11 Signs  A Shy Girl Likes You

Do you want to know the signs of a shy girl? And also maybe to know the signs if she likes you. This is the right article for you.


You don’t have to be an expert to know if the girl that likes you is shy. I will share with you signs that will let you know that she is shy and she really likes you.


It’s normal for a girl to be shy. To me, it’s one of the cutest things a girl can ever be. A shy girl can make you fall in love blindly without her making any effort.


There is usually a unique spark of love in most of the shy girls that men tend to find it very hard to extinguish. If you have never dated a shy girl then you should probably try and see how it will go.


So, let me share the signs that will let you know that she is shy. I mean if you want to date a shy girl the first thing you should know is how to identify her.


Here are the easiest ways to identify a shy girl without any effort of stalking her.


How To Tell A Girl Is Shy Around You;

1. She will hardly talk to you

A shy girl will rarely talk to you. She will always learn to keep her distance far away from you. She will never talk to you unless it’s something very important or urgent.


She will hardly start a conversation. If by any chance you manage to be around her you will be the one who will be doing the talking. She will just keep quiet. Furthermore, she will only talk when you ask her a question.


If you are that guy who lacks words and you always wait for a lady to come up with topics to discuss then you will definitely get bored.


You will have to come up with a conversation that will never end in the middle. This is because she will never back you up. The good thing about these shy girls is that they are always active listeners. Do you know why they are active listeners?


They are active listeners because they don’t waste their energy talking.


This is one of the signs that you will observe in a shy girl.


2. She will not look directly into your eyes.

Looking directly into your eyes; will be the hardest thing for a girl who is shy to do. She will never look directly into your eyes.


When you have annoyed a girl, and she is damn mad at you then when she doesn’t look at you directly in the eyes that don’t mean she is shy.


That is a sign that she is angry with you. So, it’s very important to consider the situation before jumping to conclusions that a girl is shy around you.


This is something obvious in every girl. Looking directly into your eyes will be the hardest thing to do. It doesn’t matter whether she is talking to you or not.


She will always find a place to focus her eyes on. You will be surprised by what she might do. She might end up looking on the ground or pretend to be busy looking at her smartphone.


Instead of her looking at you directly in the eyes she will rather prefer looking at her own body. If maybe you took her on a date and you sat in front of her.


She will avoid looking you directly in the eye by pretending to be busy looking at her food or looking at the people around the place you took her.


This is another indication that that girl is very shy. When you see this in a girl don’t question yourself why she is looking away from you. It’s not that you aren’t good for her. She is definitely shy.


3. She will always find an excuse not to sit next to you.

A shy girl will never let your sit next to her. She will move your sit about two meters from where she is sitting.


This will make sure that she doesn’t get a glace of you at all. You should expect this from a shy girl. Where will she find the courage to sit next to you when she is totally shy?


If you manage to find your way to sit close to her, you will be stunned by the way she will be acting. I don’t think she will ever be comfortable around you.


She will always find excuses not to sit next to you. She might tell you that she has to go somewhere. The truth is that she doesn’t want to sit next to you.


She might continue telling you that that seat is someone else’s. All these excuses are just to kick you away not to be so close to her.


Other girls might prefer walking away or moving somewhere else when you move to sit with them. When she decides to move away from you then she is completely shy.


As we all know a girl who is confident enough will never walk away to find another sit just because you went to sit next to her.


4. She will be willing to ask someone else for help other than you.

A shy girl will always be aiming at keeping her distance, avoiding contact, and not grabbing your attention at all.


So, this means even if she wants something she will rather find it from someone else. She will prefer walking miles away to search for help from someone else yet you can help her.


It’s not that she finds you not clever enough to help her with the problem she has. It’s just that she wants to avoid any contact with you. I’m telling you girls are really good at doing that.


If she will not find anyone to help her with her problem, she will rather die with her problem. This is a sign that that girl is shy.


I mean why would she find someone else to help her with the problem she has yet you are the closest person around? This is definitely a sign that she is shy.


This should not be associated with any hatred she had for you. If for instance, you had a misunderstanding you should not consider her shy. She just hates you and she will probably not accept any aid from you.


Hope you get me clearly. Let us keep rolling.


5. She will always try to hide her concerns away from you.

This is another sign that she is shy. A shy girl will never let you know anything that matters to her. They usually feel vulnerable when they end up sharing everything about themselves.


She will obviously know if you know most of her affairs she won’t have to act the ways she acts before you. Furthermore, she will do anything to make sure that you see nothing that she has in her bag.


A girl will be open to you and share everything with you when she isn’t shy and she trusts you. You should not confuse shyness and mistrust.


If she doesn’t trust you then when she hides everything and keeps a secret from you, don’t relate that to shyness. Fix the mistrust you created between you and her.


A shy girl will never let you know of her faults and weaknesses. The sharing nature will be very minimal. She will always find it very hard to open up to you—this is another sign that she is shy.


6. She will act weird around you.

This is another sign that will enable you to know that she is shy. Though, other things also make girls act weird around a boy.


A good example of these things that might make a girl act weird around a boy is when she is nervous, she has lied to him, she has so many secrets to hide, she likes you but she is afraid to share that, she cheated on her man, she is scared or afraid of something, when she is waiting for a decision to be made about something important that matters to her and so many other things.


The above things that make a lady act weird are if she has known that man. When you see her acting weird around you and yet you don’t have that deeper connection with her,


you will also notice that her voice changes when she is around you. She will be talking with you in a way that you have never heard before. Her voice might change and her words will be very few when talking to you.


You will see her touching herself every now and then. She will do awkward things—all these will show you that she is totally shy.


That is a sign that she likes you and she is shy. Damn! I wasn’t supposed to talk of this sign here. Anyway, let me skip to the other subheading so that you can get enlightened.


Signs that show a shy girl likes you.

Have you ever known that a girl who might be shy, probably likes you (98%)? So, let me share with you some of the signs that a shy girl will reveal when she likes you.


Here are the signs that a shy girl likes you;


1. She will always be the first to offer you any help.

A girl who likes you and is shy will always be the first to offer you any help you might need. She might be willing to suggest to you any help but she might do that in an indirect approach.


She might send her friends to help you out when you have anything bothering you and she can do that.


You have to remember that she is shy, so her main priority will be making her contact with you so minimal. You have to understand that.


She will be offering that help to you because she likes you. I don’t think a girl will have the courage to help someone she doesn’t like.


If she doesn’t like you, she will never dare to help you in any way. No matter the situation you are in.


Other girls will prefer to come to help you when you have a problem that you can’t handle. She will directly come to support you but she will never spend much time with you.


She will do what she needs to do and walk away.


2. She laughs at every joke you make.

This is another sign that she likes you. When a girl laughs at every word you say then this means she is fascinated with you.


You might even notice some of the words you say to her aren’t that funny, but you will find her smiling and laughing. Her face will always look brighter before you.


She will be glittering because of the happiness she will be getting from you. Her smile will be her beauty.


If you are funnier you will trap her in your heart even without realizing it. This is since girls like funny boys—not only shy girls.


A shy girl is likely to hide the things she finds funny in you. You will see her excited but she will be focusing on hiding how happy she is. She is shy, so you should expect this. Shy girls do giggle.


The good thing is that it’s very hard to hide the excitement. You will eventually notice that she finds what you share with her funny.


3. She will care what people say about her when she is around you.

This is another sign a shy girl will reveal to you. Although she feels shy about hanging out with you, she will care about what people might say about you and her.


She will be more focused on what she likes. Controlling the aspect of shyness in her and handling the love she has for you will be enough for her to care about what people might say about you and you.


Have you ever wondered why girls are shy? There are so many reasons why they are. This might be that she is not used to you, she is afraid of what she will feel when she let you in and maybe she has never been so close to a man before.


So, when she is afraid to let you in fully yet she likes you, do you think it will be easy to let people know that she has feelings for you? As in she is afraid to open up when she is around you—do you think she will let the world know what she feels?


She will always be coming towards you but very slowly. This is because she is shy and no one will stop her from doing what she wants because she likes you. Nothing is way good than being liked by shy girls, they seem so sweet.


4. She will pretend to resist you yet she wants you.

You will definitely make a move when you realize she likes you. That is what every man will do. Though she might be struggling to hide what she feels for you, you will eventually notice that she is into you.


When you will decide to make a move on her show her that you understand what she feels about you. She will completely resist you. If you are not assertive enough you might think that she doesn’t have feelings for you.


She is shy, so don’t expect her to let you make your romantic moves on her. Furthermore, she will pretend she doesn’t love you to prevent you from going further.


Some girls might even slap you when you try to kiss them. This is how they resist you. You even might end up receiving harsh words for trying to kiss her.


This is because they are shy. It’s very rare for them to admit what they feel about want they want. So, don’t get surprised when she acts like that.


If you keep on pushing and insisting she will lastly give in because she likes you. This is if she has feelings for you too. It will be clear to you that she liked you but she was only shy—when she gives in.


5. She will blush always when you are around with her

When she blushes a lot when she is around you this is a clear sign that she likes you. When you stare at her she will end up smiling or looking down.


She will never stand a chance of staring back at you. As she will be constantly looking down, touching her hair, some will even make wrinkles on their face.


Is it true some girls turn red when they are blushing?


You will see her putting her hands in front of her face when she doesn’t want you to notice that she is blushing.


When you see this sign then it means she is shy and she likes you but she doesn’t dare to face you.


6. She will always compliment you.

As I said early, shy girls are usually sacred to making contact. She will also hardly talk to you. These types of girls will only talk when it’s necessary.


She will use this chance to compliment you.


The way she will compliment you might be vague. She might tell you,


“You haven’t dressed well today, though I like the denim you have put on—I will borrow it someday”


Can you contemplate the quoted sentence I have written down?


She tells you that you aren’t well dressed but at the same time, she compliments your denim. Besides, she even goes to an extent of telling you that she will borrow it someday.


This is a good example of an ambiguous compliment. She is shy so she doesn’t want you to know that she has liked the way you have dressed. She is shy—how do you expect her to compliment you?


7. She will like almost anything you like.

This is something else that will indicate that she likes you. She will love dearly the things you like. This might go deep to an extent of her keeping a record of the things you like.


She will do this so that she can get connected to you. When you love someone you will definitely want to be connected with them.


The fast way of being connected with someone you like is by doing the thing she or he likes. This will make you have a common interest. People with similar interests are usually more easily interconnected than people with different ones.


She might be acting shy before you, but you will see her being involved in the things that you like. Furthermore, she might be more passionate about the things you like.


When you see this sign in a girl who is shy and trying to pretend to pull away from you then this is clear that she likes you.


8. She will stare at you when you aren’t looking at her

A shy girl will never look you directly into the eyes. She will at all costs avoid eye contact. If she will avoid eye contact with you then when will she look at you?


These kinds of girls will only stare at you when you aren’t looking at them. She will do this because she is shy and she will not be willing to get your attention that she is into you.


Shy girls don’t like getting the attention of the people they like. She will stare at you keenly but when you turn your face to look at her she will pretend she wasn’t looking at you.


When you see a girl behaving like this before you then that means she likes you. You shouldn’t walk away from her. Make an effort of following her up and make sure you get her attention.


She is shy so don’t expect her to make a move on you. If you keep waiting for her to make a move you don’t hold your breath…


9. She will talk about you with her friend but she will not want you to know.

In most cases, when a girl is shy and likes you she will talk about you with her friends. She might even share everything about you with her friends.


She will be so much cautious for you not to identify that. The good thing is that if she has friends that know you they will eventually give you that information.


When you notice this then this means she likes you but she is completely shy to open up to you. It will be on your side to make a move perfectly. A way that she will realize you haven’t found the information from her friends.


10. She will get jealous whenever you talk with her friends.

Although she is completely afraid to make you notice that she likes you. You will notice her very sad whenever you spend so much time talking with her friends.


She will be jealous but since she is shy she won’t do anything but glare at you. You even might be surprised the next time, you greet her she will just look at you without responding.


She will be very upset when she spots you flirting with her friends. This might make her make a move on revealing what she feels about you or lose interest completely in you.


On the side of her making a move will be hard. When she finds out that you flirt more with every girl you meet she will eventually walk away without you realizing that she had feelings for you.


This brings me to the other subheading,


11. She will hide what she feels for you.

For a shy girl, don’t expect her to make a move on you. She will probably fail on that. Very few girls lastly can make a move when a man doesn’t understand what these girls want.


She will fight hard to hide her feelings before you. This is because that is their nature. Furthermore, they might be afraid of how you will handle that information when you realize it.


A shy girl and she likes you, she will never admit openly that she likes you. It will be up to you to realize that.


This is a sign that a shy girl likes you.


To sum it up, shy girls will hardly make a move and express what they feel about you. It will be your duty to identify what she feels for you by using the signs I have shared above.


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