Ghosting A girl Who Rejected You: Is It Okay?

Ghosting a girl who rejected you is something that you need to do if you want to get her attention, show her that you respect yourself and value your time. There is a concept that I need you to understand about girls.


The moment you give a girl your attention even after she has told you she doesn’t want you in her life, you are showing her that she has power over you.


If she rejected you several times and you still send a bunch of texts that she doesn’t bother to reply then she will know she has control over you.


When she acknowledges that she has control over you she will keep on making your life harder.


Ghosting a woman who rejected you is something that can show the woman that you care less about what she feels and think about you.


If you ghost her after she has said no, she will realize that you never found her that important.



This is because most girls expected guys to fight for them, give them attention and beg them.


Women are used to the fact that guys will always give them attention even after they have rejected them.


The moment you ghost her after her rejecting you she will be surprised. She will have so many questions about why you did that.


You will be the odd one out, most guys usually keep on calling and texting women who have rejected them.


This uniqueness is what will drive her to think about you and make her start doubting the decisions she made.


And this might one of the reasons she might change her mind about you.


So, ghosting a woman who rejected you is a very smart move.


When you will ghost her you will be one of the few unique guys.


Ghosting a girl who rejected you has several benefits; the moment you ghost her after she has rejected you, you will be able to get over her easily, you won’t waste much of your time for her because you won’t be chasing her and you might pull her close to you.


Don’t chase a girl who rejected you; if you want to know why that is so, check out the article below.


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Girls are used to men giving them much attention even after they push them away.



If you will decide to keep talking to the girl who rejected you then she will know that you are desperate for her.


She is the only option, and this kinda thought will make her keep making things harder for you.


Learn to value yourself, care about your time and work on things that will build you.


When a girl rejects you, ghost her and this is what will eliminate most of the love life problems in your life.


Show the girl that you don’t need her that much in your life, show her that she is not that valuable in your life.


You can show her that by not fighting for her after the rejection, don’t be rude after she has rejected you simply because you are trying to show her she is worthless.


This will only make you lose your value towards her. So, there is no need for you to act rude after she has rejected you.


Don’t send her a long paragraph of text messages trying to show her that you are unhappy with the decision she made.


Ghost her completely and involve yourself in issues that matter to you. This is the only way you will show her that she was never your priority.


When you show her that she was not your priority, she will find herself worthless, instead of you chasing her, she will start figuring out a way to get back to you.



If she will come back to you trying to show you that she is interested in you well and good.


This will give you the upper hand and you will have control over the situation.


And this is how it’s supposed to be. A man should always have control of a woman.


This eliminates most of the relationship dramas that you have heard of in relationships.


On the other hand, if she won’t get back to you even after you have ghosted the moment she rejected you then know that she was never into you.


You would have wasted so much time trying to make her change her mind about you.


When a girl is in love with you and she is playing hard to get the moment you pull away from her, she will try her best to get closer to you.


She is aware that if she lets go of you then you will end up finding someone else and she won’t have a chance with you.


So, ghost a girl who rejected you to show her that you are not accessible to her, to show her that you can find someone else better than her and to show her that you are not that desperate.



There are so many girls out there, there is no point in you wasting your time trying to convince her to let you in.


If she has rejected you, don’t stick around, cut ties with her and focus on other girls who care about you and want you in their lives.


Her rejecting you doesn’t mean that every girl will do the same.


Don’t focus your eyes and heart on a single girl if you want to avoid problems in your life.


Why fight so hard for someone who wants nothing to do with you? There is no point in that.


If she rejected you, ghost her and find someone else who will be willing to let you in their life.


That is the only thing that will help you keep moving on.


This time doesn’t allow men to chase women who want nothing to do with them.


Wake up, open your eyes and know what matters to you. Focus on you and you will always find that women will be the ones chasing you.




If a girl rejects you there is no need you for to keep calling and texting her at all.


I mean, she wants nothing to do with you, why should you care about how she is doing? Why should you care about her at all?


You have too much to work on in your life than chasing a woman who wants nothing to do with you.


Don’t give her the chance to see that she is of high value to you, let her see that she is nothing to you by ghosting her completely.


If she wants you to be her friend after she has rejected you, that is something you should deny.


Accepting to be her friend will only show her that you are very desperate for her, and this might make her start playing games with you.


You will be hurting yourself for this. So, if she rejected you, don’t call or text her.


Find someone else who will be interested to be around you, this is the only way you will show the girl that rejected you that she is not that special to you.


And also, this will help you save much of your time, energy and resources.


Think about it, what does a woman have to offer in your life other than sex? She has nothing to offer apart from that, but she will take more from you.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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