We Kissed But She Doesn’t Want a Relationship (Know Why)

Have you kissed her and she later tells you that she doesn’t want a relationship? This is what it may mean.


This is something I did come across that really surprised me. I never thought a girl would tell you that she doesn’t want a relationship but ends up kissing you.


Anyway, if you are stuck with thousands of questions about this don’t worry you are not alone in this. There are so many things that can come out of this, so stick with me I’m about to spill the beans.


There are so many reasons why this might happen. It happened to me and I can tell you it’s pretty awesome and at the same time hurting.


Imagine she gives you the taste of how amazing are her lips and she, later on, tells you that she can’t date you. The way she expresses it, damn! You might think she is saying the opposite of what she means.


This happens and there might be so many reasons why it does. In my case, I still think about it up to date. I will share with you just a short part of my story.


It may relate to yours. This will at least make you feel that you are not the only one who encountered such an incident.


So, let me dig deep into it.


What does it mean when a girl kisses you?

When a girl kisses you, this is definitely a sign showing that she really likes you. It means that she has feelings for you. Also, it may not be something serious. It may be that it’s just a lapse of a moment that passes by where she really needed that kiss.


A girl can kiss you and she may not mean that she wants you to be her boyfriend. I have seen this from a girl we had been friends with for a long time.


We were so close to the extent people thought that we used to date. The truth is that we were just friends nothing more.


One day as were busy talking about issues of our latest TV shows that we had watched together. We just found our lips locked for about 20 seconds.


She pulled away and she never talked again. I was so tense. I thought I had ruined our friendship. Later on, when I was saying bye to her as I was leaving her apartment she told me something.


She said that the kiss we had didn’t mean anything to her because she was already dating someone else. In my case, that kiss was affectionate. I wonder why she could say something like that.


Deep down I knew she had feelings for me, but she couldn’t make a move to be with me since someone else was occupying her life.


Is it wrong to kiss someone you’re not dating?

Kissing someone that you are not dating but you like each other it’s not wrong at all. It can happen even if you haven’t intended on doing that. If you have feelings for each other kiss will just happen automatically.

It will be wrong to kiss someone who you aren’t dating and yet she/he has no feelings for you. The main reason why I’m saying this is that it will be like you have forced him or her to kiss you.


Kisses taken by force—that never happened automatically are never amazing. Kisses are those that are taken slowly and passionate.


That is by the free will of someone intending to do it.


So, if a person has no feelings for you and you kiss him or her against her will that will be totally wrong. It may end up your friendship with him or her. No one wants to be disrespected.


Let it happen automatically. This will happen if she or he has feelings for you and you have been connected for a while.


Would a girl kiss you if she wasn’t interested?

A girl would kiss you just to make you feel happy even if she wasn’t interested in doing that. This is because she wants to keep you around her. Also, if you have been pleading to get a kiss from her she might kiss you to eliminate the constant disturbances.

You might have been friends with her for a while but in a real sense, she might have never had an interest in dating you.


You might be spending much time with her and that is what might have made her know you better. So, in such a case, a girl giving you a kiss won’t be an issue for her.


You have to know that the kisses you get from someone interested in you are way different than kisses from someone who has no interest in you.


I have seen people kissing and they like met five minutes ago. To some people giving a kiss isn’t a big deal.


What does it mean when a girl likes you but doesn’t want a relationship?

When a girl likes you but doesn’t want a relationship it means she is not ready to have a relationship with you. Also, it can be that she likes you but you aren’t the type of guy she would want to date.

Another thing apart from finding you not to be the right guy to date, she might have someone else too to who she pledged her loyalty.


When a girl decides to be loyal to her man you will never break that bond. You might do all you can to make her shift her feelings from her man but you will be doing zero work.


These are the kinds of girls who know what they want in a relationship.


She might show her affection because it’s very hard to hide them. I know you have once had feelings for a person you can’t have. How does that feel?


It feels pretty bad and hurting. She might be feeling the same, but she can’t just have a relationship with you yet she has someone else.


Something else you should know is that when someone likes you it doesn’t mean she has feelings for you. Liking someone and having feelings for someone are two things that are totally different.


That is when I wrote the post about “6 factors that make people fall in love” I remember including feelings as the first factor. Check it out on the link below.


So, do not ever confuse someone liking you and having feelings for you.


What to do when a girl says she doesn’t want a relationship?

If you have been hanging out with her for a while and she eventually told you that she doesn’t want a relationship don’t give up.


This is what to do when she says she doesn’t want a relationship;

1. Find out why she doesn’t want a relationship.

When a girl makes it clear to you that she doesn’t want a relationship, there must be a reason behind that.


The best thing you can do if she finally admits to you that she doesn’t want a relationship is to identify why she said that to you.


The main reason why I’m saying this is that if you can pull out the reasons why she doesn’t want to date you maybe you will have a chance to change her mind.


You will be able to change her mind if the things that hindered you from dating her dating you are things that can be changed.


Good examples of these things may be your own personality; how you handle yourself, how responsible you may be and so many factors that different girls look for in a man before they decide to let them in.


The above things you can change so easily.


The hard things to change are these; if she told you she doesn’t want a relationship with you because you are young—you have no experience in life as she thought you would, you can’t handle her since she is older than you and maybe manage her financial needs whenever she has a problem.


Such kinds of things are very hard to change and some are almost impossible. Let us check on the age factor.


Most girls prefer dating older men—men who are above their ages, above them in knowledge and experience. Anyway, I came up with a post that you might like that I was talking about why girls are into older men.


2. Understand what she wants from you.

If you have found out the reasons why she doesn’t want to date you and you clearly know you can’t change them, the best thing to do is to preserve that friendship.


If she has been honest enough to open up to you that she can’t date you instead of just lying to you respect that.


You never know if something good might come out of that friendship. People’s minds are not always rigid.  A very tiny detail can change her perspective on you, trust me.


All you have to do is to understand what she wants from you. Hang by her side and be there when she needs you. You never know she might be testing your patience.


Don’t act awkwardly by going silent on her and stop doing her the pretty cool things you have been doing for her.


Before a girl decides to date someone she has so many things to consider. One of the things is if the feelings you have for her are real.


This can’t just happen overnight. It takes time—so, be patient and let time take its course.


That is why relationships that move too fast fail because people fail to get a clear insight into what they want in that relationship.


3. Move on with your life if you find it’s not worthy of hanging by her side.

You will eventually have to move on if you find out that she doesn’t have a thing for you. The above point of “understanding what she wants from you” might not work for everyone.


There is a possibility that she won’t even come around. If your instincts tell you that you will never have a chance to hold her tight in your arms and call her “Babe” then just move on with your life.


No matter how much you may want her to be with you she might not be feeling the same. The best thing you can do is to move on, you might find someone you have been looking for.


If it’s not today then tomorrow might be your day. If you realize that by hanging by her side you will hurt yourself much then It’s not worth sticking by her side.


You will have to accept the fact that she wasn’t meant to be yours. It’s something we should live with—we will always not get what we want but what we deserve.


You might think that you want her that much but the truth is that she might not deserve you. Here is an article on how to move on after a break, I know you may not have a break-up but some of the points will give you a positive view on how to let go of someone you love.


Ooh! I feel so hearty when I talk about letting go of someone. This can be the hardest thing but you will later realize it’s the best decision you ever did.


These are just some of the few tips I have found out on what to do if she doesn’t want a relationship. If you subscribe to my blog I’m sure soon you will receive an amazing article on how to let go of someone you still love. Soon, I’ll be coming up with that article.


So, a girl kissing you can’t mean that she 100% wants you to be her bae. To some girls, a kiss means nothing and they can give it to anyone they feel attached to even if they have no feelings for them.


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Can you kiss someone you have no feelings for? Let me know in the comment section.


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