Why He Blocked You After Sleeping With You

If a man blocked you after he slept with you then this is what you should know about that man.

There might be several reasons why he blocked you after getting into your pants.

I’m going to share with you these reasons why he blocked you after getting you in his bed.

Anyway, before I get deep into this topic I would like to share something with you.

If he was just a guy you met at the club after you all got wasted then this is not something that should be bothering you that much.

The main reason why I’m saying you should not worry about him blocking you is that he was only for a one-night-stand.

I know you understand that too. Meeting someone and you get attracted to each other and boom the next morning you all wake up on the same bed.

I wrote about one-night stand issues in Her Beauty. If you want to know more about it don’t forget to read this article.

But if he was a guy who you have known for a while and you have been trying to come up with a serious relationship and he ends up doing this then you should get curious about it.

You should find out why he blocked you after getting you in his bed. After doing that then you need to avoid him completely.

Here are the reasons why he blocked you after you slept together;

1. He was only after sex with you.

If you have been trying to know each other and he seemed so nice to you. He helped you out on important things in your life.

All this was just to lure you into his trap. He was doing this so that he gets to make you think that he is into you.

Furthermore, if he showed that he was committed to you, you would easily believe him and open up your heart to him.

So, when he got what he wanted from you by tricking you to love him and manipulating you then he saw no need to remain around.

If a man intended to sleep with you then after sex he will not need to keep in touch with you.

He will have to block you because there is nothing else he wants from you.

2. He blocked you to avoid questions.

This is something obvious after people have been in bed together.

Men are aware that ladies have this tendency of asking so many questions after sex.

Some of these questions are,

“Do you love me?”
“Are you honest about what you feel for me?”
“Will you stick with me?”

These are some of the questions that a man who was only after sex will not want to answer.

So, if he wants to stop a lady from asking such kinds of questions then he will block her.

The other thing is that if he doesn’t want to be in touch with you after sleeping with you then he will prefer blocking you.

3. He blocked you because he isn’t interested in you.

So, if a man sleeps with you and immediately after you depart from each other the first thing he does is to block you then this clearly shows that he isn’t interested in you.

The truth is that if he found out the sex to be so amazing with you then he wouldn’t have blocked you.

We have some guys who are using sex to measure if a girl is worth keeping.

So, if this is the kind of guy who uses sex to measure the excitement that a lady can bring then this might be the case.

When he noticed that the sex with you was so boring, then this might have made him lose interest in you.

Let us say if you did amaze him in bed and made him crave for more from you do you think he would have blocked you?

This would have made him so close to you. The communication between the two of you after the sex would have increased.

But if he chose to block you after sleeping with you then he never got interested in you.

4. He felt guilty for what he did.

If a guy blocks you immediately after sleeping with you then he might be feeling guilty.

He might have slept with you but he has someone else who he loves the most.

Men do cheat and there is always a reason behind the cheating.

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So, if he had someone else and he cares about her and he ended up laying you on his bed then he might be feeling guilty.

It will come to his senses that he did something wrong. Blocking you will feel like it’s the first thing that can give him redemption.

He also knows that blocking you might prevent such a thing from happening again.

5. He blocked you because of his insecurities.

The truth to be said not all men can handle a woman well in bed.

So, this can be an issue that can affect any man greatly.

Most men have the courage and are always optimistic that if they get a lady in bed the ride will be so rough and bumpy.

These kinds of expectations are what make guys regret later after sex.

He might have slept with you but he can end up regretting why he did it yet he was the one who initiated it.

So, if a man feels that he performed poorly in bed in which was so opposite of what he told you, then to hide away his embarrassment he will block you.

This is because if he won’t block you it’s obvious the conversation will go and you will eventually start to comment on his game.

Men feel very sorry for themselves when they feel to teach where they wanted during the act.

So, if he performed poorly and he knows he screwed everything up in bed with you then he will block you.

My final thoughts

If he blocked you after a one-night stand then he might not have enjoyed with you.

The other thing is that he might have blocked you because he finds no need to be in touch with you. After all, you were just for a one-night-stand.

It was a one-time thing and no strings attached so no issues about it.

The problem comes in when he blocks you after sleeping with you if he was your man.

If he did that then he might be on the list of the type of men to avoid.

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He only wanted to use you for his sexual pleasure that is why doesn’t find the need of keeping in touch with you.

Furthermore, he might also have decided to break up with you. This is because he is pretty sure you what was that all about.

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