How The Indian Girl Took Over My Heart

Let me tell you this part of my story when I was in high school. I won’t say her name. I know everyone wants to know her name. Let me just keep her name in brackets. I’ll use a nickname, I’ll call her Jannat. She was an Indian girl.

In Arabic, the term Jannat means a beautiful garden… We all know what the garden usually holds. Beautiful flowers of every kind. A magnificent fragrance that makes everyone wish to make the garden his home place. A garden, a very beautiful one.
I knew Jannat when I was in Allidina Visram. I would have never gotten to know her if it wasn’t for my one friend (She) who we used to study with her in my previous school. I remember it was on Monday when the academic teacher, who was also the dean of students came into my class and picked me up.
He told me that the school was holding a chemistry contest. He told me that I was chosen to be among the view participants from my school. This contest was a regional one if I’m not wrong. I was one of the luckiest students to be a part of this contest.
I want to admit it here. I wasn’t that good at maths or physic. I was just one of the surviving students. What made me stand out from the rest of the class was my focus.
The contest happened the other week after I was picked. The chemistry paper that we were given was very challenging. I had to try my best not to let my teacher and school down. After the contest was over. We had time to interact as we waited for the results.
I was so hungry back then. I went outside to buy bananas. In school, that was what I liked to eat during my break time. Banana and milkshake. It was cheap and every student could afford it. One banana cost five Kenyan Shillings, while the milkshake cost Ksh10.
When I finished eating I just stood at the field. I was just staring at the block, the same one where we sat for our chemistry paper. I was thinking of how this building lasted for almost a hundred years and still stood very firm to the ground. Its beautiful Arabic architectural design made it so wonderful.
If you could stand a far point and view it, you would say it is a mosque. The long trees that were planted around the block gave it beautiful scenery. As I was thinking of how this building was there I saw my friend who we used to be schoolmates.
We greeted each other and asked about each other’s progress that we made since we both changed our schools. She was happy to see me. I can’t lie I was so happy. We both know that feeling when we get someone we used to see every day and suddenly they are not around, and then after some few years, you meet him or her again.
After the greetings, she introduced her friend (Jannat) to me.
The first thing that I got impressed with was her accent. Damn! It was amazing. I can’t put down the conversation but the part of the introduction we had was satisfactory enough to make my mind hooked up.
She was a short girl, with long hair, a smooth face without even a scratch, the skin was so smooth from the look. I was even afraid to touch her. When I looked at myself and her, I just felt I was no match for her.
The good thing about this Indian girl is that was she was so active. She had so many stories. It was very hard to get bored around her. We made jokes and laugh the few minutes we standing together at the pitch.
The look made me…….
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