Are You Still Insecure In Your Relationship? (Know This)

What ruins relationships
Insecurities are brought about by the state of being insecure. One is insecure when they are uncertain or anxious about themselves. Simply put, it’s a lack of confidence in oneself. 
But if we were to look at being insecure from a broader perspective, from life’s view of things, being insecure carries a whole new meaning. And we see this mostly among couples and the people who cuff and all of that. 
For us young people, ‘cuffing’ has become a very common thing. Everybody does it. It’s like some sort of clout show. And since we want to be noticed, we’ll do the necessary, we’ll blindly get into relationships. 
We compromise our feelings when we do so. And some of us will get into long-distance relationships, 
then we’ll get attached, then at some point, we’ll face some challenges here and there. These challenges bring about insecurities and stuff, and then boom, two loving souls have their hearts shattered into pieces. That’s bad, 
isn’t it?
Personally, I think the reason why we are insecure is because of our
flaws. We all have flaws, and you see, for one to accept a person into their life, 
then you have to accommodate the latter’s flaws, we aren’t perfect so yeaaaaaaah. 
Look at it this way; I have a girlfriend, a really beautiful and gorgeous girlfriend. 
She has her flaws, but still, I love her for who she is despite her flaws and all. I 
hardly give a hoot. But she’s the one who is all insecure and all. 
When I go quiet for some time she starts thinking that I’m cheating on her or I’m hitting another lady’s DMs. In a real sense, I went quiet maybe because I needed to take a step from all the crazes of life or maybe I just wanted to be alone. 
And then she starts thinking that oooh he’s definitely cheating but I’m not. And she does that frequently, but since I’m very patient and calm, I’ll wait for her to come around, back to her normal self that is. 
But I’m human and sooner or later I’ll become pissed off and I’ll do what any pissed off dude would do, I’ll call it quits. That’s the only thing that I can do, it’ll hurt her but the vibe died. 
The vibe just died, just like that. So clearly insecurities totally kill the vibe in a relationship. And there’s nothing
as bad as a dead vibe; Damn that’s one hell of a turn-off. Like one moment y’all
are more than besties the next, you can’t even share a joke, or be the normal
stupid guy or lady that y’all are. Just like that a relationship goes down the
drain, it’s sad but it’s life.
Ladies and gentlemen, let us not ruin our relationships just because of puny
stuff. We should appreciate one another and trust should be mutual. Do not
say that you know your partner yet trusting him or her is not part of the picture.
Let’s put the insecurities behind and focus on trust and all will be well.
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