How Guys Feel After Rejecting A Girl

When guys reject a girl there is something they will feel depending on the kind of relationship they had with that girl.


In this article, I will share with you some of the feelings that guys usually feel after rejecting a girl.


I will elaborate on them so that you understand what they feel and know how you can play with their minds according to how they feel.


The way guys feel after rejecting a girl will always differ since people are not the same.


Every guy perceives love differently, this is what brings the difference in how these guys feel.


Without wasting time, let me share with you how these guys feel when they reject a girl.


This is how guys feel after rejecting a girl;

1. They feel guilty if they were so friendly with that girl.

If a guy rejects you and the two of you were too friendly with each other for so long this is something that will haunt him.


He will feel guilty for rejecting you since the way you used to get along with each other will never be the same.


The friendship you had will change, you will be distant from each other and you might even end up hating each other.


So, when a guy rejects a girl simply because he doesn’t feel the same for her but he liked the friendship they had, this guy will feel guilty.


Some guys will even change their minds after rejecting a girl simply because of how they will end up feeling.


A guy will only feel guilty after rejecting you if he knew you better, if you had an amazing bond of friendship and if he cared about you a little.


Guys who never cared about you will never feel guilty after rejecting you.


They will ghost you after rejecting you because you never added any value to their lives.


So, if you were friendly with a guy and he ended up rejecting you after you expressed your feelings for him then know that he feels guilty for rejecting you.


He may be feeling guilty for rejecting you but he will never change his mind about you simply because he doesn’t feel what you feel for him.


2. They feel they possess power over that girl.

Guys are used to the fact that they are always the ones approaching ladies.


They know that they have to try everything they can to impress the girls they have a crush on.


Though we have guys who are approached first by ladies, but the percentage is very small.


Most girls never dare to approach guys.


The moment a girl approaches a man, the man will feel so valued and this will make him feel that he is in control of the situation.


It’s a nature of a man to want to be in control of every situation. When a man is not in control of something he usually feels so useless.


Linking this with the issue of a guy rejecting a girl, the guys usually feel that they are the ones having the say over what that girl feels for them.


They feel that they have control over the girl they rejected and some of them even tend to take advantage of that situation.


Since they know that the girl they rejected is desperate for them they will try to exploit her.


Some guys will ask the girl to do them some favors since they know the girl is in love with them she will do anything they ask.


So, this feeling of guys having the power over the girl they rejected makes them feel so strong and in control.


This is how guys feel when they reject a girl.


If a guy you wanted so bad rejected you then this is something you have to take note of.


Don’t let that guy take control of you and use you since you have feelings for him.


3. They feel fine with the decision they made.

Some guys will reject you and feel fine with the decision they made. They will be on the neutral side of things.


They will neither feel good nor bad for rejecting you.


So, if a guy never felt anything for you and he rejects you there is nothing he will think about.


You will be the only one who will be thinking so much about the decision he made.


The answer he gave you after you expressed your feelings for him will keep on ringing in your head.


The guy will never think about the rejection he gave you if he never cared about you.


He will take it as a normal thing simply because he never had any connection with you.


As you keep on spending sleepless nights after the rejection he will handle everything like you never had that conversation with him.


Guys feel okay after rejecting a girl because they know that it’s something normal, they don’t think that they did something good or bad.


This is how guys feel after rejecting a girl.


4. They feel relieved after rejecting a girl.

Some guys will feel relieved after rejecting a girl. They will feel relieved if they were trying to distance themselves from that girl.


So, if a guy wanted to distance himself from you simply because he found you annoying then he will feel grateful after rejecting you.


He will feel that the heavy burden that was on his shoulder has been lifted.


Furthermore, if he was after someone else and you kept on showing up where he was without him inviting you then rejecting you will give him a chance to be alone with the girl he has a crush on.


Guys are aware that when they reject a girl, she will never bother coming back to them.


They expect the girl to distance herself from them because this will destroy the friendship they had.


If you were hitting too hard on him and he was never interested in you then he will feel relieved and happy after rejecting you.


He will feel that he has cut you off from his life.


This is how a guy feels when he rejects a girl. If you were the kind of girl who used to stress him simply because you had feelings for him and he never felt the same for you, then he will be happy after rejecting you.


The big problem that he was going through has vanished from his life, that problem is you.




The way a guy will feel after rejecting you largely depends on your relationship with him.


If he cared about you as a friend but he never felt the same for you then he will feel bad for rejecting you.


He will even think of trying to give you a space in his heart because he knows he cruelly hurt you.


But if the guy never cared about you, he was never too friendly with you and he wanted to distance himself from you he will never feel anything after rejecting you.


He will never think that he did something wrong, it will never cross his mind that he hurt your feelings and he will even not bother getting in touch with you.


Some guys will feel that they have power over you, they can control you simply because you are so much in need of them.


They will want to take advantage of you and kick you away.


So, if a guy rejected you and he is trying to get back to you and deep down you know that he only aims for one thing from you then you should walk away from him.


He only wants to use you, you should be single than be with a guy who only wants to take advantage of you.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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