7 Things To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Irresponsible

If your girlfriend is not responsible it will be hard for you to move the relationship in the right direction. Your girlfriend will keep dragging you behind simply because she will never be focused.


None of your relationship goals will be achieved in that relationship if you will not make her responsible.


Without wasting time, let me share with you what you need to know about this situation.


What does it mean when your girlfriend is not responsible?

When your girlfriend is not responsible it means she is not accountable, unreliable and lazy to handle issues that add value to her life or your relationship at large. Also, this means she does not think through any decision she makes in her life or the relationship.


As we all know that everything in life needs someone to be responsible.


Most of the decisions we make in life require us to think through them because the kind of life we will have tomorrow greatly depends on the kind of choices we make today.


So, if your girlfriend is not responsible she might drag you behind and you will eventually regret having her in your life.


Before you start regretting her behaviour this is what you can learn from this article so that you change her.


Trust me, people do change in relationships.


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What to do if your girlfriend is not responsible;

1. Don’t handle her badly because she is irresponsible.

This is the first thing you have to do if your girlfriend is not responsible.


The way you react to a situation that your girlfriend is in is what will determine whether your girlfriend will be willing to change it or not.


So, when you notice that your girlfriend has a behaviour that doesn’t please you don’t go hard on her at the beginning and start treating bad because she behaves in a certain way.


You have to appreciate her and handle her the way she is as you figure out a way how you can change her.


If you start treating her bad and disrespecting her simply because she is not responsible then you will be putting your relationship at risk of failing.


Also, this will never fix her instead, it will continue to make her worst.


You should understand that everyone was raised differently.


Don’t try to instil your responsible nature in her by force. This will never work.


2. Find out what makes her irresponsible.

If you want to make your girlfriend responsible then this is something else you should do after understanding her nature.


Try to find out why she is not responsible.


If she was responsible and she changed try to find what changed her.


When you find these reasons you will be able to use them to change her.


You can find these reasons by talking to her and observing the recent events that happened in her life.


This is because there is always something that changes someone.


Also, there is always a reason why someone behaves the way he or she does.


Talk to her and make her open to you.


This is the part that will make her tell you why she is irresponsible.


Do you see the importance of the first step I shared with you? If you started to treat her badly because she was irresponsible you couldn’t have been able to make her open to you.


Once she tells you why she is irresponsible then try to help her out on issues that weigh on her.


If she is stressed about certain issues then offer to help her and support her as much as you can.


Make sure that she is in a good state.


3. Talk to her about the benefits of being responsible in a relationship.

If you want her to be responsible there is no way you will be able to make her be if you won’t show her the benefits of changing.


You have to motivate her first and make her know the need for her to be a responsible person.


And this will force you to sacrifice your time and talk to her about this topic of being responsible.


Talking to her about being a responsible person will open her eyes to a new world that she will be ready to indulge in.


Remind her of the things you all want to achieve in your relationship and let her know that those things will never be achieved without her changing how she handles things in her life and the relationship at large.


This will make her mind click in the right place and she will see the reason why she has to change for the relationship to be amazing.


4. Teach her how she can be a responsible person.

After you have motivated her to change this is something else you have to change do.


Now that she is full pumped with knowledge of being a responsible girlfriend is when you should start giving her lessons on how she can be the kind of person you motivated her to be.


Take it easy on her and start by doing smaller things with her.


Give her tasks that she can manage and make plans for your relationship.


You can start by asking her to write down what she wants to achieve from your relationship.


After that teach her how she can achieve the things she wrote down using a step guide.


Next time you can give her task of her the task of budgeting for the things you need in your fridge.


Let her handle these small tasks as time goes by she will get the whole concept of being a responsible girlfriend.


Baby steps and she will change.


5. Include her in the projects that you do.

The next thing you can do to make her a responsible girlfriend is to include her in the projects that you do.


If you are a photographer let her come with you where you do your shoots.


Let her help you out carrying your stand and other gadgets that you use when taking photos.


If she is irresponsible, it’s simply because she doesn’t have anything to do that makes her mind think harder.


This is especially if she binges herself on tv shows the whole day and sleeps.


So, when you include her in the projects you do and she starts to handle different things for you then she will start being active and her thinking capabilities will open up.


She will know that there is something expected of her to achieve and this will keep her on her toes.


Since she wants to make you happy as time goes by this will eventually change her.


6. Encourage her to read books and do things that motivate her to be responsible.

This is something else you can do if you want to make your girlfriend responsible.


When you advise someone to do something, after that session she will be so pumped up and motivated.


But as time goes by that motivation will wear out.


And when this happens she will find herself into her old habits.


So, to keep her going on the right track you will have to keep motivating her.


And you will never be able to motivate her each day.


The only thing you can do is to encourage her to consume content that will change how she thinks and perceive things in her life.


Encourage her to read motivational books and do things that will improve her personal growth.


This will keep fueling her and she will be always making a step forward and she will change completely.


7. Give her some time to change.

You should be patient with her because a change is a process. It’s not something that happens suddenly.


Give her some time to change and adapt to the new life that she is indulging herself in.


Take it easy on her and be optimistic that she will change for the better.


When you develop such a mindset it will allow you to bear with the downfalls that your girlfriend will be going through.


This is not going to be easy as you may think. There will be moments when your girlfriend will find herself in her old ways.


So, if you don’t have that positive mindset then you will end up giving up on her and this will be the worst case of all.


Be hopeful that she will be the kind of person you want her to be and keep on developing her.


She will eventually be responsible.



If your girlfriend is not responsible don’t break up with her. Instead, try to change her to be the kind of person you want her to be.


Talk to her about it and let her know how you feel about it. Let her understand the need for her to be responsible.


If she cares about you and the relationship she will be willing to change.


You have to know that there is no chance of her being the kind of person you want her to be if she is not willing to change.


A change will never happen if she won’t initiate it no matter what you will tell her to do.


If you have tried everything to change her and she doesn’t seem to care about what you want and she makes fun of you then you will have no alternative but to let her go.


That shows that she doesn’t respect you and she is not willing to change.


And being with someone irresponsible will never keep you focused on achieving the best in your life.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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