Why Men Who Move Too Fast in Relationships

Most men have the habit of moving too fast in relationships. If you have no idea why men like to move too fast in a relationship stick with me I’m going to spill everything you need to know.


First, you have to know that moving too fast in a relationship it’s not recommended. This is because the relationships that move too fast end up falling very terrible.


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So, if a man moves too fast in a relationship there is a reason behind that. Some of these reasons might be good while others are so bad.


This is why some men move too fast in relationships;


1. They are too desperate.

During desperate times anyone can make desperate decisions. If a man has been searching for a strong romantic relationship and he hasn’t found the one that he desires then he will end up being hopeless.


When a man is in this situation and he comes across any lady who shows him that he is interested in making out then he will never waste any time trying to think it through or trying to get to know that lady.


This is because he knows that if he wastes any time he might end up losing her and he will continue to be single again for a while without luck.


So, no man will be wishing to let go of such a chance because it will never happen twice. This is what makes men find themselves moving too fast in relationships without even thinking about it.


Do you know that when a man is desperate he will rarely think but fight for anything that will come before him?


There is no alternative but to move fast in a relationship.


2. They are driven by lust.

If a man is driven by lust he will never think twice if he wants to be in a relationship with any girl.


We all know that lust is all about sexual desires but not love. So, when a man’s priority is sex then he will never think twice.


The only thing he will be after is to have sex with that lady so, taking the relationship fast is what he will be thinking about.


Men know that if he will be able to take the relationship fast they will end up getting what he wants in a very short time without struggling.


This is a habit for those men who are players. Players will never take a relationship slowly because if they do that they will be wasting time and the risks of getting caught up In the process by the other ladies that he cheating on.


So, lust will never allow a man to take a relationship slow. You will find such kinds of men focused on the intimate part so much to an extent they will be leaving important parts of the relationship out of any conversation.


Their texts will always be talking about sex with you to make you think that they are romantic but their target is to get you in bed.


3. When they find you so attractive and they feel insecure.

When you come across these kinds of men who are always insecure due to their low self-esteem and lack of courage they will always move too fast in relationships.


This is especially if a man finds you so attractive—not comparable to any kind of ladies he had and he feels that you are way out of his league he will start to feel insecure.


He will feel insecure because he might think that you might change your mind anytime and end up with someone else because they find themselves not good enough for you.


So, with such kind of reasoning, these men will move too fast in relationships to prevent this from happening.


They know that wasting time trying to figure out the map of the relationship might make you change your mind and end up dumping them.


So, when a man finds you incredible amazing he will never think of taking that relationship slow.


4. When they have intentions of manipulating you.

When a man has the intention of manipulating you in a relationship he will never waste time letting you realize what he is after.


Men are incredibly smart, they know that if they take the relationship too fast you might not figure out the kind of people they are thus giving them a chance to manipulate you whenever they want.


It’s completely true that the more time you spend knowing someone the more you will get to get to know everything about him or her.


If you rush into a relationship with him or her then you will never get to know the kind of person he/she is.


So, if a man wants to get you in a relationship for him to benefit himself then he will use take that relationship too fast to blindfold you.


You might end up thinking that he is too much in love with you which is why he doesn’t want to waste any moment but the only reason is that he might want to use you.


5. When they are too much excited about the relationship.

When men are too much excited about the new relationship they have come across they usually forget to think about everything that matters but they focus on their happiness only.


This is a situation that sometimes I find myself in. If I come across a lady who is so beautiful and she seems so much interested in me I will be so much excited about it.


This happens because nowadays it’s very rare to find a beautiful girl who is so much interested in you and you have never met before.


When this happens I’ll find myself jumping into that relationship so first without even thinking.


So, if a man is so much excited about meeting someone new with whom they have an interest in each other then he will move too fast in that relationship.


Sometimes men are very afraid to let go of the excitement they feel about that relationship. They usually think if they give the relationship too much time it will end up getting ruined because the excitement will fade away.


What is considered moving too fast in a relationship?

A relationship is considered to move too fast when people have known each other for a very short time and they claim that; they are in a serious relationship, introduce each other to their families, have so many dates in a week and get intimate within the first week of their relationship.


For instance, you have known someone for about one week and you are already thinking of making the relationship official by introducing each other to your families.


This is so moving too fast in a relationship. For people to make a relationship official they first have to determine if the relationship is going to work or not.


For anyone to find that it will have to take so much time. Furthermore, you can’t have a serious relationship within the first week that you have known each other. You will only be kidding yourself because it will never work out.


The other thing is having sex within the first week of your relationship. There are people doing it. You have to know this is considered moving too fast in your relationship.


Though, we have people who find it normal but first sex in a relationship has to be considered special for that relationship.


It has to be planned in a perfect way so that it makes an amazing memory for the couples. Those people who find sex a joke will never think of this.


If you have met that special person and he or she is the person you have always needed in your life no need to rush to get each other in bed. Explore the beauty of each other and know much of each other before reaching such a point.



Is it a red flag if a guy moves too fast?

When a guy moves too fast in a relationship that might be a red flag; this is because if he truly loves you and he wants to spend the rest of his days with you why does he rush into that relationship? So, if a guy moves too fast take caution.


You have to find the reason why he is moving too fast on you. If he doesn’t make it clear to you then he might have negative agenda with you.


Though, sometimes guys move too fast because they are too much excited about having you in their lives and they can’t wait to feel the compassion of love you have for them. It’s not always a negative scale factor whenever a guy moves too fast in a relationship.


Whenever you feel there is something strange about him moving too fast on you then you will have to trust your instincts.


To sum it up, if a guy moves too fast in a relationship and you find it fine with you then there is no need to question it. The moment you find it not feeling right then take your time and reevaluate the relationship.


Otherwise, it’s not all men who move too fast in relationships have negative intentions with you.


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