This Is What It Means if He Calls You Every Day

What does it mean when a guy calls you every day? Does it mean he is in love with you? Does he want to get into your pants? Find out…


when a guy calls you multiple times a day

what does it mean when a guy calls you every day?


When a guy calls you every day then this means he is really into you and he cares about you. The moment a guy is into you he will never stop calling.

We all know that relationships need communication for them to work out as expected. 


So, a smart guy will make sure that this communication is always going on no matter the circumstances. 



Let me say if you have just met for the first time his main priority will to get to know you and prove to you that he cares about you.



So, when this is the case then early in the morning and late at night you will never miss his calls.




What does it mean when a guy calls and texts you every day?


When a guy calls you and texts you every day then this means he is in love with you or he is so much attracted to your vibes that he finds it hard to stop wanting to talk to you.



The moment a guy is in love with you and he wants to take the friendship to another level then he will never stop talking to you.



He will go to an extent of finding reasons to be around you if he will not be able to manage to text you or call you.



This is the moment whereby relationships start developing and things get so much more exciting.



he calls multiple times a day
He calls multiple times a day



When a guy calls you multiple times a day.


When a guy calls you multiple times a day then you are such a lucky woman. This is because men only tend to keep in touch with people who only matter in their lives. Most men find it hard to keep communication alive for a while.



If a guy calls you multiple times a day then be grateful for that. Though, some guys start like this and later on they ghost you completely.



A man who can maintain communication with you by calling and texting then know that he is committed to you and the relationship that you are building.



One of the things that make a relationship fail is a lack of communication.



Be it a long-distance relationship or a close one if communication ends so will the relationship.



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So, a smart guy will make sure that communication never ends between the two of you to prevent the relationship from failing.



Should a guy call you every day?


A guy who cares about you should call you every day to know how you are doing. No matter how busy he might be but calling for a minute should work too.



Anyway, I don’t find it an issue for a man to call his woman every day. It’s so important because it keeps the relationship growing stronger.



The more you communicate with your partner the more you are strongly connected.



The way you communicate with your partner depends on how your schedule is.



You can also agree on the day and hours in which you will be calling each. The way you want your communication to be is all up to you.



he calls me everyday
Does he love me if he calls me every day?


He calls me every night.


It sounds romantic when he calls you every night. This is the time in which most people find it very comforting to talk about romantic things and probably the moment when they are free.



Night calls are awesome and if you have never tried, give them a try.



When he calls you every night this means he finds it very interesting talking to you at night. You never know this might be the moment he finds you so open.



The calls the people make to each other during the day are a bit different compared to the night calls.



During the day we have so many disruptions and things that can take away our concentration on the conversation we are having with the people we love and care about.



Is calling better than texting?


Calling is better than texting because you get to hear the reaction of someone in the voice that he or she will be conveying on every different word you might be saying. It’s hard to get someone’s reactions in texts if he or she won’t use emojis.



Calling is better if you want to keep the conversation amazing and funny.



It’s also easy to keep the conversation going on a call than on text. This is because a question in a call might result in many other small talks in between since it is easy to talk than to type.



My boyfriend calls me every day.


If your boyfriend calls you every day this means that he is committed to that relationship. Commitment is not such an easy thing for a relationship to maintain. So, be grateful for that.


One way of someone showing you that he is committed to you is by maintaining communication.



When he calls you every day it’s not only to show you that he is committed but also to show that he loves and cares about you.



This is not something a person can fake. The truth is that he can fake it in the first week or month but he will eventually get tired of it.


But if he is calling you because love is what is driving him to do so then be sure that he will never stop.



If your boyfriend keeps calling you then he truly cares about you. The only thing you can do is to motivate him and make to keep calling you.



You can make him motivated to call you every day by;


  • Calling him also when he delays calling at the time that you expected him to call you.
  • Express yourself to him and tell him how happy you are with how he keeps the communication going.
  • When he calls you if it’s possible give him all your ears (Listen to him actively without saying words that make him feel bad about calling you.
  • When he calls you to find a place that is so cool (away from distractions of any kind that might make you not concentrate on talking to him.)
  • You can give him a promise to give him rewards the more he keeps on calling you. Make it a surprise to him.
  • Never cut him short when he is talking to you, especially in the middle of an important conversation.
  • Make the conversation cool and exciting by also contributing to what he has to say to you. If you only let him keep the conversation going then he will get tired and bored and he will eventually stop calling.
  • Tell him to call you and encourage him to do that if he has the chance to do so. 



My final thought


If a guy is into you and he thinks there is something between the two of you worth building then he will make sure he keeps the communication alive.



Though, it doesn’t always mean that a man is into you when he keeps calling you every day. Some men will keep calling you every day because they find you so friendly and easy person to talk to.



This is a character that very few ladies tend to have. So, if he finds it easier to open up to you than anyone else then he will keep on calling you every day.



Other guys will call you every day when they want to get to know the kind of person you are so that they can gain something from your lifestyle. It’s not always about love when a guy calls you every day.



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