Is It Okay To Leave a toxic Relationship?

If your relationship is toxic you have to leave it immediately for your own good. Though, there are so many challenges when it comes to leaving it. 


Before I go so much further let me enlighten those who have no idea of what a toxic relationship is. 


What is a toxic relationship? 

A toxic relationship is a union between two or more people that is characterized by bad emotional management and physical abuse. In most cases, in this kind of relationship only one person benefits while the other suffers. 


It’s very easy to know if you are in a toxic relationship. 


I will share with you some of the common things that will only be seen in a toxic relationship. 

How do I know I’m in a toxic relationship? 

You will know that you are in a toxic relationship when you come across these things in your relationship;

  •  Your partner uses vulgar language when talking to you which makes you feel bad about yourself. 
  •  Your partner doesn’t respect your decision anymore, he or she keeps keeping aside anything that can add value to your relationship. 
  •   Your partner uses you for his or her advantage and leaves you stranded. He or she will be there with you when he or she wants something from you. 
  •   Your partner will control every aspect of your life.
  •   Your partner will make you feel bad about yourself by using words and actions. 
  •   Your partner will force you to do things that you don’t wish to do. 
  •   Your partner will be ego-centric; basing everything in that relationship for his or her benefit. 
  •   Your partner will go to an extent of beating you up when you annoy him or her. 
  •   Your partner will never respect your privacy. 

What happens if you stay in a toxic relationship?

If you stay in a toxic relationship this is what will happen; your lifestyle will be unstable, you will be hurt emotionally and physically, you will develop low self-esteem and you might turn to be a toxic person too. 


It’s better to leave a toxic relationship as soon as possible before you get stuck in it. 


There is no need to hurt yourself by being in a toxic relationship while you can leave. 


The more you stay in a toxic relationship the more you will end up harming yourself physically and emotionally. 


This can go to an extent of affecting your financial status and social life. 


If your partner will be manipulating you he or she might drain you financially in the name of love. 


In social life, you might end up kicking people out of your life, you might start hating even your closest friends and families. 


This can end up ruining your whole lifestyle. No need to wait for all these negative things to happen to you. 


No matter how much you love him or her it’s not worth sticking with him or her if he or she makes the relationship toxic. 


You will never find happiness in such kind of a relationship. 


The more you stay and hope to fix your relationship the more you might get stuck in such kind of a relationship. 


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Should you leave a toxic relationship?

You should leave a toxic relationship if you want to have a healthy love life. It’s not worth staying in a relationship that will be eating you bit by bit. You deserve to be happy and healthy and a toxic relationship will never provide that. 


Whenever you get a chance to get out of that toxic relationship just walk away and don’t ever look back. 


Leave everything behind and start a new life. You will never be able to make a progress with your life if you won’t leave that toxic relationship. 


Such kind of a relationship will only be dragging you behind and taking away all your happiness. 


No matter how much you love someone when it comes to your happiness always give it your priority. 


Though it might be hard to make such a decision it will be worth your life. 


Let no one make you stay in a relationship that adds no value to your life. You are the driver of your own life and you can choose who boards your bus. 


You have the power to let people stay or leave because you are the boss.


So, you should leave behind everything to do with a toxic relationship because it will never add any value to your life other than taking away everything that matters to you. 


Say no to bad vibes and welcome only the positive ones. 


Is it hard to leave a toxic relationship?

It’s very hard to leave a toxic relationship that is why many people end up being stuck in it. It’s hard to leave a toxic relationship because of the negative things caused by it like low self-esteem, finding pleasure from the pain and intoxicated love is what makes it hard to leave. 


Some of the people who were previously stuck in toxic relationships told me that they found it hard to leave the toxic relationship because whenever they try leaving it the next day they will eventually find themselves in it again. 


It was like they were in a loop that was so hard to delete. 


The other thing that they told me is that a toxic relationship has a special power of love than healthy relationships that keep its individual enticed to end. 


They feel the pain and the suffering but it’s hard to let go of it. 


So, leaving a toxic relationship is never easier. Letting go of someone you love deeply takes so much courage to do that. 


On the aspect of low self-esteem; the moment you develop it you will never see yourself worthy to other people. 


You will feel like no one will be willing to take you in his or her life because you have become a mess. 


The way your partner treated you made you feel that you are never good enough for anyone. 


Having such kind of a view upon yourself will be very hard for you to leave a toxic relationship because you will feel like no one will accept you the way you are with your weaknesses.


Why does it hurt to leave a toxic relationship?

It’s hurt to leave a toxic relationship because leaving it needed a lot of courage; letting go of someone you love because of the situation he or she made you be in, is not such an easy thing. Though you aren’t supposed to feel sorry to end it, it will hurt. 


I can’t imagine being in such a condition. I’m grateful I have never been in a toxic relationship but I have come across people who have been in them. 


What I heard from them; man! Toxic relationships are the kinds of relationships you should never wish to find yourself in. 


As far, I can say I have never come across them because I ended a relationship whenever I felt like someone was over my shoulder. 


I never settled in any relationship when I felt like it’s too much on me. As in I don’t feel comfortable, it doesn’t feel right, feeling like I have to be someone I’m not when I’m around that person. 


I guess these are some of the things that helped me avoid these toxic relationships. 


Sometimes I do think that if you hold too much on someone even to an extent of him or her treating you bad then he or she will take advantage of you; gradually that relationship will turn to be a toxic one. 


How can I prevent my relationship not to be toxic? 

You can prevent your relationship not to be toxic by resolving every problem in your relationship that arises. Whenever your partner starts acting in a way that you don’t appreciate stand up for yourself. Stand for what you think is right and you will prevent your relationship from turning toxic. 


My advice is; don’t let love and the feelings you have for someone make you a slave. You have the power to shape your life the way you want it to be. Even without love, you can still do okay. 


You were never born with love around you, you grew up and came to find it. So don’t make it turn your life upside down. 


When you feel your relationship is going sideways try to find effective ways of fixing it before it turns into something you never intended for it to be. 


Take close look at your relationship and do the best you can to eliminate every issue you come across in your relationship that can alter its shape. 


The earlier you resolve the problems in your relationship the better chance you will have at preventing your relationship not to turn toxic. 


 My final thoughts

There is no harm in leaving a toxic relationship. Leaving it is for your good. So never feel sorry or apologize for ending a toxic relationship. 


Your happiness and health are so much important than anyone else’s. 


Take good care of yourself. Welcome good people in your life and keep those toxic ones away. 


Though, you have to understand letting go of a toxic relationship is not easier as you may think. You have to be strong to let it go. All in all, I know you can do it. 


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