What To Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Constant Attention

If your girlfriend wants constant attention from you and this is something that bothers you then I will share with you ways on how you can encounter that.


When you are in a relationship you are supposed to give your girlfriend attention.


This is very essential for your relationship with her to survive. If you won’t give your girlfriend attention then she will end up seeking attention from other guys.


The moment this starts happening you will blame yourself for that.


But when your girlfriend wants too much attention from you it will end up making the relationship harder for you.


If you don’t know how to handle this appropriately you might end up pushing your girlfriend away and this might cost you the relationship.


You can’t just tell your girlfriend that you can’t give her your attention simply because it’s too much.


This will make her feel like you don’t value her and her feelings for you might change.


In this article, I will share with you several ways you can use to stop your girlfriend from seeking too much of your attention.


With that much said, let me start sharing with you what you need to know about this issue.


What to do when your girlfriend wants constant attention;

1. Understand that she needs your attention because you are dating.

If your girlfriend wants constant attention and this is something that bothers you then you have to be careful with that.


The way you will handle this issue is what will either push your girlfriend far away from you or bring her closer to you.


You have to understand that she wants your attention because you are in a relationship with her.


She loves you and that is why she always wants you to give her attention.


Understand that your girlfriend has the right to ask for your attention.


It’s the attention that you will give her that will make her feel special and wanted.


When she wants your attention and you choose to push her away because she’s too much then you will make her feel that you don’t value her.


And might change how she feels about you and end up messing up the relationship.


The moment you understand your girlfriend has the right to want your attention is when you will be able to handle this issue appropriately.


Try to understand why she needs your attention and respond positively to what she wants.


Don’t do anything that will push her away simply because she wants too much of your attention.


When you get this concept in your mind then you will find an appropriate way to tackle this.


2. Spend more time with her.

If your girlfriend constantly wants your attention it’s mainly because you don’t spend so much time with her.


I know you may be wondering what spending more time with her has to do with solving this issue of her constantly wanting your attention.


The moment your girlfriend wants so much attention from you don’t push her away.


The only thing you should try to do is to give her so much of your time.


Spend more time with her so that she gets used to being around you.


If you know you are the guy who is always busy with work then this is something you should do.


When you spend more time with your girlfriend she will have enough of you.


The more time you spend with her the more attention you will be giving her.


She will be excited at first when you give her so much of your time but as time goes by this will be something normal to her.


If it becomes something that no longer excites her then she will start getting bored with you being around her so much.


She will be full of your time and attention.


This will make her need less attention from you because she is used to you being around her all the time.


But this is not a permanent solution. If you rarely spend time with her then this issue will happen.


So, the next thing that I’m going to be sharing with you will make this issue easier for you to handle.


3. Finds ways to make her busy.

Your girlfriend consonantly wants your attention because she is idle. She doesn’t have anything important to keep her busy.


If your girlfriend had a project that kept her busy 24/7 she wouldn’t have been wanting so much of your attention.


So, it will be your duty to find your girlfriend something to do that will keep her busy.


If you want her to stop wanting your attention constantly then this is what you have to do.


Come up with ways you can get her something that she will be interested in doing and that will take much of her time.


It doesn’t have to be something hard.


You can choose to involve her in activities that will keep her occupied even when you are around her.


If your girlfriend constantly wants your attention because she doesn’t have a job then help her to get a job.


The moment she secures herself a job to do then she will be busy and she won’t constantly seek your attention.


Also, you can choose to involve her in the work you do.


This is something that will also keep her busy and she will be spending most of your time around you and this will result in her seeking less attention from you.


When she will be busy doing things she likes then it will be hard for her to seek so much attention from you.


She won’t even have the energy to constantly seek your attention because she will be super tired doing the things you got her to do.


Also, when she gets a job to do she will be busy handling her work and this will make it harder for her to constantly want your attention.


4. Allow her to hang out with her friends.

If your girlfriend wants so much of your attention then know that she doesn’t hang out with her friends.


Also, it can be that she doesn’t even have friends and that is why she constantly wants your attention.


If your girlfriend has no friends then this means she will always be around you.


She will depend on you to make her happy. This will make her emotionally dependent on you.


When your girlfriend is emotionally dependent on you she will always want so much of your attention.


Since you are the only person she can talk to and hang out with she will always want your attention.


Without you giving her your attention she will be bored and unhappy.


So, if your girlfriend doesn’t have friends then make the effort to help her make friends.


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If your girlfriend has friends then you should let her hang out with them.


Don’t restrict her from hanging out with them. This will make her busy with her friends and she won’t want so much attention from you.


5. Let her know why you can’t give her constant attention.

This is the next thing you should do if your girlfriend constantly wants your attention.


After you have done all the things I have shared with you in this article and your girlfriend still constantly wants your attention then you should let her know this.


Let her know that you can’t always be giving her your attention because of what you are doing.


Give her a reason why it will not always be possible for you to give her your attention.


Let her understand that what you are doing requires you to give your attention and energy to it.


If your girlfriend is an understanding person then this will not be an issue.


Check the article below if you want to know what to say when your girlfriend wants your attention.


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You have to be real with your girlfriend and make her understand that your life doesn’t revolve around the relationship.


Let her know that you have goals to chase and you won’t be able to give her attention 24/7.


If your girlfriend is an ambitious person she will understand what you mean.




The moment you have given your girlfriend a reason why you can’t constantly give her your attention and she makes a big deal out of it then know that your relationship with her will have issues.


This is not someone who will understand what you want and you will always find yourself in conflicts with her.


If this is the case then you should be honest with her about how you feel.


Let her what is at stake.


The last thing you will do if she doesn’t listen to you is to let her go.


If you stay with her she will always keep dragging you behind and she will be so much for you to handle.


Also, this means she will seek attention from other guys while you are with her.


After doing all these things if she doesn’t change, let her go.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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