We Met Again

I wanted to get along with her, but this would be so crazy if I said it out to her. We just met. I asked myself, “What would she think of me?”

So lonely, so disparate, I was crossed with all different kinds of questions in my head. We talked for a few minutes and it was now time for everyone to leave.
I wanted to talk to her. Time never allowed that. I had to appreciate the fact that I may not see her again. I let it go. My whole day was filled with thoughts about her. She crossed my mind in a way no girl has ever done before.
Time passed away, and so many days went by. Fortunately, my biology teacher told me that there would be a contest at our neighbouring school. This contest was to be held at Mama Ngina.
I was so lucky, this contest as I remember got me a certificate that I’m proud of till today. I never thought I would see her again. I went with a clean and focused mind. My boys and I did the exam and after that, we waited for results. We went outside the class and stood somewhere.
We found a good spot as I may say. Where we would see every girl who passes around and comment about her. If she would be worth it, then one of us had to make a move.
You all know what happens in high school functions, especially when there is a mix of gender. Suddenly our teacher came, he gave us our allowances. As we were standing there calculating how much everyone should receive, I had someone calling.
We met again.
“Abduljabbar,” When I looked back I saw Jannat. I could not believe she just called me and smiled at me…
Man, that was progress. We greeted each other. We talked about a lot of things. I wasn’t surprised that she was at the contest too, she was a pretty brilliant girl. A man deserves such a kind of girl.
Man love pretty girls with ambition and brains. Now that I had taken my allowance already, I made it out with her. We talked as we were heading to the main road. It was quite a distance. This bought me more time to talk to her.
I had no guts still. I couldn’t even ask her for a phone number. I let her go again and later that day I blamed myself. I was happy on one thing though, I was happy with the fact that she did recognise me, she called my name when she was with her friends. I kept smiling at myself.
Two months passed by. Luckily, there was another contest at Coast Girls. The same school she was in. I knew I would see her because she was there. The way that I knew her, brilliant, she must also be in that contest.
We went and got welcomed in. This was my first time to be in that school… We were shown the class which we would stay as we waited for further instructions on which way to go. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t see her face.
I gave myself a compulsory short call every ten minutes. All that was just for me to see her but it never happened…
I gave up on looking for her and put my head in chemistry books. We discussed with our schoolmates which questions should we be waiting for. The discussion went deeper in a way I forgot about Jannat.
The time came whereby we were divided into different classes to sit for the Chemistry paper. I can’t say how hard that paper was. I tried my best though, I never got a zero.
When we finished the exam we waited for the results. Some of the students went to the hall, while others like me and my few friends strolled around the school comparing the laboratories they had with ours.
I went to the washroom and after that, I made up my mind to go to the top of the building. I used the staircase. As I was about to reach the last staircase to the top. I saw her. There she was… So beautiful… We met again.
I couldn’t hold myself you know, I was so happy, for the very first time we hugged. She was a short girl when we hugged I held her so smoothly like I was holding a princess. She lay on my chest. Damn! It was such a victory to me. At the contest students usually carry their phones though the school rules do not allow such a thing.
I was forced to ask for her phone number, she told me to give her mine. I gave it to her but she never gave me hers. She told me that she would text in the evening. We talked for a few minutes and I had to leave.
In the evening I made sure my phone was 100% so that I wouldn’t miss any phone call or text. She kept her word and texted me via WhatsApp.
“Hey Abduljabbar it’s Irum”
Boom! That was the happiest moment.
Do you wanna know what happened later?
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