5 Things That Attracts Younger Women To Older Men

Do you know what attracts younger women to older men? And the Advantages & Disadvantages of dating older men? In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know.

I approached a girl one day and she completely turned me down. Do you know why? She told me I was too young—she was into older men. So, I had nothing to do but just accept the fact that I wasn’t old enough for her.


I did some digging and I wanted to know why she preferred dating older men. These sucked so much to me. Why do older men have to get the most beautiful ladies while we young, energetic, handsome boys get to be put under the radar?


Anyway, what I found out will completely surprise you. So, let’s get deep into this topic and reveal everything about why ladies are into older men. What’s wrong with young and handsome boys? Young men are known for being so energetic, funny, and romantic.


What do you think? From what I know is that young men have a long sex drive if you compare this with older men. I guess older men have something that we young men don’t have. If we implement or add what we young men are missing maybe these beautiful ladies will turn right to us.


For now, let’s find the reasons why these beautiful smart ladies prefer dating older men. This insight that I will share with you maybe will help you understand what young men are missing that the older men have under control.


This is what attracts younger women to older men;


1. Older men are wise.

This is definitely true, older men are wiser than young men. This is the first reason why ladies prefer dating them. They have a pretty clear mind of reasoning when it comes to things that include important decisions making in life.


In most cases, young men are known to make hasty decisions without thinking of the outcomes. So, this is something that these ladies avoid getting themselves in. When a lady is mature enough to understand what she wants in her life then it will drive her to pick someone wise.


These older men are wise because they have been in several relationships. Furthermore, they have seen so much in their lives. All these enhanced their reasoning and gave them more knowledge of life in general.


You and I both know that young men lack this. I can’t tell you that all old men are wise. The same situation when you compare with these young men. It’s all of the old men are wise but some are totally far away from being wise.


So, ladies usually see the general term to justify themselves that older men are wise and that is why they go for them leaving young men behind. If ladies leave the young men behind and they end up dating the older men, who do you expect the young men to date?


They will eventually go for older women too. That is exactly how this cycle of a relationship is going. Don’t get surprised by that. You might want to see this for yourself.

What you will find is that everyone has his or her reasons for doing the things he or she is doing. That is why everyone has a different perspective when it comes to this issue of dating older people.


Before I move on to point two of why these ladies prefer dating older men, you should know that also the young men are wise enough to reason and outline a perfect way of handling problems in life, it only depends on the kind of man you have come across with.


2. Women are into older men because they are romantic.

Do you think older men are romantic? Ladies find them to be very romantic when it comes to romantic matters. The romantic gestures of an old man are very different from a young man. It’s a matter of fact that everyone has their own way of handling this issue.


What I can say about old men being romantic is totally true. Let me share with you my reason before you start judging me. Oop! Not judging, just to let you know whether I’m proposing the crusade of ladies dating older men or not.


Older men are romantic because they are passionate about what they do. They take everything slowly in a way that young men find boring. Young men like approximately taking things. Some ladies prefer it when they are driven extremely rough and bumpy.


Though, it’s not all ladies who prefer such a rough ride. Telling a young man to take things slow it’s like you will be turning him down. Young men are still energetic and their blood is still active. So, to them taking things fast is their deal.


Ladies, who want a smooth romantic ride, will obviously go for these older men who seem to be aware of what they are doing. Anyway, we can’t blame ladies for wanting this. We screwed up a big time. Older guys are taking a lead on being the romantic guys.


Older men put their effort into everything they do, especially when it comes to romance. Something that they know they have to do to please their ladies. Did you know that they also even ask themselves why the young ladies went to them?


Their answers give them clear views that the way they handle these ladies is a way that young men have no idea of. Older men have the habit of leaving handwritten notes on the table when they leave while their ladies are in bed.


They do this because they are old and using the phone is just ruining their eyesight. Which is something that ladies find so romantic. Let us admit it. It’s very rare for a young man to do that. The only way he will prefer is to use text and that is it.


3. Older men are more understanding.

This is something that everyone agrees with. Older men are more understanding. They do listen so sensitively and they don’t judge by the first words that come out of someone’s mouth. They are patient and empathetic that which gives them credit.


I’m not saying that young men don’t have this character trait. They do have but if you compare their level of understanding to the young men the range is quite big. Older men are patient and this is what makes them understanding.


If a lady comes forth with her problems the older man will listen carefully and get full details of every word that the lady might be saying. Which it’s not the case when we compare this with the young men. Only a few percent of young men are the ones with this character trait.


A young man who is known for making hasty decisions will never be patient to listen and evaluate every word a lady has to say. This is because he may be busy with things that matter to him more than the lady.


I have come across such situations whereby a lady talks to a man and the man is just typing on his phone. How does this feel? It’s frustrating it will make you feel like someone is looking down upon you.


Older men use empathy exclusively that is why they are seen to be more understanding than young men. Something else that makes these young men less understanding is the activities they involve themselves with.

Older men have less to do if you compare them with young me. Young men have a lot in their minds since they are still growing. They haven’t fully settled that is why they keep on racing for more in their lives. That is why their level of paying attention is kinda low.


The older man knows that his time is about to get exhausted. He will use that time to make the most of it with the people he loves. This is completely what makes a difference. Another factor is that older men have lived for years.


They might have come across so many things in their lives that developed the way they perceive everything. They do understand what their life is all about. This is something that young men don’t have at the moment.


4. Older men are more caring.

This is something that maybe you never knew. The truth is that older men are more caring than young men. Do you know what makes them so caring?


They are caring because they already settled. As we all know someone who is settled will use most of his time to make sure that he gives the best to the people he loves. So, this comes to the ladies’ mind that for them to find this care they have to for older men.


Older men take every detail of a lady seriously. These are men who know their end already. So, they make good use of the love they have within them. They completely know that if they treat a lady with much more care she will stick.


Furthermore, if you look at them the way they handle their families it’s so amazing. They care about their families so much. They would do anything for their families despite their disadvantageous age they are in. This makes ladies find them to be so amazing.


This drives ladies crazy and makes them fantasize about having such a calm and happy life with these old men. If you ask yourself, a man who is settled and the one who is still in a move which one can offer the required care?


That answer will definitely give you the answer you want to know about why older men seem more caring. These older men are more understanding which is a character trait that will contribute to their caring nature.


5. Older men are more faithful that is why ladies prefer dating them.

It’s very rare to find older men cheating. Why would they cheat? They love with a strong affection which is very different from young men. The level they care about and love will be very hard for them to go against their relationship’s promises.


I’m not saying that all young men are unfaithful. If we get the average number of older men cheating and compare it with the young men you will eventually find that young men are the most guys caught in these cheating scenes.


This definitely makes older men more approachable for serious relationships. We all know that ladies want to have a love life that is completely free from dramas. With these older men, they know they can get all that without hustling for that. That is why they go for older men.


If young men were able to maintain a relationship that is free from all sorts of dramas and lies then maybe ladies will prefer remaining dating their age mates. In which we all know it’s almost impossible. Very few can maintain a relationship the way it’s needed.


Older men have been in more relationships compared to younger men. This means that they have done everything that the young men are doing currently. If it’s to cheat, they did cheat and knew the results and where that leads.


They learned several lessons that enlightened them that cheating is only a point of destroying your relationship and wasting your time. Older men are settled and ready to make their life cool why should they be unfaithful to their ladies?


What do older guys find attractive?


This is what older guys find attractive in younger women;


1. Their beauty.

This is the first thing older men find attractive in ladies. They look at how beautiful the woman is and then they make a move. Which we all know that all men will look for this factor no matter how older or younger they will be.


Beauty is the first factor that will always determine whether a guy will be attracted to a woman or not. I’m pretty sure no one would want to date an ugly woman. All guys want to date someone super cool.


Beauty will always be the first factor that any guy would look for in a girl. So, without a doubt, an older guy will also check on the same.


2. Older guys get attracted by the games that young ladies are used to.  

Older guys find these young ladies good at games that might keep them entertained. Older guys know that older ladies have no time for any funny games. This is what makes older women so boring.


Young ladies are so creative and have an idea of how to please these old men so efficiently that is why they find these ladies attractive. No one wants to date a boring lady. Everyone is looking for excitement and they will take any chance to get that.


Young ladies can come up with games like truth or dare, dancing, swimming, having a sense of humor, and playing video games. So when an older man thinks of the fun that a young lady can offer, they find the so amazing for them.


Young ladies are playful and they know the drill. This is completely different when you compare these young ladies to the older ladies. The older ladies are kinda tired, making such kinds of moves will be impossible that is why older men prefer dating young ladies since they are still proactive.


All these are factors that make older guys get attracted to these young ladies.


3. Older guys are attracted by the sexual drive.

This is definitely the case; this is one of the main reasons why older men go for these young ladies. The reason is that they have a clear idea of how amazing these young ladies are when it comes to the matter of being intimate.


Sexual satisfaction is one of the things that drive these older guys to these young ladies. They are so much attracted to that though, they may not openly agree with that. The sex drive of older women is a bit lower compared to that of young ladies.


If you never knew that is the point.


There might be so many things that older guys find attractive in girls but these are the few points I could manage to come up with. Some older guys usually are drawn to these young girls by other factors such as knowledge, background, religion, and many other factors.

Advantages and disadvantages of dating older men.

Those ladies who are into older men deserve to know this before making their moves. Earlier at the beginning of this article, I talked about the positive side of why ladies are into older men. I will summarize the advantages of dating older men.


Advantages of dating older men

1. They are caring. 

They are so caring that is why ladies are into them. They value so much what they have before them since they know the true meaning of being attached to someone.

It’s obvious due to their experiences of the many years that they have lived, they have given them a clear picture of how important it’s to care for the person who is always there for you.

2. They are more understanding.

Their character traits of being patient and empathetic make them so understanding if you compare them with the young men. This is an added advantage to them that is why ladies go for them.

3. They are mature.

They are mature enough and they know what love is all about. They have a clear picture of what is love and life. They will handle everything with wisdom and care. They make decisions that are worth following.


4. They are settled.

Most of the older men have already achieved what they have been looking for. This means that they are settled and ready to have a stable life.

This is very different if you compare it with the young men since they haven’t found a base in their life. Most of them might be struggling with their career which means that their lives are on a constant cycle of changes.

5. Sexually experienced.

We all know that older men have been in many relationships several times. This makes them more experienced when it comes to sex. They have full knowledge of handling a lady when it comes to this area.

Young men might be experienced but not the way older men are. You have to ask yourself, can you compete with someone who is ten to fifteen years older than you? That is absolutely impossible!

This means that their game is quite different and highly detailed.

6. Financial stability.

Most of the older men are financially stable since they are done with most of their careers and they are already working. Though I know it may not be all, a large number of them have a stable financial status.

This is different when you compare with the young men who are still going after their careers. Most of them probably are still struggling to attain stability. Some may be working under but their salary can’t allow them to be financially free.

Some of them are still staying with their families!

These are the advantages of dating older men. They are short but well elaborated.

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Disadvantages of dating older men.

Despite the old men being so romantic, caring, settled, and experienced. They also have their disadvantages. Without wasting time let me get into these cons.

 1. They are Over protective.

You can tell that they are overprotective because of the extreme aspect of care they have. We all agree that is okay to be protected by the people who love you but if it’s too much then this will be a con.

The old men can go to an extent of putting surveillance on their ladies so that they observe any problems that might face. It will even become a problem when a lady goes out alone.

For a lady to go anywhere, she should make sure that she returns home at the allocated time. Delay of the lady even for minutes will make the old man sick and worried. In the normal situations that young men find to be safe an old man will be paranoid.

This is a disadvantage because sometimes people need their own space. I guess everyone is entitled to privacy and the freedom to do what she wants. Overprotective measures might take away this freedom.

2. They are Passive.

An old man will bore you since he is completely passive. If a lady is used to having fun playing games, swimming, dancing, and football then she will be bored completely by an old man.

Old men prefer just sitting on their favorite chairs while reading magazines. I don’t know if this applies to all old men but in my case, old men that I have come across are dormant. They don’t have much to talk about other motivational quotes from their old books.

A lady who is used to nowadays trends she will eventually find that relationship very boring. This is something that those ladies who are into older men have to understand. If you are ready for this then go ahead and find it yourself.

3. Their sexual drive is a bit low. 

You should not expect an old man to drive a lady the way a young man will. Older men are experienced but their sex drive is low. If a lady is used to a bumpy ride then she will lack that excitement.

That is usually naturally, the older a man gets the lower his sexual activities become. He might even fail to fulfill a woman’s sexual desires. This is bad because the lady will eventually look for a person who can fully satisfy her on that intimate side.

It may not be all old men who have these issues but a large number are having this issue. So ladies who are into older men should at least reconsider this before deciding to go for these older men.

4. The older men have wrinkles. 

By this, I  mean that the older men will have wrinkles as the lady is still well maintained with her beauty. Not all might have wrinkles but we know that the man will start to age fast if you compare with the lady.


We have some ladies who will feel ashamed walking with older men with wrinkles—people might believe that she is walking with her grandfather. They may not know that that is somebody’s fiancée.


Furthermore, the touch will be very different when you compare it with the touch of young men. Instead of his touch to arouse a lady, t might turn her down. No hard feelings ladies but these issues are real.


So, ladies who are thinking of choosing to date these older men should understand these advantages.


Now, away from the disadvantages and advantages of dating older men; let us get to our conclusion. You have to understand that everyone makes his or her own choice. Whether a person chooses to date an older man or a younger one, it’s her choice.


You should not start to stigmatize any lady who decided to go for an older man. After all, love has no measure of age. To love age is just a number. What people care about is how this love is perceived. When people love each other to the fullest then there is nothing to get worried about.


Life is too short to restrain yourself. Enjoy the little time you have with anyone you like. Don’t care what the world will have to say about your relationship. People will always say, but those are just their opinions.

Got any questions? Leave your comment below.

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