Is It Bad if a Girl Takes Long to Text Back?

If she takes long to reply to your texts and you have so many questions about it then this is the right article for you.


We all like the conversation we make with the people we love to be continuous and fast.


By being first I mean whenever you send the texts she replies to them instantly. Sometimes this is not what happens.


There might be several reasons why she might be delaying to reply to your texts. In which I will discuss this in the same article.


So, if you are wondering if it’s bad for your girlfriend or just a girl that you have a crush on to take long to text you back then this is what you should know.


If a girl texts long to reply to your texts this is something bad. The main reason why I’m saying it’s bad is that a good conversation and exciting one should be the one that happens at the present when both of you are available online. It shouldn’t be delayed.


if the conversation is delayed then it will eventually take away your motivation to maintain the communication. As we all know that communication is very essential for the survival of any relationship.


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So, if she takes ages to reply to your texts will you be happy to keep the conversation going?


If you have the urge to communicate with her and she keeps you waiting, do you think you will always be excited to text her again?


So, if she takes longer to reply to your texts it’s a bad thing and you should talk to her. Find out why she takes longer to get back to you and solve the problem.


Why does she take so long to text back?

There might be several reasons why she takes long to text you back.


These are some of the reasons why she takes so long to text you back; she is might be busy, she might not be interested in you, she might not be willing to talk to you and she knows that if she keeps you waiting for long you might give up.


If she takes too long to text you back and you have been on good terms with her then she might be having a problem.


Her phone might be having a problem or she might be sick and she can’t get to her phone. The best thing you can do is to go and check on her.


The other thing is that if she is just a girl you have a crush on and you have been sending her texts but she always keeps you waiting then she might not be interested in you.


This is obvious, if she was into you then she wouldn’t have been doing that to you. Your texts would always be her first priority to answer.


What does it mean when a girl takes long to text back?

It can be so frustrating when she takes long to text you back. I know it will bring out so many questions. Are you trying to understand what it means when a girl takes long to text back?


When a girl takes long to text you back then this means that she hasn’t placed you at the top of her priority list. If a girl finds you important then she will always consider your texts first over someone else’s.


You have to know that you are not the only one texting her. She probably has hundreds of men in her inbox. All these men are waiting to get replied.


So, if you are not important to her she will not consider replying to your text first. That is why you will find out that she takes so long to text you back.


In the other case might be that she is a busy woman and she has no time for her phone.


If you know her then you will be able to figure out which might be the reason that makes her take long to text back.


What does it mean when she replies to messages late?

No one ever likes his or her messages to be replied to too late. If that is the case then why does she replies to the messages late?


When she replies to your messages late then this means that she has is not glued to her phone. She is a busy lady. The other thing is that she might not be that interested in talking to you that is why she always replies to your texts late.


If she is not into texting, in which some ladies might be that kind, she will always reply to your messages late. 


This is because if she doesn’t find texting fun then she won’t reply to any message on her phone until she feels like doing so.


Thought, there might be more possibilities that I will be talking about in the same article. Just stick with me.


What does it mean when a girl is online but she doesn’t reply to your text?

So, this is the part that where everything becomes clear. When she wasn’t replying to your text earlier you had so many questions to ask yourself.


The answers that you were getting were not quite clear as to why she was taking too long to text you back.


If she is online and she doesn’t bother to reply to your text then this is clearly now that she doesn’t care about you, you aren’t her priority and she doesn’t want to talk to you. What else would make her not reply to your texts if not that.


When you arent someone’s priority then this means that that person can ignore your texts and reply to someone else’s texts.


So, she might be online but she isn’t online because of you. She is online because of someone else who she finds worth texting and having a conversation with than you.


It hurts I know, but that is the plain truth. If she really did care about you then she wouldn’t have left you hanging while she is online.


Let us say for instance she later gives you an excuse that she was busy online doing research, did she not see the notifications popping up on her notification panel.


The best she could have done is to at least let you know that she was busy doing research online.


Anyway, don’t be too hard on her. You never know she might have left her mobile data on or she left never turned off her wi-Fi and she went out without carrying her phone with her.


If your girlfriend is online and not replying to your texts then it might also mean that she is busy with another dude that keeps her entertained online than you usually do. When you are that boring guy do you think she will let her chat with the funny dude get cold?


Sometimes you might end up blaming her for being online but not replying to your texts, but take a second and ask yourself, “Do you keep her entertained? Does she seem happy chatting with you online? What do you talk about with her?”


These questions will also help you to make your conversation online better with her. If you have been always making her day when the two of you chat online then she will always be excited to receive and reply to your messages.


Restructure your chat patterns and see if she still ignores your texts.


Should I reply late if she replies late?

I know you might be having this question too. I have been having it too for a while. If she takes hours to text back, should I do the same?


If she replies to your messages late then there is no need for you to reply late too. This is not a competition to see who will stay longer without texting back. The moment you also take long to reply to her texts then you might end up killing the communication.


 I recommend you do the opposite of what she does, if she always replies late to your texts then make a point of replying to hers earlier.


If she is a person who thinks clearly then this will end up clicking in her mind. She will eventually realize that what she is doing is totally wrong.


The moment you also keep replying to her texts late as she does then she will end up concluding that you also do the same things she does.


For instance, if she was busy with her crush from high school whom she has met recently and she was trying to find closure then she will think that you are doing the same, if she was trying to cheat on you then she will think that you are doing the same.


This will not make you any better than her. Reply to her texts as fast as possible and talk to her about what she is doing. That is being mature.


To wrap it up, if she keeps on replying to your texts late then find time and talk to her about that. Explain to her how you feel about her doing that. Don’t forget to mention to her the risks that can happen in any relationship without communication.


If she really cares about you then she will realize that what she is doing isn’t good for both of you.


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