Things To Consider Before Making A Relationship Official

In this article, I will elaborate on things to consider before making your relationship official.


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When to make a relationship official;

1. When you have known each other deeply enough.

Making a relationship official is a very important thing that will take your relationship to the next level.


Below this article, I have shared why you should make your relationship official.


Continue reading to get all the tips you need to know about making a relationship official.


When you want to make your relationship official you have to have known each other deeply enough.


Knowing each other deeply enough will take time but It’s worth it since you won’t put yourself in situations that will make you regret it.


When you have known each other well enough then it’s when you should make your relationship official. Knowing each other well enough will enable you to understand each other easily and handle each other well. It will also help you know if you are compatible with each other.


This is a very important detail in any relationship and when it’s met then there is a chance of the relationship surviving for so long.


2. When you know what you want from the relationship.

Now that you have known each other well enough it’s time to take it to the next step.


This step involves you defining the meaning of your relationship. You have to ask yourselves several questions before you make your relationship official.


These are the questions that will enable you to know what you want from the relationship;

  • Are you willing to stay in that relationship?
  • Is it true love or it’s just lust that drives you?
  • Do you want to take the relationship to the next level?
  • Are you ready to introduce each other to your families?
  • Are you willing to take the relationship seriously?


These are some of the questions that will enable you to know what you want from the relationship.


If it’s not a serious relationship then these questions will be able to help you with the right answers.


When you know what you want from the relationship then it’s the right time for you to make the relationship official. Now, that you know why you are in that relationship then you can choose to take it to the next step.


The moment you know what you want from your relationship then you can surely work on it, thus making you sure of what you are doing in that relationship.


3. When you are all sure about the relationship.

You should make your relationship when you are sure about what you feel for each other.


Don’t just have a one-night stand with someone or get attracted to him or her and think that you deserve each other.


You have to be sure of what you are feeling for each other, ask yourselves, “is it love or it’s just a fantasy that will fade within a few weeks?”


When you are sure about what you feel for each other and you are sure that you really want the relationship and it’s not lust that is driving you then make the relationship official.


Don’t rush in making a relationship official if you aren’t sure of what you feel for each other either don’t rush since you feel the fireworks between the two of you.


4. When you want to take it to the next level.

If you have been dating for a while, let me say for about 5 to 6 months and you feel that you have to take a step forward then this is the time when you should make your relationship official.


Before you make a move to the next level you have to make sure that your relationship is free of complications.


You are on good terms and everything progresses well.


Don’t dare to make a relationship official if you still have issues that are bothering you and you haven’t sorted them out since it will cause pressure that will make you break apart.


When you want to take your relationship to the next level by making a change then you should consider making your relationship official. This is especially when you have been in a relationship for quite a while.


5. When you are ready to settle.

If you feel that you are ready to settle and stick to each other then this is the right time when you should make your relationship official.


People who want to make their relationships official are those who are aware of what they want from each other, are sure of the relationship and are ready to commit.


So, if you feel you are one of these people then I would advise you to make your relationship official.


The moment you realize that you are ready to settle down with each other, stick to each other and commit to the relationship then this is the right time to make your relationship official.


How To Make A Relationship Official;

You can make a relationship official by introducing each other to your families, being engaged and making your relationship status open to everyone. Let the people you love and care about that you are in a relationship.


This is the opposite of a low-key relationship.


All relationships that have a serious agenda should be made official without hesitating. It’s the only way someone might know that that relationship is a serious one.


What does it mean for a relationship to be official?

A relationship to be official means that that relationship has turned from simple dating procedures to a serious relationship. When a relationship reaches this stage is when couples can go to an extent of introducing each other to their families. No dating secretly anymore. They make it public. 


This is what term a relationship to be “Serious relationship” This is the next stage in a relationship that shows couples are seriously ready to indulge themselves in commitment. As we all know dating can’t be that serious when you compare it with a relationship.


Dating is  termed as an unofficial relationship.


So, let’s start with the basics, I will share with you the reasons why it’s important to make your relationship official.


This is why you should make your relationship official;

1. It proves that you are all serious about the relationship.

It’s important to make a relationship official because it shows that you are all ready for it. Being ready for a relationship means that you are all ready for true love and commitment to each other without looking back.


When a relationship is made official it shows that everyone in that relationship is pleased by how love is perceived. You can be dating someone for a while and later on if you realize that he or she is truly serious and into you then you can change that dating status to a serious relationship.


A serious relationship is an official relationship. When a relationship is in such a stage this is when couples can start to think of the relationship goals they want to achieve. This means that the relationship will be long-term.


Putting a relationship behind the veil will never make your relationship thrive. This will only show that both of you are not ready for that relationship. You will only be wasting each other’s time. Nothing can be achieved in unofficial relationships.


2. People around you will respect you.

People will respect you when you make your relationship official. Do you know why they will respect you?


They will respect you because you have proven to them that you are mature enough to make your own decisions.


This is a very important transition in anyone’s life. Standing up and making solid decisions in life that matter to you is very crucial.


It does not only make people around you respect you but also understand that you are no longer the person you used to be. You will be viewed as someone’s man or woman so, the way they will handle you is not the way they used to handle you when you did put your relationship behind the veil.


Very few people can make such kinds of decisions in their lives simply because it takes so much for someone to decide to make a relationship official. Some people break up even before making their relationship official.


As we all know you can’t just wake up early in the morning and decide to make your relationship official. There is so much to be considered before making such a move. That is why when you make such a decision everyone will salute you on that.


3. You will get to know what you want from it.

When you are dating or beginning a relationship with someone it’s very hard to understand what you all want in that relationship. What might be keeping you together are the feelings of attraction and sexual desires.


When relationships are in such a position the only things partners care about are spending time together and having a good cool romance. This might go on for a long time without realizing that you are all wasting time.


Usually, such kind of relationship will reach a point where everyone in it will feel empty. It’s just like driving without a specific destination. That is the time people will start asking themselves of what they are doing in that relationship.


When some find out that there is nothing worth following up in that relationship, they end up breaking up even without notice. I have seen such kinds of relationships. I was in one too when I was in high school.


So, when you make your relationship official you get to know what you are after in that relationship. This is because you have all made a solid decision and you all know that time is flying. With this thought now, you can plan what you want in your relationship effectively.


You will have a clear picture of what to do in that relationship. It will also help you to get to know what matters most to you and you will all focus on building each other than wasting each other’s time.


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4. It will help you to plan for your future.

Yeah! You should always enter a relationship thinking of what you want to achieve from it. This will always help you to build reliable and healthy relationships. We all want a relationship so that we can obtain something great.


Relationship goals are only for the people who made their relationship official. This means that those who made their relationship seriously can plan for their future. They can set their goals and where they want to be after several years.


Though you all have to understand that not all relationships end in marriage, it’s very crucial to put your own goal in a relationship. These goals that you will put in your relationship will help you to be focused on your path.


It will be like a map of your relationship. This will help you to plan better for what you want to achieve in that relationship in the future. This is completely different from those who are just dating for the sake of hooking up.


5. It will help you to build on each other.

This should be everyone’s aim in getting into a relationship. When you all decide to make a relationship official you will have a clear picture of what you want. This will help you all to focus on what matters most in that relationship.


This will be the first step in exploring each other’s weaknesses and strengths. We all have our faults. Sometimes getting into a serious relationship with the right person helps you to identify them.


When your partner identifies them he or she will help you to improve on your weaknesses and make better your strength even ten times better. In this way, you will be building each other on the things that matter.


You all know that you might spend your whole time together, so, you will all find it very important to clear the faults earlier enough so that you all make your relationship better. This is all possible in a relationship that is made official.


When a relationship is still behind bars, no one will care about building one another since you have no idea of what you want in that relationship. You will have your focus on something that doesn’t help you to be at a better stage. Each other’s faults will be the least of your concerns.


What is the difference between dating and being official?

Dating is when you have feelings for each other and you have acted upon them but you haven’t decided what you want with that relationship while being official is when you are certain about what you want in a relationship and you make a step of being engaged.

Let us say that dating is like making out with someone secretly. It may not be a secret but you will never make a move on introducing each other to your families because you all are still figuring it out. You can break up with someone who you have been dating and there will be no consequences for that.


You won’t even feel a thing because you didn’t make it official. Making it official is when you put sacrifice, commitment and all other important things that are required for a relationship to be complete. A relationship that was built on trust, love, sacrifice, and commitment will hurt so badly when it is ruined.


This is because it was officially and everyone was focusing on it while expecting so many positive things from it. Love hurts when you expect so much from it. An official relationship expects much because it is kinda a long-term thing.


How long should you wait to make a relationship official?

You should wait for about 3 to 5 months before you make a relationship official. Furthermore, you have to make sure you have known that person pretty well before you do that. If you haven’t completely known him or her in that period then you can take it up to 6 months. 


People are very different. We have those who are easier to know and understand while others who are very hard to get to know and understand good examples are introverts. If it’s easier to know someone then it should take approximately two to three months before making a relationship official.



This goes for those people who are close to each other. They see each other almost every day. For those who are far from each other the measure of time will be very different.

You will have to take much time to get to know him or her before deciding to make such a decision of making a relationship official.

This is because it will be easier to understand the characters and vibes of a person who is closer to you than the one who is completely far from you.


How do you know when a relationship is official?

You will know a relationship is official when; your partner is committed to it, willing to sacrifice important things just to make sure you are comfortable, he/she might offer you an engagement ring, and he/she won’t hesitate to introduce you to his/her friends and family and he/he will trust you without a doubt.


The above things will just portray that your relationship is official. The other thing is that he or she will treat you like he or she has met you for the first time. The silly jokes and inappropriate actions that he or she used to do to you will gradually decline.


He or she will respect you and do everything possible to please you. This is where he or she will care so much about you. You will be at the top of his or her priorities. Nothing will matter. He or she won’t do anything without asking for your opinion or permission.


This is when everything in the relationship is at its peak. Everyone is focusing on pleasing his or her partner. You should also expect jealousy when your relationship is official. No one wants to share his or her love. Are you willing to share your love with someone while you make much of your effort working out for that relationship?


How many dates before a relationship is official?

You should have at least made 5 dates before you make your relationship official. With this number of dates, you would have known if you are good for each other or not.

On the first date that you may have with him or her, its main aim should be to know each other better. The first date is all about asking and answering questions so that you get a clue about the kind of person you are about to date.

Use the first date to know the kind of person you are about to make it official with. Don’t rush things up.


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On the second date that you will have with him or her use it to understand him or her deeply. Get into details here, if it’s possible ask him or her personal questions and share your story to let him or her open up. With this, you can understand each other better.


On the third date, you will be used to each other. You can have fun doing things that you both enjoy doing. In this way, you will be able to identify the things that he or she likes and dislikes. With the activities, you will get connected.


The third date that you will have will be the appropriate time for you to make everything open to each other. You should ask yourselves why you are making all these dates. It will be up to you to make either make the relationship or end it.


If the above procedure of the four dates doesn’t work for you, don’t jump into a serious relationship. Take as many dates as you want. I’m sure this will not work for all.

All that time will enable you to get to know him or her better so that when you make it official you actually have an idea of what you are doing.


Does status matter in a relationship?

Yes! relationship status matters so much. This is because it shows the progress you have all made in your relationship. It conveys how serious you all are in that relationship. It also prevents the waste of time on the wrong things in the relationship.


So, when you are dating someone, don’t just date for the sake of dating—just a mere hookup! Make something that is valuable and reliable if you are into that person.

Don’t get in a relationship and two years later you look back and start regretting the many opportunities and time that you wasted in an unofficial relationship.


If he/she doesn’t want to make it official just know that he may be having very different attention from yours. He or she might just be intending to use you and dump you when he or she eventually gets what he or she wants.

People with such intentions are usually afraid to make things official because they don’t want commitments.


To wrap it up, making a relationship is very important because it aids you all in where to put your focus. It’s also very important to consider the person you want it, official, with before making a move.

If he or she doesn’t want to make it official or if he or she shows signs that she or he isn’t ready to make it official then just walk away.


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