What To Do When Your Girlfriend Keeps Disappearing

If your girlfriend keeps disappearing on you and you don’t know how to address this issue then I got you covered.


In this article, I will share with you several things to do when your girlfriend keeps disappearing.


You have to stop this habit so that it doesn’t persist.


If it persists then you might end up blaming yourself for it. The moment your girlfriend does something that you are not happy about you have to address her immediately.


This is what will let her know that she is not doing the right thing.


With that much said, let me share with you what you can do about this.


What to do when your girlfriend keeps disappearing;

1. Find out why she keeps disappearing.

If your girlfriend has the habit of disappearing every time then this is something you should do.


The first thing you should do is to find out what makes her disappear from you.


When you will find these reasons then it will be easier for you to fix the issues that make her disappear if you are aware of the cause.


The only way to find this information is by talking to her.


Confront her and ask her why she keeps on disappearing on you in the middle of something very important.


If she always disappears when you; ask her out, want her to explain herself why she did a certain thing, want to talk to her, need her to be around you and want her to do something for you.


Ask her why she keeps on disappearing when you are about to do a specific thing.


What she will tell you is what you will have to figure out of it’s something fixable or not.


Listen to her carefully because what she will tell you is what will give you a rough idea of how to solve this issue.


2. Let her know how you feel about her disappearing.

Before you start fixing this issue the second thing you should do is to let her know how you feel about what she is doing.


If this is something that keeps bothering you, which I know it does, you will have to be honest with her.


Let her know how you feel when she keeps on disappearing on you.


The only way you will have a chance at solving this issue is if you let her know what you feel about it.


The moment you tell her what you feel about the thing she is always doing then she might stop disappearing before even you find the fix to this issue.


If she cares about you and she knows what she is doing is something that keeps hurting you then she will stop doing it.


And you should also give her a reason why she should not be disappearing.


Be frank about how you feel about what she is doing and this might change her.


It can be that she doesn’t even know if she is hurting your feelings by frequently disappearing on you.


She may be doing it because she thinks you don’t need her around that much and you don’t need her attention.


But when you let her know that you are hurt by what she is doing then she will consider making a change.


3. Fix any issues that make her disappear.

If your girlfriend keeps disappearing it’s usually either because of something you do or it’s how she feels about you.


And that is why in the first section of this article, I asked you to find out why she keeps disappearing from you.


When you find out that you are the cause then you will have to do something to make her stick around.


But if it’s something to do with how she feels about you then you can also find a way to make her stay around.


Before you start fixing this issue the first thing you should check on is your relationship status with your girlfriend.


Is your relationship with her on good terms?

Did you do anything to make her angry at you?


Are you usually doing something that she hates the moment she disappears?


Find the answers to these questions and you will be able to fix this issue very easily.


If you know that your relationship with her is not on good terms then the first thing you should start to do is to resolve your problems.


Fix any misunderstandings between the two of you and make it up to her if you did something to annoy her.


Make sure that there is a good vibe between the two of you.


After you have done that it’s now time to check on what she told you.


I told you to note down some of the reasons she told you about why she keeps disappearing.


You will need to use those reasons to fix the issues that keep her disappearing.


For instance, if she told you that she always keeps disappearing on you because you don’t treat her nicely then make a point of changing how you treat her.


Use a specific approach to the different reasons she told you to fix this issue between the two of you.


This will make her stay around because you would have eliminated the things that used to keep her disappearing from you.


If you don’t want this to keep on happening then you have to do the following things that I will share with you in the next section of this article.


4. Finds ways you can make her stick by your side.

After you have fixed the issues that keep her disappearing from you then you should now find ways to keep her around.


You have to come up with ways to make her never disappear from you again.


The only way you can do this is by getting into her mind.


How will you get into her mind? You will get into her mind by the way you treat her.


The way you handle her is what will either make you stick into her mind or not.


So, if you are not that romantic guy then you should start being romantic to her.


Handle her the way she wants, give her maximum attention, and show her that you need her so much and she is someone special to you.


Don’t ignore the tiny things that make her happy and turn her on.


Be extra nice to her and be the kind of guy she wants you to be.


This is something that will always make her think about you. She will always want to be around you because there is nothing that pushes her away.


If you handle her like a queen and be the man of her fantasies then she will never disappear on you.


She will never disappear on you if the only that made her disappear is how you used to handle her.


But if she kept on disappearing from you because of something else that she does behind your back or she doesn’t feel the same for you then she will never stop.


5. Do the necessary if she doesn’t change.

If you have done everything right and she keeps disappearing on you then you will have to do the necessary.


The moment you have tried everything to stop her from disappearing and she keeps doing it then there is a final thing you should do before you decide to kick her away.


You have to find out if she still loves you or if she is just with you to push time and use you.


When she keeps on disappearing yet you have made every effort to make her stop doing it then you should stop putting effort.


Stop doing all the things you were doing to keep her around and focus on yourself.


Ignore her completely and distance yourself from her.


Even when she is done with her disappearing phase and she comes back to you claiming to want your attention you should don’t bother getting close to her.


When she calls or texts you just ignore her.


The moment she comes to meet you in person just avoid her. Don’t talk to her.


This is when you will be able to know if she cares about you or if she is just taking you for granted.


If you ignore her after she has disappeared from you and she starts making effort to get you back to her then you should give her your terms before you do so.


Let her know what you want her to do for you to get back to her. And since she is the one in need she will have to do the necessary to keep you around.


When she does this then you will know that she cares about you and she still wants you.


But when you ignore her and she doesn’t bother finding out why you are distanced then know that your girlfriend doesn’t love you, she was only taking you for granted.


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If she has been taking you for granted all along then you should not bother chasing her.


Let her keep disappearing and find yourself someone else to occupy your life.


What she is doing shows that she doesn’t care about you anymore and there is a possibility that she is cheating on you with someone else.


Why do you think she keeps on disappearing on you and she doesn’t care about you?


Someone else is driving her more insane than you do and that is why she keeps disappearing on you.


The only thing you should do if she won’t bother getting closer to you after you have ignored her and distanced yourself from her is to end the relationship.


There is nothing to count on there.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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