What Does It Mean When She Calls You “bro”

 Let me be frank here. If a girl calls you bro and you have a crush on her and she has realized it then you should have a better way to reply to her.


I usually find it a big deal, especially if I’m attracted to a girl and she ends up calling me bro. 


So, before I tell you how you can reply to her let me first share with you some of the possible meaning that can come up when a girl calls you bro.


For instance, you have a crush on and who keeps calling you bro then this can affect you greatly. She might end treating you like her brother and boom! You would have lost it.


You will never have the power to seduce her when she has put you in the line of her brother.


So, before I waste much time let me jump to the meaning.


What does it mean when she calls you bro?

Do you know what it means when she calls you bro? Does she like you that much when she calls you bro? Here is what it means.


When she calls you bro it means she is trying to put you on a level that you can’t make her move on her. This is because if you turn out to be her brother it will be impossible for you to date her. So, don’t allow her to call you bro.


If you have a crush on her don’t treat her like your sister. If you want to remain in friendzone forever then try to entertain the name bro.


Once you accept the term bro, she will have a great advantage of turning your pick-up lines useless very easily.


I’m saying this because I went through this when I was in high school. I thought that when a girl you have a crush calls you bro and you agree with it, it shows she cares about you.


The truth is that she does care about you but you are just like a brother to her. Brother love and sister love will never turn to be romantic.


Let us say you agree with her calling you bro and deep down you have feelings for her. One day you decide to make a move on her and express what you feel for her. She will tell you, “You are my bro remember! We can’t be a thing”


With that statement, she would have cut you short.


What does it mean when a girl says you are like a brother?

This is now the long-term effect of allowing a girl to call you bro. Hahaha! anyway, don’t worry I will show you a way out of it.


If she gets used to talking to you that much and she shares most of her issues with you and she is used to calling you bro, then she will always that you are like a brother to her.


When a girl says that you are like a brother to her this means that she is used to you so much to an extent that you can’t have anything romantic with her. So, if you were thinking about making her your girlfriend then keep that aside.


Did you know that this is caused by the way you treat her? This is what some guys do thinking that by being too much respect to a chick you are going to win her heart.


What I’m trying to mean is that you should treat her like you want her and not like she is your sister. 


You have to add some romantic gestures in that friendship, like at least kissing her on her cheek when saying goodbye, writing her romantic notes, and leaving them at her doorstep.


Things like this will differentiate with someone who talks nicely to her and he never does anything romantic. She will always look at you differently. Furthermore, she will understand your intentions with her.


Sometimes you have to check it, if she likes your moves try at least and make a nasty move and see how she will react.


Being too good and respectful it’s sometimes boring and she will end up saying that you are like a brother to her.

When a girl says you are like a brother to me.

This is the case here. A girl usually observes how you treat her and how you talk to her. 


If you have never tried anything romantic on her she will eventually conclude that you are nothing more than a brother to her. Being too good and decent sometimes is what it can make her say that.


When a girl says that you are like a brother to me then making your move on her and trying to get her in your box will be a problem until you have a way of convincing her that you are not like her brother.


The question is how will you convince her that you are not like a brother to her yet you have been acting like one…


Think about it. 


What does it mean when a girl calls you dude?

This is another term that people get confused about. Dude is a very informal term. It can be offensive and not be offensive at the same time depending on the person you are calling.
The good thing is that to us it’s me elaborate. We know that it’s a calling who is calling you dude.
So, let me get to what it means when a girl calls you dude.
When a girl calls you dude it means that he is just referring you to the normal guys that she has been talking to, she is certainly not interested in you, she just finds you to be like a friend and she has no feelings for you.
If she has not even a single spark of feelings for you then this is what a girl will use to call you.
When a girl is interested in you the first thing she will do is to give you nicknames even if you will like them.
She will be happy calling you using them, whenever you get any when she calls you with those nicknames she will be more encouraged to do so until you get used to them.
The word “Dude” doesn’t strike any nerve at all. It’s too informal. It’s just like when he calls you man!

What to reply when a girl calls you bro.

Now that you have understood what it means when a girl calls you and when she also says that you are like a brother to her. Let me share with you how you can reply to her so that you have a great advantage over her.
When a girl calls you bro you can reply to her by saying, ” Luckily! we are not from the same parents,” “You have never been my sister at all,” “I’m not planning to make you my sister either!” These are words you can use to stop her from calling you, bro.
The other thing is that you can face her and tell her that you don’t like it when she calls you bro. Tell her that you hate it and it annoys you.
She will eventually ask, “What do you want me to call you?” 
Here you will have a chance of telling her, “Give a nickname that suits me,” 
You will be one step ahead.
Sometimes a girl might call you bro or some of the other names like dude just to see how you will react to it. They are even aware of what these words mean. They are just using them to shut you down from making a move.
The other thing is that don’t let these names stop you from making a move on her. If you like her go ahead and prove to her that you want to be more than a friend to her. 
Stop playing foster brother!
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