Why He Wants One Night Stand With You

Does he want a one-night stand? You aren’t sure if he is after that or he also needs something more? I’ll try as much as I can to enlighten you about this one-night stand issue.


Some guys’ intentions will only be to get a one-night stand with you. They aren’t in need of a relationship. They are only after sex and that is it.


I know you may be surprised which kind of a woman or a man would prefer going for a one-night stand.


As I keep saying in this blog that relationships aren’t that easy to be handled. That might be one of the reasons why a guy would prefer to go for a one-night stand.


There might be so many reasons why a man would want a one-night stand with a woman. I’ll be elaborating on some of the reasons in this article.


Why he wants you for one night stand;


1. He finds you attractive.

If a guy likes you and finds you so attractive and you have just met at the party it will be hard for him to resist you.


I have never been to a party lately, but I know the vibe that people find. The loud music, the crowd of people, and people dancing, at this point every man who is single will have his eyes on every corner of the house.


So, this is the point where one will set his eyes on someone very beautiful, and since they are all strangers and they both like each other the only thing they will think of is a one-night stand.


This is the case because you can’t meet a stranger at the party and already make a plan for a serious relationship.


Most of the relationships that started this way never last.


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So, the attraction will drive lust in between a man and a woman and this will lead to a one-night stand.


2. He wants only sex from you.

This is another reason why a guy may want a one-night stand with a lady. If a guy has set his eyes and the only thing that hits in his mind is sex then he will make sure he gets it.


These are the men who are pursuers, go-getters—they go for want they want. In most cases, such kinds of men ladies find it hard to resist.


So, the moment when he only wants sex then he will try to impress you and only get the one-night stand.


You will never hear these kinds of guys talking of the future, they will be in the now moment.


They make their time matter for the present time they will have with a lady.


3. He feels lonely.

If a guy feels lonely and has been that way for a while when he gets to meet a lady who seems pretty interested in him then he will make a move.


For this to happen a guy doesn’t have to like a lady. If he is lonely and he sees a chance to lay down a lady then he will go for it.


So loneliness sometimes drives men to go for a one-night stand. When a person stays single for a while and he doesn’t want to be in a relationship then this is something he would do.


If a man is lonely, this means that he hasn’t been able to be intimate with any lady. People do miss sexual contact as everyone misses something that he or she really cares about.


So, if he misses it then he will find a way to make it happen—this will be through a one-night stand.


4. He wants to get rid of stress.

Sex relieves stress and some guys find it cool to do it whenever they are stressed to the edge.


Having a one-night stand with a lady who you haven’t been in touch with that much, usually has different excitement than having it with someone you have been so much in touch with.


It’s usually super awesome. The pleasure that comes from it makes men happy and stress-free.


So, this is one of the reasons why a guy might want a one-night stand with a woman.


What does a one-night stand mean to a guy?

A one-night stand to a guy means; having sex with a woman as a one-time thing with no string attached at all. No strings attached I mean you only do it and you all forget if it has ever happened. This is what a one-night stand means to a guy.


It’s usually that way; a one-time thing and people forget if it has ever happened. Though, to some people, it doesn’t turn out to be that way.


If they did find it amazing and they both liked it then they will keep on doing it. It will eventually become a habit that will be very hard to stop.


I once got myself into that trap that is why I’m saying it is very hard to stop when you find it so awesome.


It’s just like a magnet that keeps getting the two of you attracted to one another. If you see his or her text the only thing that will be ringing in your head will be sex.


How do you know if a guy wants a one-night stand?

You will know if a guy wants a one-night stand by these things; he will be extremely flirty, he will only be talking about the present, he will try so hard to impress you, and he will want to be in a private place with you and he will tell you.


If a guy is in for a one-night stand you will find him the coolest guy ever. He will do all he can to make you get attracted to him sexually.


He will make sure that you are on the same page with him even if you have known him for the first day.


The other thing is that he will not be ready to waste his time. He will use every second he has to make sure that you get into his trap.


If it’s possible he will serve you a glass of wine and champagne. All this is just to make you go crazy about that night and for you to give in to the pleasures.


Other guys will make it clear to you that they only want a one-night stand. These are the guys who are so confident and have no fear of the outcomes.


They will tell you that when they know that you like them. So, if you are attracted to them and you find it no big deal on doing it then you will jump right into it.


Do one-night stands lead to relationships?

One-night stands can lead to relationships if the people who engaged in it like the act. The truth is that attraction usually gets someone to have the urge to have someone which can be termed as “lust”. It’s very possible for lust to turn into love.


If you have lust that keeps on driving you to someone and makes you want more of him or her. It will reach a point whereby it will be impossible to stay a day without seeing him or her.


When this happens then you will start to develop feelings for that person and it will eventually turn into love.


When you love someone you will eventually want to have a relationship with him or her. So, it’s very possible for a one-night stand to lead to a relationship.


How to know if a guy likes you after a one-night stand.

You will know a guy likes you after a one-night stand when;

1. He will never stop talking about what happened.

This is one of the things that you will notice from a guy who likes you after a one-night stand.


He will keep on talking about how awesome was the experience with you. Furthermore, it might be the point of discussion for the first two days when you start being in touch with him.


The truth is that you will never talk about something if you never liked it. You will prefer not to talk about it at all.


This is a habit that men have. If they know that the experience was bad they will rarely talk about what happened. This is because they screwed it up and they are worried about how you will ladies will view them.


So, the moment you find him talking about the one-night stand that he had with you to then this is a sign that he likes you.


2. He will ask you to do it again.

This is something else that will tell you that he likes you. If he asks you to give him again a one-night stand then it means he likes you.


To be honest, if I had a one-night stand with a woman who I never liked; I will not dare to ask her again for it.


The first thing I will do is to cut off the connection with her.


So, when a guy likes you after a one-night stand he will not hesitate to ask you for a second time.


He may not ask it directly but he will do things that will make you realize that he wants you again.


He will flirt with you and ask you out for dates and to an extent, he may buy you some gifts.


He completely knows that if he does that he will make you drawn to him and it will eventually happen again.


3. He will want to know you.

This is another thing that will let you know that he likes you after a one-night stand. He will start to develop an interest in you.


He will want to know you more, he will ask you about your hobbies, what you are doing currently, the kind of guy you would want to date, your favorite meal and so many things that are linked to you.


All these questions will be with the aim of getting to know you more. He will also ask about your family and your background at large.


Knowing someone before making a new relationship is very vital. If you want your new relationship to work out you should consider this.


He will also want to understand you in and out. All this will happen because he likes you now after that one-night stand.


4. He will want to know how you felt about him.

Most men find it hard to discuss the sex they had with a woman if it was a one-night stand.


Talking about how sex was with your bae it’s a pretty easy issue and cools since you have been doing it for a while and you find it fun.


In most cases, when a guy gets a one-night stand with a woman, he will rarely talk about what happened.


If you find that a guy really cares how you felt about him and he asks questions that want clarity of what happened then this is a sign that he likes you.


The main reason he may be asking these questions is to find out your opinion about what you had with him.


If he finds out that you like it then he will make a point of sticking around, and if you make it open to him that you didn’t like then he will ask you what he could have done to improve it.


5. He will want a serious relationship with you.

When he finds out that he felt so contented with the one-night-stand that he had with you then he will make a point of asking you to date him.


If he asks you to be in a relationship with him and make something official then this is a clear thing that shows you that he likes you.


When it reaches a point of someone who you had a one-night stand asking you to make a relationship with him then this means he is so much into you.


Sometimes for guys to stick in a relationship is just by great sex. Great sex can change so many things in a relationship.


Same sex can wreck a relationship. When guys find amazing sex this might be one of the reasons they will prefer to stay in that relationship.


Men do cheat in relationships and one of the reasons that make them cheat is sex.


To wrap it up, you have a choice, whether to go for a one-night stand or to keep yourself off it. You should also not confuse one-night stand and real feelings for love.


If you get them wrong you might end up hurting yourself—thinking that someone loved you yet he was only for a one-night stand thing.


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Can you go for a one-night stand if you are dating already?


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