What Does It Mean When a Girl Wants To Take It Slow?

What does it mean when a girl wants to take it slow? This term of “Taking things slow” usually confuse so many guys.


In this article, I will be elaborating on this term and what it means.


When you have met a girl who is amazing in every section you wouldn’t want to waste any time. You will definitely make your move.


Sometimes when you are so much attracted to someone and you feel that you are into them you even fail to think of the consequences.


Find the consequences of moving too fast in a relationship from this article.


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The only thing that you will only be caring about is getting that person in your life and enjoying the goodies that he or she came with.


So, when you have met a principled girl, she thinks through everything, she is cautious then she will tell you to take things slow.


When a girl wants to take it slow she means that she doesn’t want to rush into a relationship. She wants to make sure that she has everything in control before she decides to move into a relationship with you.


A smart girl will never rush into a relationship with a dude she has just met even if she is interested in him.


She will take her time to know the person first if he is the right one for her. Furthermore, she will want to take things slow so that she gets to find if what she really feel for that person is real.


So, when a girl tells you that she wants to take things slow she is indirectly asking you to give her time to get to know you as you continue pushing the relationship forward.


In short, when a girl wants to take things slow she is telling you that;


  • She doesn’t want to get too deep in that relationship so soon (like getting intimate with you.)
  • She doesn’t want to make the relationship official with you yet.
  • She wants to be sure about the relationship she is about to invest her time in.
  • She doesn’t want to be committed to that relationship yet, it’s too early for her.
  • She is still trying to get to know you better before she makes a go-ahead.
  • She is still evaluating the relationship if it’s worth giving it a trial.
  • She also wants to finalise her issues in her previous relationship.

She likes me but wants to take things slow.

A girl may show interest in you in a way that you will end up feeling she is definitely ready for a relationship.
You will be surprised when you hear the term “she wants to take things slow
A girl may like you but still, she will want to take things slow because she wants to be sure about her feelings for you. Sometimes she is just cautious; this is if the past relationships she had ended up badly.
Did you know that a girl may like you but at the same time keep you waiting? 
So, when a girl likes you it doesn’t mean she will rush things up.

A girl wants to take things slow what exactly do I do?

When a girl wants to take things slow there are some measures that you will have to consider when you decide to hand around her.
If she wants to take things slow and you end up going against what she said then you will eventually miss a chance at her.
This is what to do when a girl wants to take things slow;

1. Avoid flirting too much with her.

This is the first you have to do when a girl wants to take things slow. Don’t flirt too much with her because you won’t be taking it slow as she expected.
I’m not saying you should not flirt with her completely. Do it but in a moderate way. In a way that she will not find it to be too much to her.
If you don’t flirt with her completely because she told you that she wants to take things slow then she will conclude that you aren’t interested in her.
Doing this will make her feel that the relationship is going a the pace that she wants it to be.
The other thing is that you will prove to her that you are ready to take things at her pace.

This is because if she finds that you aren’t comfortable doing things her way then she will eventually conclude that you aren’t the type of guy she wanted.

A tip on how to avoid flirting too much with her; initiate a little and let her handle the rest. Don’t make a move on her and keep it going on for so long.

2. Don’t text and call her too much.

You should be in touch with her but not that too much. In this way, you will be taking things slow with her.

If you keep calling her every day and texting her every hour she will find it too much to her you will end up ruining things with her.

Continue texting her and calling her only when she wants you to go on.

If you keep texting her every hour she will know that you are committed to her. This is exactly what she doesn’t want, for now, that is why she wants to take things slow.

Send her a short text in the morning, knowing how she is doing and keep silent until in the evening and hit her inbox again.

And if it’s calling, call her only once a day or you can skip one day in a week without calling her.

When you manage to do this you will be taking things slow.

3. Don’t require to know too much about her at a go.

If she told you to take things slow this is one of the things that she also implied. So, when you are having a conversation with her don’t ask her too many questions.

Asking too many questions at a go is wanting to know many things about her at a go. This is exactly what she doesn’t want.

When you have a conversation with her talk about an opinion and let her contribute to it.

This is a clever way of asking her a question.

The moment you go too hard on her on questions, answering them she will feel that she let you know so much about her in a very short period.

The best way to handle this when you are having a conversation with her is to ask her one question a day and keep expanding the topic on that question.

It’s hard talking to someone without asking him or her a question when you have the urge to know her or him.

4. Don’t send her any gifts or things that show a romantic gesture.

When you make a point of sending someone gifts it means you are already into her.

This is clear that you are taking things forward so soon. A girl who told you to take things slow doesn’t expect you to send her gifts and flowers.

When you do this you are asking her to move forward with you. She will eventually consider this a sign that you want her to rush things up.

If you want to give her something don’t present it in a form of a gift or in a romantic way.

Make it casual and not attractive at all.

Anyway, it’s not a bad idea to surprise her during her birthday, that one is understandable.

The only people who send each other gifts filled with romantic gestures are lovers and she is not yet your lover. You have to keep that in your mind.

5. Don’t invite her to your apartment yet: if you intend to meet her make it at an open place.

I earlier told you that when she tells you that she wants to take things slows she is telling you that she doesn’t want to get intimate with you yet.

So, don’t use words or say things that will show that you want to get her in your bed.

Let me be frank if you tell I girl, “Can you come over tonight to my apartment?”

What will come to her mind?

So, if you want to meet her suggest her places that are open and not that private unless she suggests that to you.

Meet her in places that she will be comfortable with. And something else you should keep in your mind is that; don’t get mad when you ask her to out and she ends up saying no.

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You have to remember she told you she wants to take things slow, so don’t expect her to be always available for you whenever you want her to.

6. Go with the pace that she is taking you with.

Taking it slow isn’t that hard. Take your time observing her. Look at the way, she handles things when she is around you.

Observe how many times she ask you to meet her, how many times she calls you and how frequently she suggest you do things for her.

Use the same data to put yourself at the pace that she is in. If she told you she wants to take things slow and she jumped into your lips then next time you meet her do the same.

Don’t think too much. It might be that is what she actually meant. If you don’t do it then you might end up boring her and she will eventually lose interest in you.

Do you want that to happen? Although, if it happens here is what you can do.

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7. Give her time; don’t make her rush things.

If she told you that she wants to take things slow then be patient with her. Give her time and let her do things at her own pace.

Let her decide when she wants to do certain things with you.

You have to show her that she is completely in control of her own time.

Avoid telling her what to do or controlling her. A girl who wants to take it slowly wouldn’t be happy about that.

Don’t act like you are in control of her life, don’t ask her to kick away friends that she hangs out with and she thinks they are cool.

If you start taking matters into your own hands and asking her to do things for you at your own speed then you might lose a chance at her.

She will obviously think that you aren’t ready to do things in her way. In most cases, when a girl wants to take things slow she wants to be in control of what happens. So, give her that.


If she wants to take things slow don’t do things that will go opposite to what she wants. You might end up losing her.

Let her run the show until when she finally shows that she is ready to be committed to you.

Note: if she keeps you on hold for so long without telling you anything significant about your relationship issue, she is probably not interested in you. A girl who has an interest in you will never keep you waiting for too long.

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