This is How My True Nature Won Her Heart

 She made me feel so attached to her. I never thought my feelings for her would go so deep. It just started as a joke. When she saw me around she would call me, look at me and smile.
I never knew her full intentions though. I remember we used to be in the same tuition. At that moment she never said a word to me neither did I. I thought she hated who I was. I was so stubborn at that time. I always sought attention from everyone in the class. The good thing about me was that I was always smart and I knew several girls were under my shade.
I would come to class so late. Do you know how I would be dressed? I used to dress simple. I never liked to overdress. I had worn a t-shirt and blue jeans. Down I had pairs of open shoes. In my ears, earphones took their place as it was my habit. It was so hard to find me walking without earphones in my ears. 
I liked music a lot because it used to give me comfort through the things that I had been going on with. Music gave me peace and energy to go through it all. My favourite music was by Westlife back then. Have ever heard “Soledad” that was a cool song. You would never miss it on my phone. Another song that I liked was still Westlife’s. That was us against the world. Whenever I listened to this song, I became so calm and emotional.
I would ask for permission to enter the class and everyone would start laughing, including the girl I had feelings for. I asked myself, “How does she view me? Does she see me like a naughty boy? Does she see me as an idiot.?
I never cared after all. One aspect about me was that I never used to care about what people thought about me. If I annoy you in any way just face me and tell me whatever I’m doing that annoys you in any way I’ll get to adjust it, but if you keep it within yourself, then you will continue hurting yourself. 
I never thought she would be on my side anymore. I wasn’t the only boy in the class. She was so beautiful. We all know everyone aims where there is a beautiful spot. It bothered me. She would just pass by without even saying hi to me. She would greet the people behind me. I just eventually knew I had no place in her heart. 
After I realised that she has not even a spark of love on me, I stopped caring, staring and loving her. I just did everything without seeking her attention. I was changed… Everyone was surprised by the sudden change that I made. Yeah… That’s me. 
You know it is very cool to live your life without wanting to impress anyone. When you live such a life you will find yourself. You will know which kind of person you are. All your true nature will be revealed. With this, I had no issue with anyone. When I was too quiet most of the people asked me how I was doing. They wanted to know if everything was okay. I told them I’m fine. 
They were not used to seeing me silent. The truth is that that was my true nature. Especially when I go somewhere else, with very few people I know, I’m always silent.
I was always doing everything in my unique way. People started saying that I was brokenhearted, some said that my father had passed away. So many things kept on spreading. The girl who knew I had a thing for her. She came around. She kept herself so close to me. 
I thought she wanted to know what made me change. I thought she would ask anything but instead, she started telling me about her life experiences. She talked of where she was raised, the kind of life she lived. I was surprised. She now started telling me things she had never told anyone else before. This made me feel that now I had a chance over her heart. She would bring me some mints whenever she came from home, she would pat my shoulder when I was so silent. I felt it, I was so happy you know. 
I kept cool. I just remained the way I was. I never said anything for her to know that she was the reason I changed. We got along pretty well. I would walk by her side when we were leaving for a lunch break. Sometimes she would text me and asked how my day was. She would visit me at home. This was now becoming a habit. 
I now started to realise that, you will get what you want by being the real you. Making yourself someone you are not will not get you what you want. Just let nature flow.
She was then part of my life. I still think of the memories we had together. I never thought my feelings would be so deep for her. She was as emotional as I was. We had much in common. I think we all need people with who we have much in common. Otherwise, having a person with who you don’t have much in common would be so hard for the two of you to make a connection.
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