He Has A Girlfriend But Still Flirts With You?

Does he has a girlfriend but still flirts with you? Does he still want you though he has someone else? This is what you have to know before giving him a go-ahead.

If he is your crush and you have feelings for him and yet he is dating someone else then don’t give in to him.

No matter how much you love someone you should never degrade yourself. When you give in and yet he has someone else, how do you think he will perceive you?

He will simply tell himself that you are cheap and a desperate woman. This will give him a chance to manipulate you.

So, you have to be careful not to be in this category of manipulated people. Sometimes it’s better to be single than to be in a relationship with someone who will be using you.

If your crush likes someone else but he still flirts with you then this means he wants you. He will flirt with you when he notices that you also have feelings for him, thus taking advantage of your situation.

When a guy flirts with you yet he has someone else then be careful before you fall into his charms.

He may only want to use you. If he has someone else why would he want you?

Do you think he never found the person he has right now attractive the way he looks at you?

If he flirts with you be curious to know the state of his relationship before going deep with it.

You never know he may be doing that because his relationship is falling apart and he wants to find an immediate person to fill in the gap.

Some guys will flirt with you because it’s in their nature. Even if they have their girlfriends they will still do.

These are the kind of guys who can’t keep their eyes away from women they find attractive.

So, think smart of the kind of person he is before falling for him.

Why is he talking to me if he has a girlfriend?

If a guy has a girlfriend it doesn’t mean that he won’t talk to other girls.

Talking to other girls isn’t cheating you have to know that.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you locked from all interactions.

He is talking to you probably because he likes you. Him having a girlfriend doesn’t mean that he won’t go ahead to convince you to be part of his life if he finds the strongest connection with you.

I want to be honest, you can start a relationship with someone and you can end up making vows of every kind but if your connection is weak that relationship will end up failing.

People come with so many reasons why relationships end up failing, which I don’t deny that are factors contributing to the failure of a relationship.

Despite all these factors, the main one is always about the strongest connection. The strong relationship bond wins.

That is why you find a person moving from one person to another even if he or she was in a relationship.

So, if he thinks that the connection he can have with you will be great then he will make a point of talking to you and even go ahead and ask you for a date.

Don’t be tense. If he is just talking to you and yet he has a girlfriend this means he likes you and he wants to know more about you. This isn’t a bad thing. Be open to a conversation.

If he has a girlfriend why does he wants me?

This is where the big deal comes in. Talking was just an easy thing to think about.

Wanting you yet he has a girlfriend is totally another thing.

If he has a girlfriend and he still wants you then this can be that his relationship with the girl he has is at a breaking point. It can also be that his relationship is complicated and he feels that it can’t move on that is why he wants you.

If his relationship was in perfect shape and he was absolutely happy about it then I don’t think he would want you.

The best thing I can advise you to do is to observe him and get to know more about his current relationship status if you are in for him.

Do it, so that you can be sure of where you are getting yourself in. It’s very important for your own good.

There is no need to rush in a relationship, trust me the consequences of that aren’t that good.

Other guys will do this when they want to use you. These are the type of guys you should at all cost.
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If he knows your weakness and he wants to use you then he will pretend to want you.

The moment you realize his relationship is perfectly in a good health and he wants you then just know that he wants to get into your pants. Nothing better you can do with him than kicking him away.

He flirts with me but is seeing someone else.

How do you feel about him flirting with you while he is seeing someone else?

Does it bother you?

If it does then make a point of confronting him that he should stop doing it.

Furthermore, if you like the fact that he flirting with you and you really want to have him by yourself then ask him to break his current relationship to come for you.

Ask him to give you a chance, if he really has feelings for you but not just lust then will break it up for you.

When he flirts with you but is seeing someone else then he might only be trying to use you. Don’t fall into his trap. Tell him to stop flirting with you and walk away from him. You deserve better than that.

You don’t deserve to be treated like that. If he really has feelings for you let him break his current relationship and come for you.

If he will be willing to do it then this means he is completely serious about you. You can give him a shot if you have feelings for him.

He says he likes someone else but he acts like he likes me.

This is a good thing. Do you know why?

He is honest with you that why he tells you that he likes someone else.

On the part of acting like he likes you then this is because he has some feelings for you too.

If he says he likes someone else but he acts like he likes you then this is because he has feelings for you. Due to the fact that he has someone else, he can’t make himself open to you. 


Did you know that you can like someone and yet you fail to have the ability to have them in your life?

This might be the case.

It doesn’t mean that when you like someone you can end up dating him or her.

You can love someone and still let him or her go.

He may be acting like he likes you but deep down he knows that can’t have you because someone else has occupied his life.

A guy told me he likes me but has a girlfriend.

You have to understand that like and love do have a different meaning.

When someone tells you that he likes you it simply means he is impressed with you and the kind of person you are, while when someone says he loves you it means he has that deep romantic feeling of affection and intimacy for you.

Get that before we get deep into this.

Though, there is a great possibility for like to turn into love.

If a guy told you he likes you but he has a girlfriend this means that he is just impressed with your personality at large. But if he makes an effort to hook you up then it can be that he wants you.

The moment he says he likes you and treats you like a friend then this shows that he only wants to be friends.

When he goes to an extent of flirting with you then this shows he wants you.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to be a side chick or if you want to be the main one.

# Lastly…

If he wants you and he has a girlfriend then the first thing to do is to check his relationship status.

When you realize that his relationship is on the verge of collapsing and you truly have feelings for him then give him a chance.

The moment you find his relationship is perfectly healthy and he insists on having you then ask him to end his relationship if he really wants you.

Don’t allow someone to use you. Why would he want you yet he has someone else if it is not to use you?

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