Should I Wait For My Boyfriend To Become Financially Stable?

If you want to wait for your boyfriend to become financially stable, what if he doesn’t become. Being financially stable isn’t for everyone. This is something you have to know.


There are so many things that have to be done for someone to be financially stable.


It can take years of trying and hardworking.


Anyway, there is nothing wrong with waiting for your boyfriend to become financially stable.


Though, there is something else you can do for your boyfriend instead of waiting for him to make that change.


Don’t wait for your boyfriend to become financially stable because this might disappoint you. Instead of you having high expectations of him just join him and try to change your life with him. Two heads are always better than one. He has a greater chance with you than being alone.


Waiting for him to become financially stable will put him under a lot of pressure in something that he can’t control.


You never know when you are going to get your next meal. Nothing in this world is for sure.


You may be hoping to achieve something and things can turn out to be the opposite of what you expected.


So, waiting for your boyfriend to be financially stable is not a good idea at all.


You will be putting him on a test and this will never give him peace. He will be constantly worried about how things might turn out to be.


If your boyfriend is trying to become financially stable then join him in making this dream come true.


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When you join him in making yourselves financially independent in your relationship then he is likely to achieve this.


With you around, he will be motivated to do anything it takes to change his life.


This will encourage him to come up with different strategies that will change his financial stability.


Sometimes having expectations for someone can be a bad thing. You are thinking of waiting for your boyfriend to be financially stable, what if it turns out the opposite way?


When it turns out he can’t manage to become financially stable this will change how you feel about him.


This is because you expected him to achieve something that would make you happy and he never did.


This will prevent you from being around him. You will consider him nothing else but a loser.


When this happens to be the way that you perceive him you will walk away from him.


And that will be the end of it.


Do you know what will cause that? It’s because you had high expectations of him and you did nothing to help him achieve the goal you wanted.


Think of it this way, if your boyfriend is financially unstable and you accept him for his situation, you join him and try together to figure out how you can turn the table around.


Do you think it will be harder?


Since you want him to be financially stable, you will guide him and motivate him on what he wants to do.


The more support you give him, the more powerful he will feel.


As you help him out to change his life, you will also be happy to be next to him and this will change how you feel for him.


The relationship bond will increase, you will love him more for the energy he puts in to change his life and nothing else will matter even if he fails to achieve what you want him to.


This means that your relationship will keep going on even if your boyfriend will never manage to be financially stable.


This is because you have stayed with him and you have understood what it took him to try and achieve the thing that you wanted him to.


On the other hand, when he manages to be financially stable because you helped him, motivated him and guided him then you will also feel that you are part of his achievements.


He will be so grateful to you, he will respect you and he will treat you in a way you have never been treated before since he knows you are the magic of his sudden change.


He will recognize that he couldn’t have done it without you.


Your relationship will turn out to be so strong after this change.


If you wait for your boyfriend to be financially stable and you do nothing to help him in changing that.


What makes you feel that he will want you close when he manages to change that?


The moment he manages to become financially stable and you have never helped him in any way then he will leave you.


He will go for someone else because you never helped him to change his life, you just waited for him to change it.


There is no need for him to invite you in and enjoy the fruits of his work yet you never did anything to help him achieve that.


I hope you now see why I told you it’s not good to wait for your boyfriend to be financially stable.


Be with him, bear up with his situation and focus on what adds value to your relationship instead of thinking of achieving something you can’t control.


As I said earlier if you help him and he fails to achieve what you expected of him then you will continue loving him even harder.


And when he succeeds then your relationship will also turn out to be magnificent.


If you love him then you should not wait for him to be something you want.


Join in him and try together in making it happen


With you around, there is a greater chance that he will change his financial status.


He will not want to disappoint you and this will make him put all his energy towards you and what he wants to achieve.



Don’t wait for your boyfriend to be financially stable if you want your relationship to work.


This is something that cannot be predicted.


There is no way of knowing for sure that your boyfriend will change his financial status.


Instead of you waiting for him to be financially stable, join him in making this possible.


When you join him in making this happen there is a high possibility that it might happen.


And this will continue making your relationship with him even greater.


Also, when he fails to achieve this, you will continue to love him harder since you know what effort he put in to change his situation.


But if you choose to wait from afar and expect him to change his financial status, when he fails you will no longer feel the same for him and you might break up with him.


On the other hand, if you wait for him to be financially stable from afar and he manages to be successful in changing that, what makes you think he will want to be with you?


Think about it.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment, see you in my next article.


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