Why Can’t Men Stick To One Woman (+ how to make them stick)

If you ask me, why men can’t stick to one woman, I will tell you that not all men have the habit of moving from one woman to another.


In most cases, men can’t stick to one woman due to several reasons. Among these reasons are the ones that make these men end up cheating on their women.


So before I go deep on these reasons why men can’t stick to just one woman I would to explain something.


Nowadays, it’s very hard to find a loyal man if you have managed to get one stick with him.


Most men never have their hearts and eyes constantly in one place. This is what makes them not stick to one woman.


Though, we have those who are loyal and real. No matter what happens they will always stick with one woman.


In most cases, these are the men who know what they want in their lives.


Let me start by giving you the reasons why men can’t stick to one woman so that you can understand deeply to keep your man hooked up with you.


Why men can’t stick to one woman

1. They don’t know what they want

To be honest, if a man doesn’t know what he wants from a woman, he will never stick with her.


For a man to settle with one woman he has to know what he is looking for from a woman.


This is the thing that will make him stick with that woman no matter what happens.


The moment a man realizes what he wants from a woman then he will go for the right woman.


The right woman I’m talking about here is the woman that has qualities that the man desires. Every man has something that he looking for in a woman.


It’s just the way a woman falls for a man she has to see some features that she finds amazing.

Once, a man identifies what he is looking for in a woman then he will not have the habit of jumping from one woman to another.


He will first check the right one and go for her, thus sticking to her.


2. They are used to jumping from one woman to another.

This is one of the reasons why men can’t stick with one woman. They are used to the act of moving from one woman to another.


Some find it cool doing it. Do you know what I heard from my closest buddies who used to do that?


They told me that moving from one woman to another instils them with skills of handling women better.


At some point, I can say it’s true. This is because the more relationships you get yourself in you will get to know how exactly to handle different women of different characters.


Though, I agreed with the point of them getting skills I also told them to stop doing that because they already have the skills.


Another thing is that it’s not right to play with someone else’s feelings for the sake of learning.


They told me that they are used to doing that so sticking to one woman will be an issue for them.


I remember there was a day my friend told me that he feels the urge of cheating yet he has a partner. It’s like an addiction to him and he can’t control it.


So, those who are used to cheating will never find it easy to stick to one woman.


3. If they find another woman who is better than the one they have.

This is something very hard to resist. If a man finds another woman who is better than the woman he currently has then it will not be easy for him to stick to the woman he has.


Try to put yourself in these shoes. Let’s say you find someone else who is better than your current partner.


He or she has amazing vibes, she or he is confident enough, he or she is smart, he or she has this energy that you have never perceived from your partner, and he or she is damn funny and crazy in a good way.


Will you be able to let go of this kind of person if your current partner has none of these characteristics?


Sometimes for a man to stick with one woman it’s not just about love. There are so many things that can make a man shift his interest from the woman he currently has to someone else.


Very few tiny details like the way a man is treated, the way his woman talks to him, the way his woman respects him and so many other factors.


So, it’s a clear thing if a man gets another woman who is so much better than the current woman he has then he will go to another woman.


4. They are looking for the best connection.

For your relationship to last, you have to make sure the person you choose to enter a relationship with feels the same way you feel about him or her.


The best relationship is not based on how you match with each other, how cute you look together, the kind of work you do together, and how people talk about you but it is based on how you guys are connected with each other.


This connection is the one that involves how you feel about each other.


Do you feel sad when your partner is sad too? Do you feel the pain if your partner feels it too? Do you all feel that you can’t do without each other despite the time you have been together?


So, when men find a woman with whom they feel that they are connected in a way that outdoes the connection they have with the current woman, then they will move to this woman with who they feel they are connected in a great way.


5. If they feel that the relationship they have will never work.

If you have the feeling that the current relationship you have with someone will never work, will you stick around waiting for it to hurt you?


The first thing you might try to do is to find a way of making it work so that you can save it or you will end up leaving that relationship.


The moment you feel that the relationship with someone is on the verge of failing, you will eventually know.


So, if a man notices that the woman who is in a relationship with is not serious about that relationship then he will just leave her and go for another woman.


There are so many things that when a man sees in a woman he has he knows exactly how that relationship is going to end.


The moment he senses the danger that the relationship is about to fail or it’s not working then he will move to another woman.


Can a man be faithful to one woman forever?

A man can be faithful to one woman forever if he gets what he desires from her. The moment a man is contented with how is treated and loved, the woman supports him in every situation, she brings something to the table and she keeps maintaining her beauty, then he will be forever faithful to her.


When a man has no reason to doubt his love for you and he finds you amazing then his loyalty will be based on you.


All in all, contentment is what makes a man stick to one woman. No matter how much a woman might love a man but if he isn’t gratified with what he receives then he will not be faithful to one woman.


Can a man love only one woman?

A man can love only one woman and invest all his feelings and what he has in one woman. The moment a man has his trust in one woman then he can love her unconditionally and never leave her unless the woman screws it up. Trust can do this.


I’m a man and I have experienced this in my relationship journey. If you have trust in a woman and you feel that she trusts you back the way you do then you will give everything you got that woman.


If you have a single doubt about her trust then it will be very hard for you to give everything to that one woman. You will look for a side chick and keep her on pending in case things in the current relationship get messy.


Can a man stay with one woman?

A man can stay with one woman if he feels that he is completely comfortable and pleased with what he gets from that woman. Not all men are cheaters we have those who get satisfied with what they get from one woman. I can say it’s all about contentment.


Most men prefer women to be super amazing so that they can stick with them. Even ladies do think that for men to stick with them they have to be perfect.


What I can tell you is that a lady doesn’t have to be perfect for a man to stick with her. Men love ladies who are real in their characters. The women can stand on their own without copying someone else’s identity.


So, if a man loves a woman for who she is, then he can stay with her no matter if her beauty changes in the future.


What causes a man to leave a woman?

This is what causes a man to leave a woman; when a man finds another woman who is better than the current one, if a woman doesn’t meet his expectations, if the woman doesn’t satisfy him sexually, if the woman keeps on annoying him and if the woman is a cheater.


When a man doesn’t get what he expected from a woman then he will eventually leave her. This is just the same case when you want to purchase a machine for instance a compressor. If it doesn’t meet your expectations will you continue using it?


Sex is something else that can cause a man to leave a woman. I talked about this in the recent article;


So, if a man isn’t satisfied sexual with the current woman that he is dating then he will leave her for another woman who can satisfy him efficiently.


What can make a man stick to one woman?


This is what can make a man stick to one woman;


1. If he is treated the way he wants.

The moment a man is treated in the way that he desires from the woman he is currently in a relationship with then he will stick with her.


This cuts across all relationships and everyone.


You will only stick with a person who treats you the way you want and adds more to the positive treatment.


How you are treated by the person you are dating determines whether you will get the happiness you need or not.


It’s obvious that you will not stick with someone who doesn’t give you the happiness you deserve.


If a man is treated in a way that he finds uncomfortable and keeps on annoying him and turning him off then he will move to another woman.


So, how he is treated by a woman he loves determines if he is going to stick with her or leave her for another woman.


2. If he gets unconditional love.

The moment a man is loved in a way that he feels that no one else will be able to love him the way he is loved by the current woman then he will definitely stick with the one woman.


Love is the chain that holds everything in line after trust giving the relationship the desired foundation.


Unconditional love can make a man stick with one woman. The love that comes without limits, without doubts, without questions, and a love that comes without a struggle.


No man will stick with a woman who doesn’t know how to love, a woman who always questions the feelings of the person she loves.


So, unconditional love can make a man stick with one woman forever.


3. Understanding the nature of a woman.

A woman who has an understanding nature every man will prefer sticking to. This is something very significant that aids relationships.


If you don’t understand each other in a relationship it will never work out.


If a man feels that he has a woman who understands his needs and knows how to channel what she understands in a way that can help him positively then he will stick with that woman.


A relationship between people who understand each other deeply is likely to survive many challenges compared to a relationship between people who don’t understand each other.


Every man will stick with a woman who understands him when no one doesn’t. This is what will make a man stick with one woman.


For people to understand each other that deeply in a relationship it will take time. This can never happen overnight.


So, when a man imagines starting a new relationship with someone else until it reaches the stage of her understating him then he will prefer sticking to one woman.


4. If the woman supports him and builds him.

A healthy relationship is one in which couples build and support each other and build each other. So, if a man finds a woman who supports and builds him then he will stick to her.


Every man has an ambition of moving from one step to another. This is usually not that easy in life as we all know it.


So, the moment a man finds a woman who can help him to move from one step to another then he will never let go of that woman.


Most men will stick with women who are ambitious and supports them no matter the financial state they are in.


Having a person who can help you to take a step even if you find it impossible to move then is such a great thing.


No one will ever think of letting go of such kind of a person.


If a man gets a woman who supports and builds him then this can make him stick to this one woman.


A woman who doesn’t look down upon the financial struggle of her man, instead he helps him even financially when she has the capability. This is the kind of woman any man will stick with.


5. The creativity of a woman.

No man will stick with a woman who is boring. This is one of the reasons that make men move to another woman.


So, if a man finds a woman who is creative and always comes with amazing things to add a spark to the relationship and add excitement then this man will stick with this woman.


Every man will stick with a woman who makes his days super funny. Men like women who have energy.


The energy of making things look brighter even if they are dimmer. Creativity is what keeps the relationship glowing; it’s also the only thing that keeps the love growing over time.


The creativity of a woman when it comes to planning awesome things in the relationship when it comes to choosing the outfits of his man (which can be among the relationship goals) and many other things are what can make a man stick with one woman.


To conclude, if a man gets what he wants from a woman and is contented with it, he will definitely stick with that woman.


You can’t force a man to stick with a woman if he isn’t willing.


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