If Your Ex Blocked You: You Won (Meaning)

I bet you want to know the meaning if your ex blocked, you won. I will share with you what this means and everything that can make your ex block you.

In this article, I will explain to you what makes your ex decide to block you and also I will talk of the victory that you have won over your ex.


If your ex decides to block you then you have definitely won. This is because you managed to get a grip of his or her emotions. You made him or her affected by the love you gave him/her. Your ex blocked you because he/she couldn’t take it to see your presence.


You won because your relationship with him or her left an effect on your ex.


Your ex knows that if he or she decides to you unblocked then he or she might end up running back to you.


This is the case that your ex is exactly afraid of it happening. This is especially if the moment you ended it with him/her your ex talked so much shit.


Your ex is aware that you left a mark on his or her heart. A mark that she or he knows can’t be kept hidden from you.


When couples break up in most cases everyone wants to convey that he or she is not totally affected by the break-up.


Your ex will be like, “We broke up but I don’t even feel a thing, you were just in my head but not in my heart. You can walk away and I will even forget you within days.”


The moment your ex blocks you just immediately after the break up then you won this is because the break-up affected him or her so much.


The only thing is that she or he doesn’t want to admit it.


I’m I the only one who feels so cool when you break up with someone and he or she is the cause of the break and you end up feeling good because she or he feels the break up more than you?


I don’t know if it is awkward to be happy for someone else’s pain because he or she intended to hurt you.


I guess it’s not awkward at all. We are all human and sometimes we feel happy for things that we don’t even have to be happy about.


My ex blocked me on WhatsApp.

Here we go; if your ex blocked you on WhatsApp then he or she couldn’t stand seeing you online and yet you aren’t chatting at all.


There are also several reasons why your ex might have blocked you on WhatsApp.


Your ex blocked you on WhatsApp so that to avoid seeing your status. Also, your ex couldn’t stand to see you online without chatting with you. Your ex also wants to show you that he or she moved on from you.


This is because the moment your ex blocks you; you will just assume that he or she has moved on.


Your ex may have blocked you just because he or she usually knows that when a couple breaks up they block each other.


Anyway, there are so many reasons why your ex blocked WhatsApp. Read this article if you want to know the rest of the reasons.


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What does it mean when your ex blocks you?


Several meanings can be implied when your ex decides to block you.


This is what it means when your ex blocks you,


When your ex blocks you, it means he or she is angry with you and he or she wants to forget everything about you. Your ex wants to move on that is why he or she decided to block you.


It can also be that your ex thinks that blocking you will make you feel pain.


The moment when people break up everyone is usually angry about the break-up.


Everyone will try to inflict pain on the other just to prove a point.


The pain and the sadness after the breakup can be so worse. Other people can even go to the extent of acting violently because of the break-up leave alone blocking you.


Break up can be a big issue especially if the two of you were so deep into each other. You made it so far with each other and you were about to be where you wanted to be.


What hurts more blocking or ignoring?

When we are talking about what hurts more between blocking or ignoring you there are several situations I would like to talk about it.


Let me start with ignoring.


The habit of ignoring can hurt someone so much when you are still dating. When he or she wants to you be there for him or her and you choose to ignore him/her this can inflict so much pain.


When you ignore your ex, it will not hurt him or her that much simply because she or he is already used to the fact that you are apart.


When your ex texts you, he/she keeps in it mind knowing that two things might happen. The first thing is that you might end up replying to his or her messages by using vulgar language while the second thing is that you will ignore him or her.


Let now turn to block.


When you are dating someone and you end up blocking him or her then this will be like an opportunity for him or her to make more effort of attaining your attention.


This is because he or she will know that you have blocked him or her. After all, something is going on.


This will not hurt the person, you are dating that much instead it will motivate him or her to be constantly in touch with you.


With that short explaining of how blocking and ignoring can affect a different set of people then this is what you should know.


Blocking usually hurts more than ignoring your ex. This is because your ex knows that he or she will never have any chance of talking to you again. Blocking also shows that you have eliminated him or her from your life.



If your ex decides to block you then know that you have left an impact on him or her that is why you have won.


The truth is that if he or she or he was never affected by the relationship then he or she wouldn’t have blocked you at all.


Since you were deep in his or her heart and the break-up affected him or her, expect to be blocked.


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