do romantic things together.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend treats you like a friend then it will be better if you switch all the activities you do. You have to switch normal activities into romantic activities. In this way, your relationship will never feel like a friendship again.


Think of romantic things, you can do with your partner. Before you pick romantic activities the first thing you should do is find a perfect place. In a romantic place at least you will change the daily scenario that you are all usually in.


This will change the way you feel about each other. You know places sometimes also alter the way people feel about each other. When you pick a private place that offers a hundred percent privacy the thing that will click in your mind is that you were never friends in the first place.


When this kind of thought crosses your mind you will definitely find yourselves involved in romantic things. You can touch as you kiss bringing the feelings alive that you are lovers. This is the only way you feel start feeling like you are in a relationship instead of a friendship.


You have to be courageous and shut down your fears and shyness. This is the only way you can do this romantic thing—touch, kiss, and be intimate. I’m sure your partner will never deny that if you start by talking to him or her. By now, she or he may know that the two of you are dating.


If you will not do this then your relationship will forever feel like a friendship and you will never be able to make a romantic move. What will be the need for the relationship if you all can’t act on your feelings?

3. Reconstruct your relationship.

If your relationship feels like a friendship that may be, because of the foundation of your relationship. So, reconstructing your relationship might take away this feeling of friendship. You have to make sure that the relationship is built on the purpose of love.


You can restart it by now making the foundation of your relationship as a romantic one. If the only thing you used to do and say was based on a friendship purpose and it eventually ended up on the relationship side, then you all have to restart the relationship again.


There are situations whereby two people are friends and they end up being intimate. When that happens both may say nothing about that and keep on pushing that friendship like that. They, at last, convince themselves that they are lovers. In a real sense, they both never talked about it.


This can make people stuck in two stages, the first one being the friendship stage and the other one being the relationship stage. This is what makes people feel like their relationship feels like a friendship simply because they never built that relationship from the foundation of a romantic relationship.


So, starting that relationship again and being open to each other—making all your motives clearer about the kind of a relationship you all want. You can all start afresh. This will make you realize that your relationship is a real relationship and it will feel like a relationship, not a friendship.


4. Remind each other that it’s a relationship that you are in not a friendship.

This is something else you should do so that the relationship will start to feel like a real relationship but not a friendship. You are dating, right? Then you should all sit down and remind each other that you are not friends and you shouldn’t treat each other like friends either.


You should all focus on relationship matters and not friendship matters. Make it clear to each other that you are lovers and you should all go with that drill. The best thing here to do this is to insert more commitment into it and everything will change.


I’m sure friendship will never have as much commitment as a relationship has. So, making a move on adding commitment might at least make a turn from a relationship feeling like it’s a friendship. This will make you all stand out and embrace the relationship side and leave the friendship side.


5. Send each other gifts and special notes.

This will all remind you that your relationship is still alive you should take the initiative of turning everything on. The gifts that you might send to each other might ignite the relationship spark within you all and you eventually, start to act on it.


If you send him or her flowers this is a romantic symbol. This will click in your partner’s mind that your relationship is on another level. This will add excitement to that relationship and eventually take away the feeling of friendship in you.


Sometimes a relationship needs a little push by external factors. If the external relationship factors are kept off this might make couples feel like they are just normal friends.

So, it is very important to consider this factor if you are willing to make a change in what your partner feels about you.


The special notes that you will also send to her/him should at least contain some romantic words that would ignite the feelings in your partner.

Words that will make your lover feel like he or she is meeting you for the first time.

These petty little things are the ones that can bring a very great impact on your relationship.


With all these, I’m sure the feeling of being a friend to your partner will all vanish.


6. Plan a double date with your partner.

This is something that you should apply in your relationship if it feels like it’s a friendship. This is one of the external factors that might make you all realize that you have a relationship to handle. This might be fun if you all let yourself go with the motion.


Talk with your friends who are also dating. Plan an amazing double date together. Choose a place that you are all going to enjoy. In my case, you should choose a place that you know your partner will enjoy. In this way, you will be able to spend quality time with your partner.


So, the main aim of this is at least to see what other partners are doing with their relationship. This might motivate both of you to work so hard on your relationship so that you can add excitement back to your relationship.


On this double date also you will be able to learn what other partners are doing that you aren’t doing so that you can add to your relationship and add bring back the spark of love in that relationship. I’m sure the way you will see your friends handling their partners will make you want to turn things around.


All these can be of great help to turn things into romantic sides when the relationship feels like a friendship.


7. Avoid talking about things that turn off your partner.

Sometimes you might be blaming your partner for how you both feel about your relationship. In a real sense, you both have a part to play in that relationship. So, it’s for all of you to look back on the words that you say to each other.


You should avoid talking about things that turn off your partner whenever something amazing is about to happen. So, which are these things that turn couples off in a relationship? I can say some of the things that will turn your partner off are things that your partner hates.


The moment when the spark is about to be ignited; and you turn it off by inappropriate words then there is no way your relationship will feel like a real relationship. It will feel like the two of you are friends who keep on annoying each other whenever an opportunity starts to represent itself.


Whenever you are with your partner there is no point to talk about your exes. This usually turns people off completely. I mean how can you talk of your ex while your bae is around you? To be honest there is a feeling that usually comes in between. It brings a very unpleasant feeling.


It can make someone feel that he or she isn’t that good enough for you. If she/he is enough for then you shouldn’t be talking about the people you left in your past. All these talks will make one feel inferior and that relationship will never feel like a relationship but a friendship.


This is because it’s usually very easy to share your problems with friends than with your partner. To be honest, I do find it very easy to share such issues with my friends than with my girlfriend. So, I guess by now you know how to fix a relationship that feels like a friendship.


Can a relationship turn into a friendship?

A relationship can turn into a friendship the moment you all lose that romantic touch as this will make the spark of love get dimmer. This can make your relationship turn into friendship because romantic feeling is what differentiates between friendship and a relationship.

Yes! A relationship can turn into a friendship if you will never bother igniting the spark of love that is there between the two of you. It’s very important to understand that love can change over time. That is why it’s very important to keep a constant check on the health status of your relationship.


When you find that spark of love between the two of you is fading, then make an effort to ignite it. If you let the spark of love completely go off then there is a high chance that your relationship will turn into a friendship.


You have to know that a relationship is all about feelings for each other. When these feelings fade away then that relationship will into a pure friendship. Don’t get surprised when you make a move on wanting to kiss him or her then she or he completely pulls away.

He or she will pull away because now she doesn’t feel the way she used to feel for you. If you work hard enough you can bring back the spark of love in your relationship but if you ignore this then you will eventually lose your relationship. You will have no one to blame but yourself.


So, use the ways that I have shared at the beginning of this article to fix your relationship that feels like a friendship because it can eventually turn into a friendship. I’m sure this is something you don’t want to experience.


To end it up, sometimes when a relationship feels like a friendship it’s probably the fact that the excitement in the relationship is missing. You will have to add excitement to your relationship for things to go back to normal.


It can also be that your partner is tired of the relationship. In this case, you have to give him/her a reason to get motivated and keep on holding on to that relationship. This is just among the relationship challenges that people come across.


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