What Does It Mean To Ask a Girl Out?

To ask a girl out means that you are requesting to spend time with her. In most cases, when a man asks a girl out it’s for romantic purposes. It can also be to know each other.

You have to understand that when you ask a girl out and she says yes it doesn’t mean that she is in love with you.

Furthermore, you can ask a girl out even if she is not your girlfriend.

For instance, you have a crush on her and you want to get to know her then you can ask her out so that you can have time with her.

It’s very important to know someone you intend to date. This will help you to get to understand her so deeply.

When you get to understand someone in and out you will find it easier to handle the relationship in case it happens.

Can you ask out a girl without knowing her?

This is definitely possible for any man. All you need for you to ask her out is courage.

If you like her and she is a total stranger you can give it a shot. Anyway, before you ask her out appropriately introduce yourself.

Let her know who you are why you would want to have time with her.

So, if you don’t know her and you are wondering whether you can ask her out then know this.

You can ask a girl out without knowing her. You might have just met, you are attracted to her and you would like to get to know then you can ask her out. Remember you should use friendly words, she isn’t your friend or girlfriend.

If all guys only asked out the girls that they knew then I don’t think most people would be dating.

For you to ask a girl out on a date you have to be attracted to her. This will eventually make you go for her.

Can I ask a girl out over text?


If you are asking if it’s okay to ask a girl out over text then this is what I would like you to know.

You can ask a girl out over text, it’s totally okay as long as you do it the right way. You should make sure she is online and then get to know how she is doing before asking her directly to go out with you.

Most guys mess this up. When you mess it up you will eventually have no chance with her out on that date that you were planning to impress her.

It’s not okay to directly go to her inbox and without asking how she has been doing you make move on asking her out.

She will eventually say no. If she does so, you will have nothing to say about it but just accept it and move on.

You might end up saying that she is rude and mean to you but the real sense is that you messed it up on your own.

Anyway, the good thing is that you have landed on the right article.

I will help you to know the ways on how you can ask a girl out in an appropriate way that she will accept easily even if she wanted to say no.

You don’t need to worry about it. I got you covered.

What to say when asking a girl out.


The choice of words matters a lot when it comes to this issue of asking her out on a date with you.

If you use the wrong words then you will not manage to have a date with her.

She will keep turning you down. If she is clever enough she will keep on rescheduling the dates until you find the right way to her out.

If she isn’t interested in you what she will do is to cancel the dates and keep silent.

So you have to choose your words accordingly if you want to ask her out.

I will share with you a couple of sentences that you can use when texting her to ask her out or when you are with her in person.

Something else you have to know is that don’t use these words on the go. You have to talk to her a bit and know her moods.

If she seems off then don’t ask her out on a date with you. If she said that she isn’t doing okay don’t go ahead and ask her out.

In short, the right moment to ask her out on a date is when she informs you that she is totally okay, happy and healthy. You can’t ask her out when she is moody,  she will obviously turn you down.

These are some of the words you can say  to her when you want to ask her out;

1. “I was wondering if you could have a moment with me after lunch hour. I really would like to talk to you about something”

When you tell her that you would like to have a moment with her she will obviously ask you where do you want to meet up, or where are you planning to go with her.

This will be up to you to decide. In case she tells you where you can meet up later and talk then it’s okay with that.

You can use these words to a girl you have known for a while.

If you had a crush on her then go ahead and tell her this and wait to hear what she has to say.

2. “Lately, I have been having some issues that are not likely to get out of my head. They are all about you. Would you like if I get time with you to tell you what all my issues are all about?”

With these words, you would have definitely sparked a sense of curiosity in her.

She will have the urge to know what you have to tell her. A woman never likes to be left on a suspension.

Don’t be surprised if she tells you immediately that you can just talk to her.

Anyway, you can say these words to someone you have known for a while.

You shouldn’t use these words on a stranger. She might think that you are crazy.

As in, how come you have issues with her and you have just met her recently?

3. “Hey, can I buy a cup of coffee  today after class?”


This is another indirect approach to asking a girl out.

If you don’t have the courage or you find it out awkward to ask her to go out with you, you can use a cup of coffee as an excuse.

It’s obvious if you get to sit at the same table and have a coffee together you will have the time to tell her about what you wanted to say.

If she is clever enough she will understand what you meant. The other thing is that she might like the way you have structured it.

Girls like smart dudes so, be one of them.

4. “I’m having a pool party tonight, I will be there. Will you show up?”

This is like an invitation. Dude, you have to make sure you have a pool party.

Anyway, I have used this as an example. It’s not a must for it to be a pool party. You can invite her to any celebration.

If you feel you have a cool event that you will be holding don’t be afraid to ask her to come.

The moment she decides to come you will have her all by yourself. After there you can think of anything to talk about with her.

5. “Can I buy you dinner tonight?”

You can also use these words to ask her out. This is kinda romantic and amazing.

You have to think of something creative before you ask her out.

Think of words that when you say to her she will definitely see fireworks everywhere.

Buy her dinner and then you will have the chance to talk to her.

A date is fun, especially when both of you are into it. You get to learn so many things from someone you want to make a move on.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be dinner only. It can be breakfast or lunch.

6. “I would like to take you for a picnic today, I was thinking of the park. Will you come with me?”

This is another word you can use to ask her out.

You should say these words if you know is a person who likes strolling and hiking.

If she is an indoor person she will definitely turn you down on this.

So, make sure you know someone’s angle of interest before you ask her out on a date.

7. “Do you like watching TV shows? Can we go to the theatre today?”

You can use this word to also ask a girl out. Going to the cinema with her can also be one way of getting to know her better and having fun.

There are some situations that girls find very hard to resist.

Especially, if she an extrovert then saying no to such a thing will be very hard for her.

So, make sure if you are taking her to the theatre, let it be that it’s one of her favourite films that will be played that day.

This is to make her even happier and interested to spend quality time with you.

You got to know how to choose your part where you will take her.

8. “I know you are good at baking, I would you to come and teach me today. Will you be available?”

This is another indirect approach to asking her out.

You should say these words to someone you know is an introvert. A person who doesn’t like to be outdoors that much.

You will have a good time with such a kind of person.

As you know, you can’t ask a stranger out using these words. Hope you know that.

Here are other words you can say when you want to ask out a stranger.

9. “You are pretty! Would you really like to go out on a date with a dude like me?”

These words seem a bit flirty. The response you will get from her might be,
“Why not!?”

There then you can give her the date, time and place you want to meet her again.

When you say such a word to a stranger she will obviously know that you have liked her and in most cases, if she likes your courage and confidence then she will give you a shot to see what you got.

So, if she says yes, don’t screw it up.

What to do if you ask her out and she says no.

If you ask her out and she says no then I know you may feel embarrassed about yourself.

You might even wish that you never had asked her out.

The rule you should know about dating is that you should always expect two things to happen when you are making a move on someone you like.

You are either going to have a good shot at it or you are going to be turned down.

The truth of the matter is that not everyone will say yes to you. This is because not everyone will like you.

What you can do when you ask her out and she says no is not to give up on her if you want her. Let her know that you will be waiting again when she will be available. If she really has an interest in you she will accept one day.


Some girls play hard to get. They feel like when you ask them on the first day and they say yes they will be seen desperate and cheap.

That is why some girls will say no when you ask them out.

You don’t have to give up on her. Take your time and find the perfect time to ask her again.

Fight for what you love. It will never come easily to you.

What do after asking a girl out?

If you have asked her out and she has said yes, then you will have to do something.

After asking a girl out what you have to do is to prepare yourself for that date. Make sure you look presentable, smart and clean. Think of what you are going to do with her that will entice her even more. In short, prepare for that date.

Anyway if you don’t know what to do on your first date with her then I recommend you to read these articles from my other blog.

# Lastly…

If you have asked her out and she has said yes. Make sure you do your best to please her. Don’t make the first date boring.

The first date matters a lot. If it goes well then everything else will be fine.

When she says no, don’t give up on her. Take your time and later try it again. If she sees that you are persistent then she will know that you are serious about it and she will give you a chance.

Anyway, don’t fail to subscribe to this blog to receive more amazing articles like this.

If you have a question just don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below. See you soon in my next article.
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