If Your Boyfriend Has Another Girlfriend: Do This

If your boyfriend has another girl then this is something bad and you should find a way to make him leave her or you walk away.


You will have to make your boyfriend leave the other girl unless you wanted to be his side chick.

I know it’s not the case because you wouldn’t have searched for the solution.


This is what you should do if your boyfriend has another girl;

1. Don’t start a fight of any kind, just be calm.

The moment you realize that your boyfriend has another girlfriend then it’s obvious that you will be pissed.


You will be absolutely angry with him having another girl despite you.


I know you might say that that is not what you signed for in that relationship.


This might make you come up with a fight or an argument that will affect the mood of everyone in that relationship in a negative way.


So, when you realize that he has another girl then just try as much as possible to be calm and handle things maturely.


If you start a fight there is no way you will solve that problem appropriately.


When you are angry and you want to make decisions then your anger will take the best part of you.


You will find yourself saying things and doing things that you don’t even mean.


This might turn a scene that would go viral and ruin your reputation.


So, don’t start a fight, learn to be in control of your temper.


2. Find out from when he had another girlfriend.

This is the first thing you should do after controlling your anger.


Now that you are in check, find out when he got the other girlfriend.


You never know you might be the one who came after the other girl who is already settled with him.


So, it’s important to find out this piece of information because it will help you come up with a way to solve this problem.


To find this out you will need to have a conversation with him.


You can be frank with him and tell him that you know that he has someone else.


Ask him to be honest with you.


He will eventually open up to you if he loves you and he wants to make things right between the two of you.


So, when you find out that she was the first girl she had before you then you can make up your mind of either to walk away from that relationship or stay.


This is because you came into his life and you didn’t bother to ask if someone else was occupying his life.


If he lied to you that he had no one else in his life then this could have been that he wanted to know for sure if you are a girl who was going to stay in his life on not.


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But if you find out that the other girl came into his life after he had you then it means that he is cheating on you.


If he is cheating on you then there are two things that you will be left to do.


You can either break up with him or stay in that relationship and fix the broken pieces.


This is because there is a reason that made your boyfriend has another girlfriend.


Are you the problem in the relationship?


If you are the problem in the relationship then fix it instead of walking away from it.


Make your relationship with him better and see if he will still need the other girl in his life.


If he is the problem then find an appropriate way to make him do the right thing if you still love him.


3. Find out the reasons why he has a side chick.

This is something else you should do before deciding to do anything.


Before you decide to break up with him or fix the relationship find out why he has a side chick.


This is because there is always a reason behind why guys prefer having side chicks.


For more details about that then don’t forget to read this article.


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These reasons that made him have a side chick are what will give you a baseline to start to fix issues between the two of you.


You can find these reasons by first asking him why he chose to have someone else while you were in his life.


The other thing you can do to find these reasons is to check on yourself.


Ask yourself what you don’t do right to him, what makes him keep complaining about your relationship.


Find all the things that you do in that relationship that might have made him prefer to have another girl in his life.


4. Fix the issues between the two of you.


So, once you have found the reasons why he has a side chick then start fixing the issues between the two of you.


If the reason that made him have a side chick is because of the way you treat him and handle your relationship with him.


Maybe he preferred having a side chick because you don’t give him attention, you keep secrets from him, you keep on lying to him, you don’t trust him, you are too busy for yourself to an extent of forgetting him.


Then try as much as you can to make these things right.


You can do this with the help of your boyfriend. If he really cares about your relationship then he will start with you to fix this issue.


He will support you in making things right if he still wants you in his life.


But if he chooses not to help or support you in any way, then he doesn’t want you in his life.


When you find out that he is the problem then have a conversation with him.


Discussion with him and know what he wants in that relationship so that he can stick with you.


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Sometimes all it takes to fix a big issue in a relationship is to find out what your partner wants in that relationship.


If he really loves you and he wants to make things right with you then he will open up to you.


5. Confront him and tell him to stop what he is doing.

If you don’t have the courage to do all the above things then all you can do is to approach him.


Confront him and be honest about what you feel about him having another girl yet you are in his life.


Just be honest and talk about what you feel deep in your heart.


Maybe the words that you might spill onto him will make him realize how much you love him.


These are the kind of words that will keep him up at night thinking of why he is doing the things he is doing to you.


Tell him to stop the things he is doing to you. Inform him how much pain he puts you in.


If you can confront him with such kinds of words then you will have done something very important on your part even if you don’t have that much courage.


Speak what it’s in your mind; if he really loves you then he will do what is best for your relationship.


6. Make him love you more than the side chick.

This is something else you should do if your boyfriend has another girl.


If you prefer to stay with him because you love him then this is what you should do to keep him to yourself.


Once you have noticed that he has another girl and you don’t have an option of breaking up with him then make an effort to give him more than what his side chick can offer.


You never know, maybe you are the side chick.


All in all, make the relationship better if you want to keep him to yourself.


You can do this by first identifying the faults that make him pull away from you.


Fix the things that make him hate being around you.


This is what you should do if he has someone else though you still love him. You will have to sacrifice and do this if you really want him in your life for yourself.


Don’t feel bad for wanting him all to yourself.


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You can make him love you more than his other girl by;

  • Give him more than he asks from you.
  • Give him attention without him asking.
  • Give him good sex.
  • Always be there for him during his hard times.
  • Support him on anything significant that he does in his life for the relationship or for himself.
  • Make a habit of opening up to him, if you have never been doing that.
  • Gain his trust more, by always telling him the truth and telling him the things you do behind his back, and putting all the secrets from him on the table.
  • Treat him nicely, this starts from your words to your actions.
  • Turn on the fun in the relationship and spend more time with him.
  • Be the kind of a girl he wants you to be in that relationship.


These are some of the things that you can do to make your boyfriend love you more than his side chick.


7. If you feel you can’t make him leave the other girl then decide whether to walk away or stay.

If you have tried everything to make things better between the two of you and time has passed and there is no positive effect in that relationship then there are two things you can do.


The first is that you will have just to accept that he has another girl.


Accept that he has someone else and be with him and continue loving him like you are the only girl.


You never know maybe he might, later on, realize that you are the best person in his life.


You will have to do this if you are still in love with him.


There might be a million reasons for you to want to leave him but only one reason might keep you holding on to him.


And that is “love”


You don’t have to give up on him if you still love him.


By the way, he might have another girl but if he treats you right, he gives you what you want and you are ever happy being around him then there is no need to end that relationship.


Starting another relationship is usually so hard. This is because it takes time and investment of feelings on one person.


The other thing is that you might also find someone who is only there to use you. You might find the worst person and you will end up regretting walking away from him.


But if you find that you can’t share him then end the relationship. End the relationship and walk away from his life.


Go and find someone else who will be ready to accommodate only you in his life.



If your boyfriend has another girl then you can either decide to leave him or stay with him.


You will have to stay with him if you feel that you are so much attached to him and you can’t walk away from him even though he has someone else.


But if he has someone else and he isn’t treating you right then just end that relationship.


It might hurt you for the first month but you will have walked out of that relationship. That is the best thing you can do for yourself.


Finally, if you have any questions then don’t fail to leave your comment in the comment section.


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