My Girlfriend Is Not Talkative: Do This

If your girlfriend is not talkative and that is something that concerns you and you don’t know what to do about it then here is something you should learn.


I’m sharing this because I once dated a girl who was not talkative at all but as long as we were together she changed.


I believe that I changed her! Though we broke up, up to date she is more talkative than me.


I look back and wonder and say, “Damn! I made her that way”


So, if your girlfriend is not talkative and you want to change her to be talkative then I will share with you some strategies that you can use to make her talkative.


I will share the same things I did with my ex-girlfriend to make her talkative.


Without further ado, let me get into this topic.


This is what to do if your girlfriend is not talkative;

1. Understand her and appreciate her for who she is.

If you want to make your girlfriend talkative then this is the first thing you should do.


You should first understand that that is her personality trait.


As we have you who is the talkative one, you are probably an extrovert.


Your girlfriend may be an introvert. So, you should first understand that she is not talkative because that is who she is.


You should appreciate her the way she is and love her for how she is.


This is because people will never be the same.


You may prefer to talk much because it’s in you and you can’t keep quiet when you are around a group of people.


But this may not be the same case with your girlfriend.


So, what you have to do is to understand her and appreciate that she is different from you.


And this will help you to connect to her very strongly and this will help your relationship and it will also aid you to change her.


2. Spend with her more time.

After you have appreciated that your girlfriend is not talkative because that is how she is then it’s time for you to focus on what will add value to your relationship.


Don’t put the mindset that you want to change to be talkative. If you do this then you will end up feeling disappointed.


Back then when I was dating her, I knew she was not talkative and I wanted her to be like me but I never intended to change her.


And this made it easier for me to focus on building my connection with her and this made a huge difference.


Spending more time with her will make your relationship bond stronger.


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And the more your relationship bond grows the more you get connected.


If your girlfriend will be more connected to you and she does everything you love she will slowly start to change.


This will make her start talking when she is around you because she likes you, she loves you and she feels so connected to you.


This will never happen if you don’t spend more time with her.


You will have to sacrifice your time for her if you want to change her.


I do believe when you mix yourself with people of a certain character for long you will end up having the same character as theirs.


This is something that happens.


3. Involve her in the activities that you do.

This is something else you can do to make your girlfriend talkative.


This will add to spending more time with her and at the same time, you will be changing her a bit by bit.


If you know your girlfriend has nothing to do then involve her in the things you do.


Don’t let her sit down and do nothing if she can help you with the projects that you do.


So, if have bushiness then make a point of taking her with you to the business.


Teach her the few strategies that you do in your business and let her be involved in the business.


You don’t have to do this every day, you can do it alternatively.


The main point here is to make her do something that requires her to talk.


If she is in the business and she has to offer some services to some clients then she will be required to talk.


She will have to try hard to deliver quality services to the clients that flow in your business because she cares about what you do.


As she knows when you succeed so does she.


This will put her in a spot where she will have to talk frequently and over time this will change her.


4. Let her interact with your friends.

This is something else you can do if your girlfriend is not talkative.


You should let your girlfriend interact with your friend if you want her to be talkative.


Don’t let her be alone in the house if you are planning to hang out with your friends.


Bring her along for the ride and let her have fun with them.


If she is surrounded by several people who are talkative and they want to hang out with her she will have no alternative but to be talkative.


She will have to talk because she will feel like she will be left out.


This will compel her to interact with your friends.


If you keep on doing this she will want to know more about your friends and this will make her start talking when she is around them.


As time goes by she will start feeling comfortable talking to your friends and keep on expanding the circle.


Introduce her to more of your friends and don’t forget your siblings too.


I remember I used to let my ex-girlfriend hang out with my siblings and this made her talk to them and be playful.


5. Do things that will make her want to talk.

If you want your girlfriend to be talkative then this is another thing you should implement.


You should do things that will make her want to talk.


For instance, you are hanging out don’t choose a game that she won’t have to speak.


Pick games that will require her to talk to you.


You can choose the truth or dare game, it’s a very awesome game for couples to ask each other questions.


When you do this kind of game with her she will be forced to talk to you.


The moment she asks you something and you answer it shallowly she will want you to clarify more because she will be curious and this will keep her talking to you.


The more you do these kinds of games the more you will find her being comfortable talking more with you and engaging in your conversations for longer.


And you will eventually change her to be talkative.


6. If she is not talkative, don’t keep quiet around her.

If you want your girlfriend to be talkative then you should not be quiet when you are around her.


Even when you are watching movies together make a point of talking to her about the characters and ask her questions if it’s essential.


When you do this you will be engaging her in your conversations and she will start being used to that fact and it will reach an extent she will also be asking you questions about what she doesn’t understand in the movie you are watching together.


So, don’t keep quiet around her if you want her to be talkative.


When you are hanging out, walking around the park, talk to her about the weather, talk about other couples you see, make fun of other people and ask her to do the same.


Not only will you be having fun with your girlfriend but you will also be enjoying your time when you are together.


When you keep talking to her every time and you suddenly keep quiet around her she will be surprised.


And she will want you to speak because she is not used to you being silent around her.


This will make her talk so that she can get you to speak to her again.


As time goes by this will be changing her and you will be surprised after a few months later.


7. Give her time, she will eventually change.

What you should understand is that it will take time for your girlfriend to be talkative like you are.


You should also understand that it takes time for someone to change.


A change is a process, it’s not an event.


So, don’t expect her to change the minute you start implementing these things on her.


You should give her time to change as you stay positive that she will start to talk more as you do.


Don’t force her to change if she is not willing to do so.


At one point she will understand what you are trying to do.


If she is not happy with what you are doing she will be honest with you.



What you should take from this article is that if you want to make your girlfriend talkative then you should try to engage her in most of your activities.


The more you spend more time with her and engage her in the things you do the more impact you will her on her personality.


She may not be so talkative as you may want her to be but she will change at a considerable rate.


If you don’t have time for her then it will be hard for you to change her.


I was spending so much time with my ex-girlfriend and that is why I changed her in two months.


Up to date she is no longer the same person she was when she first met me.


So, if you do the same you can change her.


If you stay with someone who sells perfume you will also smell perfume, right?


Thanks for reading, if you have a question leave your comment, see you in my next article.


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