How To Make Your Relationship Better

 All relationships go through hardships but they always get better over time if you know how to make it better. If you are facing challenges in your relationship you don’t have to worry about that. 


You need to find the courage to move on because every challenge that we come across in our relationships gives us the strength to achieve even better things for our relationships. 

Will my relationship get better?

Your relationship will get better over time if you don’t give up fighting for it. Everyone faces challenges in their relationships but later on things usually get better than before. The problems you face in your relationship will not weaken your relationship but make it stronger. 


You have to understand that you are not the only one facings challenges in your relationship. Take a look at your favourite couple. 


Do you think their relationship is a walk in a park? Do you think they don’t face challenges as you do? 


You can’t run away from the challenges that you face in your relationship. If you want your relationship to get better then you have to face the challenges with your partner and try to find a possible solution to solve them. 


Here is an article from my other blog Her Beauty that talks of the top common challenges and how you can manage them. Don’t fail to read it if you want to know your way out of these challenges so that you can make your relationship better. 


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Do relationships get better over time? 

Relationships do get better over time if people put focus on making them better. If you stay committed to your relationship and aim at achieving the best out of it then it will get better over time. Give it your best effort and time and it will be better. 


If your relationship is having an issue it doesn’t mean that it will remain the same. As people say, “You can’t have a rainbow without drizzles.”


Your relationship can get better over time you don’t have to give up on trying to make it better. 


You have to have hope and be optimistic about your relationship getting better.

How can I make my relationship better? 

We all can change something in any way we want it to be. As long as you are still alive and energetic you can turn anything around of you wish. 


This means that you can make your relationship better if you do the right things. 


So, let me talk about these things that you can do to make your relationship better. 


You can make your relationship better by;


1. Understanding your partner. 

Understanding is one of the aspects that can help a couple to solve any problems in their relationship. Many fail to understand the power that this aspect has when it comes to working out problems in a relationship. 


If you want to make your relationship better learn to understand your partner in and out. Get to know everything that makes him or her happy and things that annoy him or her. Find ways in which you can connect with him or her when no one else can. 


He or she is your partner and you can achieve this because he or she trusts you. 


Take your time to understand your partner’s needs and know how you can make attain them so that you make him or her happy. 


Try to understand why he or she says no to some of the things that you might recommend for him or her without raising your voice on him or her. 


Get to know what makes him or her tickles. Try the best you can to know your partner in every way that no one else can. 


If you can manage to do this then you will be a step ahead of making your relationship better. 


To find someone who understands you and loves you for who you are it’s very rare nowadays. 


People fail to understand each other because of the rush in relationships without getting to know each other. That is why this aspect of understanding very few of the couples have it. 


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 2. Communicate with your partner frequently. 

You will not make your relationship better if you will fail to maintain the communication between the two of you. 


Communication matters a lot in a relationship and without it, many relationships end up failing.


There is an article I wrote in Her Beauty that was talking about this aspect of communication. 


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The more you communicate with your partner the more you understand each other and get connected. 


It’s only through communication in which couples can get to know what matters most in their relationships. 


You will never know what your partner wants without communicating with him or her. As we all know a relationship is all about sharing. If this can’t be achieved do you think a relationship will stand a chance of surviving? 


So, if you want to make your relationship better then maintain your communication with your partner. 


Call your partner, text him or her or have a face-to-face conversation even if there is nothing important to talk about. 


3. Spend more time with each other. 


This is something else you should do if you want to make your relationship better. You have no choice but to spend time with each other. 


If you decided to start that relationship then spending time with each other should never be out of the equation. 


A relationship will never work out if you won’t spend time with each other. Even those who are in a long-distance relationship; if they fail to spend time with each other that relationship will eventually collapse. 


So, time is a very important aspect in a relationship that can make a relationship move from nothing to something. 


Use your time effectively with your partner. Maximize it if you have it on your table because that can make your relationship better in a way that you have never imagined. 


People need to feel loved and appreciated. This can only happen if people they love are always available for them whenever they need them. 


Sacrifice your time for the person you love even if it’s a minute it can make a difference. 


The more time you have with your partner the more your partner will feel valued and wanted. 


When you do this then you will make your relationship better and make it very strong. 


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4. Appreciate the weaknesses of your partner and help him or her improve them. 

Don’t make your partner feel bad about his or her situation if you want to make your relationship better. Never try to undermine your partner in any way. 


Make your partner feel worthy of being around you. I don’t recommend you even to make jokes about his or her weaknesses. 


You might think that it’s not a big deal with the kind of words you chose to say to him or her but it makes him or her feel so sorry about himself or herself. 


We all have weaknesses. Don’t think that you don’t have one. So, instead of criticizing your partner and belittling him or her on his or her weaknesses try your best to help him or her improve. 


If your partner doesn’t know how to dress, then don’t start making fun of him or her. 


Help him or her pick the best clothes that suit him or her. 


Appreciate your partner’s weaknesses and don’t treat him or her like he or she wants to be fixed. 


Avoid treating your partner like he or she is an item to be fixed because of the weaknesses that she or he has. 


This will make him or her feel bad about himself or herself. And you won’t be helping him or her in any way but making things even worst. 



So, if you want to make your relationship better keep this in your mind and implement it in your relationship. 


5. Treat your partner the way he or she wants. 

treat your partner nicely if you want to make your relationship betterTreat your partner the way he or she wants to be treated without questioning him or her if it doesn’t affect his or her health or mess up with your relationship. 


Treating someone the way he or she wants is doing everything that she or he likes and avoiding doing the things that she or he hates. 


The way you want to be treated, treat your partner the same way. 


Treating your partner nicely and starts from words to actions that you do before him or her. 


How can I treat my partner nicely and better?


 You can treat your partner by speaking politely to him or her without raising your voice on him or her. 

  •  You can treat your partner nicely by being kind to him or her. 
  •  You can treat your lover better by being an understanding partner to him or her. 
  • You can treat your partner nicely by respecting his or her decisions. 
  • You can treat your partner better by being available for him or her whenever she or he needs you around. 
  •  You can treat your partner nicely by appreciating everything he or she does for you even if it’s a little thing. 
  •  You can treat your partner nicely by complimenting him or her every time. 
  •  You can treat your partner nicely by contributing something positive to things that he or she cares about. 
  •  You can treat your partner better by responding to his or her questions without ignoring him or her no matter how busy you may be. 


All in all, treat your partner in a way that you would want to be treated. Avoid the things that she or he told you to avoid and do things that he or she wants you to do for him or her. 


It’s just simple like that and you can make your relationship better. 


6. Give your relationship time to develop, better relationships take time to be developed. 

If you want your relationship to be better you have to be patient and put your commitment into it for it to be in the state that you want it to be. 


Better relationships aren’t developed overnight. You have to put the effort into that relationship and give it your complete devotion. 


You will have to invest your feelings and emotions in one person and stick completely to that one relationship. 


No matter the challenges you face in that relationship, you should never give up on that relationship if you want it to be better. 


Don’t look at couples who celebrate their anniversary and think that reaching such a point was just because of pointless communication and irregular dates. 


It took them time, pain, and happiness to be where they are today. 


My final thoughts. 

Your relationship will get better if you do the right things in developing it. You have to be patient and optimistic about it without giving up. 


You never know that the point that you are about to give up on it is when you were about to succeed at making it better. 


Do your effort in making it better and your partner will realize that you are trying and he or she will eventually help you on making it easier for you. 


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