My Girlfriend Has No Friends Or Hobbies: Do This

If your girlfriend has no friends or hobbies then this is something you can help her change. In this article, I will share with you several things you can do when your girlfriend has no friends or hobbies.


If this is something you want to change in her then stick with me till the end to find several tips that you will use.


The moment your girlfriend has no friends or hobbies this means you will have a hard time handling her.


Do you know why I’m saying that?


She will want so much of your attention and trust me, no matter how much you love her, you will never be able to give her your attention 24/7.


The next effect is that she will be emotionally dependent on you and this will end up affecting you negatively in that relationship.


So, it will be better if your girlfriend gets to have friends and hobbies, these are the things that will occupy her sometimes and she will never seek too much of your attention.


With that much said, let me share with you what you need to do.


What to do when your girlfriend has no friends or hobbies;

1. Go out frequently with your girlfriend.

If your girlfriend has no hobbies or friends then you should start the habit of taking her out frequently.


You have to understand that if you are dating and you are always spending your time indoors then your girlfriend will never be exposed to different environments.


She will on be used to you and she will never feel comfortable hanging out with anyone else.


So, if you want your girlfriend to be comfortable making friends then start by taking her out frequently.


This will help her explore different things and she might even develop a hobby.


The amazing thing that I recommend you to try is to start travelling with her if you have exhausted exploring your town.


Travel with her to different countries and meet different people and explore new places.


This is something that will open your girlfriend’s eyes. The more you keep exploring the more she will be open to different activities.


Of all the activities you will do with her she might end up loving one.


And that will be her new hobby. So, if you want your girlfriend to have hobbies then you should expose her to different activities.


She will like a certain activity.


And once she likes a certain activity and she makes it her hobby then she will want to do it.


This means she will have to interact with different people while doing the activity.


This will end up helping her to make friends at the same time.


You would have achieved both things at once.


So, if you know your girlfriend doesn’t have hobbies or friends then make an effort of taking her out frequently.


This is what will help her earn both, friends and hobbies.


2. Take her on several occasions with you.

This is something else you can do when your girlfriend has no friends or hobbies.


After you have been taking her out frequently she will get used to the vibe of going out.


Now that she is comfortable going out with you frequently make a point of taking her on several occasions.


You can decide to go to parties if you are a party guy. Take her to the parties and let her have fun.


This will help her make new friends at the party.


At least give her a space to meet new people and make new friends at the party.


The other thing you can also do is to take her to cultural events.


She will enjoy herself in these events and she might end up liking a certain art from the culture and she may end up being obsessed with doing it or trying it out.


This will help her to have a hobby.


So, make a point of going on different occasions with her and let her have fun and maybe something positive will come out of that.


Let her know that you are taking her to these occasions so that you can have fun.


Encourage her to learn new things on these occasions and this might help her find a hobby and meet new friends.


3. Hang out with her and your friends (Double date).

This is something else you should do if you want your girlfriend to make friends.


You can plan to hang out with your friends and do some activities together.


This is a good way to introduce your girlfriend to your friends and at the same time, your girlfriend might learn something interesting from them.


Ask your friend to bring their girlfriends and go have fun at the beach or in a cottage.


During this double date plan out several activities that you will do with your friends.


This will might help your girlfriend to find a hobby from the activities you will do.


And the activities you will be doing will help your girlfriend to interact with your friends.


And she might end up making your friends her friends.


With a double date, you can achieve all things at once.


Make a point of hanging out with your girlfriend together with your friends.


This might help her make a friend or she might like the activities you might end up doing.


4. Teach her something new that she wants to do.

This is the next thing you can do if you want to help your girlfriend to find a hobby.


Talk to your girlfriend and ask her what she wants to learn.


This will help you to know which things she wants to do the most but she doesn’t know how she is going to do it.


The moment she tells you that she wants to learn how to play the guitar and you know how to play it then you should take your time to teach her.


If you don’t know how to play the guitar then you can choose to go to guitar classes together.


You will be spending more time together which is something positive for your relationship and at the same time your girlfriend will end up getting a hobby.


On the other hand, if she doesn’t know what she wants to learn then you pick things for her.


You can try different things with her.


For instance, you can teach her how to swim and how to skate and if she is an introvert you can teach her how to write, paint and draw.


These are things you can try to teach her and she will eventually find a hobby out of those things.


You just have to be willing to sacrifice your time for your girlfriend.


5. Don’t push her so hard if she doesn’t do any of these.

If you have tried everything but your girlfriend reacts negatively to the things you do then know that she doesn’t want to do them.


She is only not telling you that she doesn’t want to do those things because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.


The moment you have tried everything but your girlfriend still prefers to be in her comfort zone then don’t push her.


It can be that she doesn’t want to do it simply because she is not that type of person.


It will be hard to change someone’s personality.


So, if you don’t see anything working don’t keep forcing her to do different things.


You might end up hurting her.


Love her and accept her the way she is.




If your girlfriend has no friends or hobbies then try to take her out frequently, go on double dates with your friends, teach her new things and take her on different occasions.


These are some of the things that might help her make friends or find a hobby.


The moment you have tried everything and your girlfriend prefers to be the way she is then you will have to let her be.


Don’t force her to be someone she is not. You have to understand that everyone has a different personality.


You should not try to fix your personality into hers. Just appreciate her and love her the way she is.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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