Letter To My Ex Who Hurt Me (+ Example)



You need to write a letter to your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. It’s very important to do that even he or she won’t read that letter.
I will share with you the importance of writing a letter to your ex. I never thought it was a good idea to write a letter to my ex.
Until I started blogging is when I knew how words can be so powerful. If you use these words correctly they can help you lift a very heavy burden that you have been carrying for so long.
If you feel pain, stressed and unhappy. Try this one day, to take a pen and a paper and write down everything that makes you be in such a situation.
You will eventually find out it eases the pain and the stress you have in your head.
Now let me get back to the letter to an ex. 

Is it good to write a letter to your ex?

It’s not awkward at all to write a letter to your ex. It doesn’t matter who ended the relationship. You can still write it to him or her so that it makes you feel relieved and help you move on too.
It’s good to write a letter to your ex because it helps you to find closure. The same closure is what will help you to move very easily and quickly with your life. As we all know how tough things can get after a break-up.
So, write a letter to your ex. Express everything you feel about the relationship you had with her or him and how it affected you after the break-up.
Mention all the positive and negative things that your ex caused in your life. Writing all this will help you to find closure.
You will finally be able to let go of the past and focus on what you have before you.
It’s not a must that you write the letter and give it to him or her. You can write that letter and read it for yourself loud and after finishing reading it you can decide to burn it.
All this will help you to let go of him or her and the memories that surround your head.


Is it good to have closure with an ex?

It’s good to have closure with your ex if you want to start your life afresh. A life that is fresh free from the past haunting you.
If for instance, you were in a toxic relationship because your ex made it to be, then finding closure will help you to heal the wounds you have.
It’s is good to have closure with your ex because it will enable you to move on easily, forget about the past with him or her easily, start a new chapter of your life and leave behind regrets about breaking up with him or her.
Having closure will help you finalise things. If you broke up just because you all went silent on each other then you owe it to each other for closure.
Furthermore, having closure will make everything clear between the two of you that you have moved on. No one should bother the other about issues of your previous relationship.


Should I write a letter to my ex for closure?

With the all beautiful things that I have shared with you about writing a letter to your ex then you should write it.
If you are asking yourself if you should write a letter to your ex for closure then my answer is YES! Write it for closure because it will help you finalise things with your ex and keep you at ease.
Writing a letter to your ex doesn’t mean that you still want him or her. No one should tell you not to write a letter to your ex for closure.
Write it and relieve yourself from the heavy burden you are carrying in your heart. The hatred, the pain of heartbreak and the regrets. Let them all go with the letter that you will choose to write.



What can I write about my ex?

There is no need for creativity like drawing hearts coloured with a spot of red ink when writing a letter to your ex.
Make it plain, filled with words that carry your pain. 
In this letter about your ex, you can choose to write about how you felt about the relationship, the hopes you had for it, how he/she changed and how he/she hurt you. Get the words deep from your heart and let them on the paper.
What you do here is letting all your pain off that paper. In short, write what you feel bothers you about your ex.
Anyway if you want to know how you can write a letter to your ex then I suggest you go ahead and read this article that I wrote in my other blog, Her Beauty.


The good is that I wrote an example here that will help you to understand how you can structure your letter.


This is an example of a letter to my ex who hurt me; 


“Hey! Hey! Hey! are you reading this letter? I’m repeating the salutation maybe you are still mad at me, maybe the salutations will make you more eager to read what I want to inform you. My ex-girlfriend. 


Your name no longer exists as it was. Your name changed from bae to Ex-girlfriend. You changed it, no did I changed it. We both know better the cause of its change.

When I met you, you made me believe that love was real. You made me believe that I could change the impossible to possible. You made me believe there was paradise on earth.


I never listened when anyone told me that there was also heartbreaks in relationships. It is because you made me believe that is forever. We were so happy together. What happened?

What changed you? Was it peer pressure? Was it because of my status? I really can’t understand why you changed so suddenly. I was so much into you, and you were so much into me. You made me change my life.


You made me change my name. I became a man of responsibility whenever I thought of the kind of life we will have together for some 10 years to come. You made me change my view on most of the things that I came across. You really did have a great impact on my life.




You were my mirror. Whenever I wanted to see what was doing better or doing worst in me, you were always the first person to ask. I never did anything else without talking to you.

I remember you were also pretty good at encouraging me. You made me the better version I’m today. You were so creative when it came to handling me. I never frowned in front of you no matter how much I was annoyed or angry I was. You always made me smile.


My ex-girlfriend, my ex-girlfriend, I’m sorry. I even forgot your name. You took so much from me to remember your name. You deprived me of the peace I had for a long time. I wish I never met you.


I wonder what drew me to you. Was it lust? I really can’t understand why I got so attached to you while I knew your background. My friends told me about you. I thought they were hypocrites, And what I thought is that they just wanted to drive me away from you.  I now regret not paying heed to them.

This is a letter to you, my ex-girlfriend. How many souls did you hurt? How many souls did you capture? You are so beautiful. Your external beauty steals the attention of most men.


I was so stupid to believe that I was in your heart. How could I see the whole of you while I was in your palm? I was blinded by your love. I was too blind to see the lies in front of me. You cheated me several times and you made me believe you didn’t. You made me believe it was real yet it wasn’t.




My ex-girlfriend, this is a letter to you. You took a great part of my heart. You took everything from me. The confidence I had when I was with you is now all in vain. I cried so much.

I have nothing to cry for right now. I wish I had the ability to turn the time around so that I would have never had met you. I can’t turn my heart to you again. 

I know you might even not be thinking of coming back, but when you will be thinking to walk back again then know that the door will be already closed and I would have moved on.

My ex-girlfriend, come back. I really wanna see you. I have something special for you. Something that you will rejoice having you it back. It is your t-shirt that you left under my pillowcase. ”

It’s good to write what you feel about the break that happened. Talk of how it affected you.
There is no need to use vulgar when writing this letter. Make it appropriate for your ex to read. Write the letter in a way that your ex will regret the things he/she did for you.
Anyway, we all at one point in our lives move on.
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