Is It Normal To Miss Your Ex When in a New Relationship?

Missing your ex in a new relationship is something normal especially if you have been dating your ex for so long. The memories that you had with him or her will pop up without you realizing it.
Not all exes are usually bad. You might have ended up your relationship on good terms with your ex because of certain unavoidable things.

Your ex and you had good memories together. It’s hard to resist your mind from bringing back these memories.

You will eventually find yourself thinking about your ex because the things that you will start doing in your new relationship will remind you of him or her.

So, it’s completely normal if you miss your ex. We have no control over what pops up in our minds.

Have You Ever Missed Your Ex? 

I guess at one point or another everyone has once missed their exes. It’s not bad to miss your ex because there are some memories about him or her that it’s worth keeping no matter what made the two of you break up.

Let me talk about this today. We get involved in so many relationships, especially as teenagers. Many of the relationships we get ourselves into don’t even last for that long. Mostly we get people who tried so much in this relationship, they stayed together for about 3 years.

This now is the most outstanding couple have ever been. We all indeed get in a relationship with people that we feel are the best for us. We have so many things we look at the folks we want to get in a relationship with. 
We have people who will look at your character, smartness, the way you handle yourself and so many other things. When we agree to get in a relationship with them we have already known what best we are going to get from it. Things that we know we are going to enjoy from these people we love, we mostly keep them a secret.
We don’t want our partners to know these things, because if they would, imagine what would have happened. 
The moment we break up with these people, we are completely broken up. We end up crying and asking ourselves why did such a thing had to happen to us. We lose focus completely and it may even go worse on some people thinking about committing suicide. 
This usually happens because we know we are not going to get someone better like that. It is very rare to find the same person with the same ways in which he or she used to treat you. We usually know what we had best from him or her, it’s very hard to get that from someone else. 
You have now to change your likes and move on with your life. Saying that nothing was meant to stay forever. We both know it is hard to forget about them. Hey! Talking about forgetting, some of us couldn’t believe that they had to break up with their partners. 
People we break up with will walk away, one thing that will always stay in their memories. Memories will never go away from you. In the first few months, it will hurt you like hell. Eventually, you will accept the reality that we cannot have this person again in our life. You move on.  
You can pretend to be happy, or you may be happy with the person you got currently, and claim that you have cleared out your consciousness and that nothing about your ex bothers you. We have that moment a cloud of past crosses our minds. We get to see what we lost from our exes and we can’t have that in the person we got right now. 
This now turns to something else. You miss those things terrible in such a way you can’t hold yourself from missing them. It is not a bad idea to miss your ex. We are human and a part of us will always be still held to our past, whether we like it or not. 
Just be open, do you miss him or her? What do you miss from him or her?
I miss the days we used to walk together across the streets while holding hands. She would make a joke on me and I will pretend to be angry, 
She would say

“Babe you look so cute when you are angry,” and I would break into a burst of laughter.

I never got tired of her, she was so damn cute😍. 
Have you ever looked at your lover and boom you find yourself holding him or her, her or his cuteness always makes you feel you want him or her. 
The power of love becomes visible in the eyes of your lover. This is what I miss from her. I miss the cuddles and warm hugs that I used to get whenever she would be around with me. It felt like forever. Time flew by so first that I would never realize that it was getting dark outside. 
Our conversation started with jokes, laughter and end up so deep in intimacy
You find yourself shedding tears by just reading the texts. This makes you feel like you want to stay forever with her. Damn!  I miss this. 

Is it normal to randomly miss your ex?

You can miss your ex today and again miss him or her after 2 years. To miss your ex randomly is something normal. Sometimes when we miss someone there is usually something that has triggered that to happen. It can be a place, people, words, or time.

To be honest I do miss my ex randomly. We dated for about 4 years. Our relationship started when were both in 5th grade.

We never know what we had was serious until the 7th grade is when things started to get so amazing. We fall in love with each other over and over again.

Have you ever experienced that? She taught me so many things that changed my life. So, forgetting her and missing her some of the time has been a very hard thing to do.

This is because almost everything that I do she taught me how to do it. Missing someone like that now and then is something normal.

Why do I miss my ex so much even though we broke up?

If you had a strong bond between your ex and you then you will miss him/her even if you have broken up. You do miss your ex because of the strong romantic connection you had. If the connection between the two of you wasn’t strong then you wouldn’t be missing him/her.

You can also miss your ex because of how he or she used to handle you. If he or she specially handled you and understood you in a way that no one did then it will be very hard for you to stop missing him or her.

To stop missing him or her suddenly will be a very hard thing for you to do.

Do I really miss her/him or am I just lonely?

If you miss your ex after a break up it’s probably that you are lonely. After the break things don’t look the same anymore; the sweet morning calls and texts will be a dream for you. You will have no one to share what you feel with – you will be lonely.

In most cases, if you end up in a relationship with someone else who makes you happier and takes away all the pain you had you will gradually stop missing your ex to an extent you will end up forgetting him or her.

It takes time by the way and it also depends on the kind of person you have met. If you have met someone who can truly take good care of you then it will be easier for you to stop thinking about your ex.

If you can’t stop thinking about your ex then I recommend you to read this article that I wrote it Her Beauty.

What do you miss? Leave your comment I would love to hear from you. 
See you in my next post. 
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