Why Relationships That Move too Fast Fail (+How To Fix)

Have you ever asked yourself why relationships that move too fast fail? I’ll let you know why these relationships fail. Stick with me to the end.


Relationships aren’t supposed to move too fast. This is a union that requires so much from both people. This means that they will stick with one another for a long period of time.


So, every measure is to be taken before people jump into relationships. It sounds weird when you meet someone on the first day and on the second day, you claim that you are dating.


Are you taking relationships for a game? That is only for those who use a relationship as a game. They will never consider anything before starting it.


In most cases, those people who move into these relationships too fast are those who are new to them. What they know about them is so minimal. A person who has been in relationships for several years he/she probably knows that relationships are unions that take time to build.


So, let me start by elaborating to you why relationships that move too fast fail within a very short period of time.


Let me dive into the points without wasting your precious time.


These are the reasons why relationships that move too fast fail;

1. You are unsure of what you want.

Relationships that move too fast, most of them never work out. Anyway, what is the rush of moving into a relationship so fast? Is the world ending? I wonder.


Anyway, you have to take everything slow, especially when it comes to matters of your heart. Relationships are way much more than what you just think them to be—company, romance, and sex.


Before you jump into a relationship you should know what you want from it. To be honest you can’t know what you want from a person if you have just met for the past five days.


With such a short time there might be so many fishy things going on. Not all people come into your life by accident. Some are usually people who have been referred to you by your ex. You never know. So, take every single step slowly.


You have to know what you want in any relationship that you decide to move in. It might take time for you to realize what you want from someone.


Sometimes what we see in the new people we meet in our lives might be much more than our expectations.


You met someone doing something amazing and you jumped to conclusion that he or she is the one. People do things in the first impression so that they can grab the attention of the crowd.


So, what you might see in someone new you just met might be your expectations or what you want in a person that you would like to date.


You might get enticed by the things he or she does before you and jump too deep into the ocean of relationships. One week later after you are in it, you realize that it was completely the opposite of what you expected from him or her.


So, what happens now? You are already in a relationship with someone you met a few days ago.


You are stuck in it because you made pledges and many promises to stick with him or her. The only choice you will have is to crush that relationship.


What I know is that no one will ever be in a relationship where he or she gets nothing of what she or he thought he or she would get. The happy part of a relationship is to get what you expect. That brings joy and morale to a relationship.


You can even decide to call your ex and break up with him or her for the second because of the excitement you receive in that relationship.


Without getting what you thought you would in a relationship that you moved into first will eventually make you call it off thus that relationship would have failed. That is why moving too first in relationships is not advisable.


2. Lack of knowledge of the person you want to date.

Knowing the person you what to date is very critical; a very important part of every relationship that is about to be built. Why I’m I saying this?


A relationship needs a connection between two people. For a connection to be developed between the couples there has to be knowledge of knowing each other.


Sincerely, you can’t connect with a person you have no idea who he or she is. That will be like missing a person you never met. So, before you move into any relationship you should know that person deeply.


You should know every side of him or her and every activity that he or she involves himself or herself in. I mean everything. In that way, it will be easy for you to love and trust him or her without having doubt about it.


If it’s worth it go the extra mile and get to know his or her background. Do your homework thoroughly on the person you want to date.


Moving too first in a relationship is just like walking blindly on a highway. You will get knocked by cars. So, from what I have explained, you now get why it’s important to get to know the person you want to have a relationship with.


If you have no knowledge of that person the relationship that you just moved to first will fail, and here is why. Your awareness of the person you are dating will help you to control most of the incidents that might come up in the relationship.


Let us say you don’t know him or her completely. You will never know what makes him or her happy and what annoys him.


You will also have no idea of his or her likes and dislikes which are things that aid in maintaining the wellness of a relationship. You might end up in quarrels and fights every single day.


This will happen because you both don’t know each other so you will never understand each other. The more they fight and misunderstandings that might come in between you every now and then will never let that relationship be alive. It will eventually crush it.


A point of advice; never get in a relationship too fast without knowing fully the person you want to date. You never know if he or she is a wanted criminal all over the world.


Maybe you might end up with an alien. Hahaha…don’t get astonished. Aliens exist in movies! I can’t imagine that.


3. The person you might want to move into a relationship with too fast might have different intentions your yours.

This is something you have already known by now if you have been in several relationships for a while. Even those who are just starting to involve themselves in a relationship might have observed this.


Yeah! Maybe observe this from those people who are already dating. I hope you have all had about manipulation or exploitation. This is something that keeps on happening all over the world. The bad thing is that you can’t know easily who is really into you. You can’t know who is a liar either.


You having no idea of who is real and who is fake might be disadvantageous to you. This is because you will be completely in the dark. So, that is why it’s very important to get to know the person you want to date.


This is because the knowledge of you knowing him or her will connect you to know his or her true intentions.


So, how can this make a relationship that you moved in too fast to fail? As I said earlier if you don’t know someone’s intentions you will never know his or her true agenda when he or she is in a relationship with you.


You might have indulged yourself in that relationship too first because you are desperate for love, but to him or her that might not be the case.


Anyway, there is nothing wrong when you move into a relationship too first because you need love and care from someone. You might completely have a positive agenda as to why you entered that relationship.


I like basing my readers as honest and beautiful people. So, you are one of them. So, let us say you entered that relationship with a positive relationship goal.


That might not be the case with the other person. He or she might have lured you into a relationship because she or he has different goals for you. So, let us say he or she is wanting you in that relationship because of sex.


Do you think he or she will stay after he or she has fulfilled his or her lust? She or he won’t stay, that is the truth of the matter. He or she will find a reason to dump you. That will obviously break the relationship and leave you heartbroken.


Is it a bad thing to move too fast in a relationship?

Moving fast in a relationship will do you more harm than good. So, it’s a bad thing to move too fast in a relationship. You might end up in an unhealthy relationship that will hurt you so gravely since you have no knowledge of the kind of person you want to spend your life with.


Yes, it’s, moving too fast in a relationship is a bad thing. Let me explain to you why I base my opinion on that. A relationship involves internal and external connections.


For this connection to be successfully achieved. People have to know each other deeply so that they can understand each other.


Another reason is that when you move too fast in a relationship someone might think you are desperate and he or she might start using you to his or her advantage.



Someone might ask himself or herself,

 “Why has he/she accepted so quickly to move on with me? What wrongs wrong with him or her? Maybe she or he is desperate. Let me exploit her or him”


In such cases, you might find yourself in a relationship that you benefit nothing from it. Which will be a waste of time and feelings. Keep your time and feelings for the right person.


That person will come to you at the right moment. Rushing in a relationship is never a good thing at all. This is because such relationships usually have bad endings.


Sometimes it’s better to remain single than move into relationships too fast and blindly. I do agree that there is love at first sight, but I don’t believe in acting on it soon.


Don’t get me wrong. Love at the first sight doesn’t mean dating. You can fall in love with someone at the first sight and still let him or her go. You don’t have to grab everything beautiful that comes before you. Even roses have thorns. So, be extra careful.


Can You Save A Relationship That Moved Too Fast?

You can save a relationship that moved too fast by pausing a little bit and thinking of what you all want from that relationship. Talk to each other and try to fill some of the gaps that you skipped when you started that relationship. By doing this you will save it.

When you pause a bit and think of what matters is when you will be able to define the true purpose of the relationship instead of moving with your fantasies.

Also, this will help you to know more about each other deeply since the love is on pause only your interest in each other is what will be driving you.


It can be saved you just have to be ready to do it.


When a relationship moves too fast;

The truth is that when a relationship moves too fast you fail to see the beauty of it. Furthermore, you are risking your own safety.


If you know nothing about the person you want to date then you might end up on the negative side.


A relationship is more than just dates and romance. For it to be amazing you have to connect with someone and that can only happen if you get to know that person.


Don’t just consider sexual attraction and make a move in a relationship, it will eventually fail.


How to fix relationships that move too fast.

Now that you have known why relationships that move too fast fail, let me share with you ways how you can fix it. You might be so much in love with that person that you came across.


You have been knowing each other for a few days and you have realized that you are moving too fast. You really want that to work. You vividly know that if you take it with a turbo everything will look messy later.

Here are ways how to fix a relationship that moves too fast;


1. Tell him or her to take it easy.

 This is the first thing you should do to fix a relationship that moves too fast. You have to sit down and talk about the pace that you two are moving on with. Be clear to him or her. Yoh! You are taking this thing too first. It will eventually crash.


If he or she is someone that has a positive view or intentions about the relationship he or she will understand that. If he or she won’t agree with you then there is no need to stick around pleasing him or her. That person might be after something else. Fruitful things come when you are patient. No need of rushing things.


This is the appropriate way to fix a relationship that moves too fast. If the talk won’t fix that then follow this second measure.


2. Keep a little distance between the two of you.

Yeah! Exactly. I can’t lie. I know may have feelings for him or her but there is no harm to keep a little distance for a while. I’m not telling you to completely throw him or her away or to forget him or her. A little distance will be great.


This is to ensure you observe him or her from afar so that you can get to know him or her.


The little distance that you keep between the two of you will also prevent you from moving too fast in that relationship. If you implement this then I’m sure you will be able to fix this issue.


Don’t be too soft on him or her. You can even make him or her think that you aren’t interested in him. In this way, things will go so slow.


3. Share with him or her the dangers of rushing into a relationship.

Some people might be willing to move into relationships too fast because they don’t know of the dangers of it. Take your time and remind him or her of the dangers of rushing into relationships blindly.


You can even go ahead and ask him or her questions just to get to know why he or she wants to move too fast in that relationship.


“Is it lust that is driving you too quick to move in this relationship? If it’s not then why are you rushing things? Take everything slow.”


Be careful though to who you are asking this question. You might end up regretting it. Hahaha… Kidding, you have the right to ask any question to a person who wants to date you.


Sometimes the questions that you might ask him or her might give you a full insight into why he or she wants to be in that relationship.


So, sharing the dangers with him or her will make him or her reconsider moving too fast into it. Not that you should scare him or her, just be like a teacher to him or her.


You will have that responsibility some days. You will be someone’s dad or mom. Get to know that. Educating him or her will fix the problem of moving too first in a relationship.


4. You can clearly tell him or her to start with friendship first.

This is also another creative way of fixing a relationship that is about to move fast. When you tell someone that you want him or her to be at the boundary line of friendship he or she will respect that.


This will prevent the relationship from moving too fast and also give you sufficient time to get to know him or her.


Trust me; being friends with someone who you know you have intentions of dating is so cool. This will give an advantage of exploring everything about him or her.


If he or she had different intentions other than having a serious relationship with you she or he will walk away. That will definitely give you an idea of why that person wasn’t the right one for you.


A person who is truly in love with you will always stick by your side no matter what you say or do to him. So, use this tactic to fix a relationship that is moving too fast, and thank me later.


Let no one tell you that he or she is completely in love with you and he or she can’t hold it. I’m telling you people out there are poetic and have pretty amazing ways of convincing people to fall in love with them—don’t be one of the victims, my good friend.


5. Revisit your relationship priorities.

It’s very important before making any decisions, especially those that will affect your lifestyle to a great part, to sit down and rethink your priorities. This will help you to make solid decisions before moving too fast in any relationship.


Think of the relationship goals you dream of achieving. Would they let you rush blindly into a relationship?


Think of the kind of person you want to have in your life, would he or she advise you to jump so quickly into a relationship? All these questions will give you clear thoughts about why you shouldn’t drive yourself too fast in a relationship.


Contemplating your well-being will help you to fix a relationship that moves too fast. Sometimes all it needs is for a person to be alone in a quiet place and think of the things that matter in life to fix one thing.


Give yourself a break from people and have quality time and evaluate the relationship that is moving too fast. I’m 100% sure that you will find a way to fix that.


Relationships moving too fast is never a healthy thing. This is one of the reasons that make people find themselves with the wrong person. So, why don’t you be patient and get to know the person you want to date before making a decision of taking him or her into your life?


To conclude, there is a point that you should know. Not all relationships that move too fast fail. There is usually a chance that both people have the same intentions of making that relationship work out.


I can tell you but this chance is usually minimal. The sad thing is that we have no ability to read people’s minds. I have seen people who moved into relationships too fast and they ended up as amazing couples.


If I compare the number of relationships that were successful and those that failed, the numbers of failed relationships are greater.


Take it easy, take it slow, the world is still here. Take everything slowly; don’t rush into relationships that you will regret later in your life. No one has a metallic heart—we can feel pain and we can be broken.


We are all vulnerable. So, before moving into relationships so fast rethink what I have just shared with you up there.


Got any questions about what I have just shared with you? I will be more than ready to answer your questions.


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