Do Some Guys Hide Their Feelings When They Like You?

Guys have the tendency of hiding their feelings from the girl they like. There is a reason behind this. I will share with you why men do that.


Do some guys hide their feelings when they like you? 

Some guys will hide their feelings when they like you especially when they are afraid of how you will respond to what they feel about you. Some guys will do so because they aren’t that confident enough to express what they feel for you. There is more to it, just continue reading.

When a guy hides his feelings from a girl that he likes you might come up with so many conclusions as to why he does that.


Some might say that the guy is shy or not confident enough to express himself before the girl.


There is more to that than just issues of confidence and shyness.


Guys do hide their feelings when they like a girl because they are afraid of how the girl might react to it. Everyone is always afraid of rejection. So, a guy will have to protect how his feelings might end up turning the relationship between him and the girl.


Let me say the guy finds the girl to be so amazing and he has known her for a short period. Even if he has feelings for her he will have to hide them in order not to ruin the friendship that they might be having.


There are some guys out there; some are even my closest friends. They ruined everything because of revealing what they felt to girls who weren’t psychologically ready to receive such kind of information.


So, before a guy reveals his feelings to a lady he has to measure the situation of the lady and assess if it is the right time for him to reveal what he feels for her.


Some guys will also hide their feelings from a lady they know that they can’t manage to have.


Every man knows the kind of a lady he can manage. Since feelings and your heart doesn’t choose according to your requirements you might end up finding yourself falling in love with someone you can’t manage.


So, when this happens to a guy and he finds that he can’t truly manage the woman financially, sexually and in many other areas where couples need to help each other on growing then he will prefer not to show what he feels for that lady.


He will hide his feelings because he knows that there will be no need for him to convey them. After all, they will not get a positive response.


Why Does A Guy Hide His True Feelings For A Girl?

A guy will hide his true feelings for a girl when he is scared of being hurt, is afraid to express what he feels for that girl, when he is not confident enough and when he thinks the girl will look down upon him.


Why guys don’t express their feelings?

Guys don’t express their feelings sometimes because they feel that if they portray what they feel to anyone, people will eventually discover their weakest points and use them to manipulate them. The other thing is the fear of the unknown that prevents guys from expressing their feelings.


We also have those guys who find it weird to share or express what they feel. They tend to think that finding a way to deal with what they feel is the best way to solve their issues.


This will make things hide what they feel and keep on moving with life.


The other thing is that we have those guys that have trust issues even with their partners but they will never reveal that they do have trust issues.


We all know how a relationship might end up when someone tells you that he or she doesn’t trust you. The truth is a relationship without trust will never work out.


Other guys will not express what they feel because they feel their actions convey what they feel.


We have people who are not good at expressing what they feel. They completely lack a definite way of expressing what they feel.


So, if they have no idea of how they should express their feelings then they will decide not to do so.


Signs that a guy is hiding his feelings.


In this part, I will share with you some of the indications that will enable you to know when a guy is hiding his feelings from you.


There are always signs that you will notice when a man is struggling to keep his feelings hidden from someone he is in love with.


Signs a guy is hiding his feelings for you;


1. He will pretend not to care about you.

When a man has feelings for you and he doesn’t want you to know that he has a thing for you, this is probably the first thing he will do.


He will pretend that he completely hates you. He will do things in a way that he portrays that he doesn’t care about you.


He will just act like you don’t exist even if you are next to him. Furthermore, he may even start to put a show on you; doing things even to embarrass you before your friends yet some past few weeks or days he was really close to you.


A man will do all this to make you think that he hates you so much and he doesn’t want anything to do with you.


If he doesn’t want you to know that he has feelings for you then he will not treat you in a way that you will realize he does.


When men have feelings for someone they tend to be nice to him or her so that they can get a chance to express what they feel.


If you find that someone has totally changed and he treats you weirdly but in the last past few days he was treating you cool; then this means that he is hiding something from you.


This is a sign that he is hiding his feelings from you.


2. He will make himself someone he isn’t.

This is something else he will do if he wants to hide what he really feels from you. It’s one of the signs.


The best way to completely keep your feelings away from someone is to put a mask on. When you put a mask on your face people will only see the mask but they will not be able to see your real face.


They will not be able to see the real you since you have a mask of a smiling face on you.


This is what a guy would do if he wants to hide his feelings from someone he is in love with.


The moment you be yourself in front of someone you like, you will search for a way to do your best to please that person.


Being yourself is all about being real in everything that stands in your way.


So, when a man has feelings for a girl, he will pretend to be someone else he isn’t if he trying to hide his feelings.


He might try to copy someone else’s identity so that he hides what he really feels.


3. He will start to be away from you yet he used to be close.

This is another sign that you will come across when someone is hiding his feelings from you.


If he was used to being close to you, most of the time and he later realized that he has feelings for you and that he doesn’t want you to notice then he will start to be far away from you.


He will start to keep his distance from you which is one thing that he never did. So, when you notice this then this might be one of the signs that he is hiding his feelings from you.


This is what I would do if I want to hide my feelings from someone I’m really in love with.


Being so far away from someone you have feelings for is a very good way of you hiding what you feel for him or her.


When you are far from someone you won’t have to encounter the awkwardness when you stare at each other, the constant unintentionally touches that will be happening and so many other things that people might do when they have feelings for each other.


Keeping a distance will make it hard for someone to notice if you really have feelings for him or her.


So, this is what a guy who wants to hide his feelings from a lady will do.


4. His conversation with you will change.

This is one of the signs that you will notice when a guy tries so hard to hide his feelings away from a lady he likes.


We all know that communication is what strengthens the relationship and that many relationships will never survive without communication.


If he used to talk with you so much you will find that decreasing. This is because if he will continue talking to you the same way he used to then he might find himself telling you things that he never wanted to.


It’s just like the way you feel when you are talking to someone whom you have hidden so much from and you have kept so many secrets from, do you think you will feel free before him or her?


It will definitely be hard for you to feel free in the conversation with him or her because you will be constantly holding yourself not to speak the wrong words.


This is exactly the same situation as a guy who hides his feelings from a lady he will find himself on.


The other thing is that if he used to open up to you and share so much about his plans and what he intends to do in his life then his conversation will never go that deeper again.


He will keep the conversation short and he will only talk to you when it’s necessary.


5. He will rarely spend time with you.

If you want to hide what you feel from someone the first thing you will prefer to do is spend as little time as possible being around that person.


This is one of the things that a man who wants to hide his feelings from you will do. If he used to spend so much time with you that will start changing gradually.


He will start to decrease the time he used to spend with you until you he completely spends no time with you.


The main reason why he will rarely spend time with you is that; the more you spend time with someone the more you all get connected and if you end up being connected to someone you will eventually end up finding yourself revealing what you feel for him or her.


So, if he keeps on being close to you will eventually bond with you and your relationship will grow. You have to know that this is not something that he is willing to do because he wants to hide his feelings from you.



He will rarely spend time with you so that to avoid opening up to you. Furthermore, being away from you will make you think that he doesn’t care about you and that is exactly what he wants you to believe.



Can a man just turn his feelings off?

A man can’t just turn his feelings off the only thing he can do is ignore what he feels. Men are pretty good at ignoring their feelings. They will pretend they don’t care about what they feel but the truth is that they really do feel them like anyone would.


Men might pretend that they feel nothing but the truth is that when they are alone everything opens up.


Most men think that opening on to what they feel before a lady will be determined as a weakness. This is especially for men who have pride and have been showing themselves before people as strong individuals.


They wouldn’t want to destroy the reputation they created before these people. So, a man can’t turn off his feelings he will only ignore them.


To sum it up, if a guy hides his feelings from you he is actually afraid of how you may react to them or finds it not the right time to reveal what he feels for you. He will keep hiding them until when he is eventually ready to spill the truth.


If you notice someone hiding his feelings from you, don’t keep on pushing him or her to be open to you. Let him or her do so when he feels comfortable doing it.


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