What Does It Mean When A Guy Says “I Don’t Love You”

 When he tells you that he doesn’t love you anymore, do you give up on him? Do you try to find what made him fall out of love? Or you just agree and move on with your life.

There be might be so many reasons why a man might say that he doesn’t love you.

According to my perspective, when a guy decides clearly to tell you that he doesn’t love you then your relationship must have hit an iceberg.

It’s very hard for a man to say the word “I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE”

In this article, I’m going to be talking about the things that might make a man tell you that he doesn’t love you.

If he said he doesn’t love you anymore what do you think might have made him say such a word.

When you hear this word from a guy then it clearly tells you that your relationship is over not even falling apart.

The moment a man reaches the extent of not using actions to show that he doesn’t love you and instead he uses words then this is means that after that word he will call for a quit.

When a man says he doesn’t love you anymore he is trying to tell you that he is no longer interested in being with you and he wants to break up. He doesn’t have a spark of love left in him for you that is why he says that.


He said he doesn’t love me anymore will he come back?

Are you questioning yourself if he will come back after telling you that he doesn’t love you anymore?


If he said that he doesn’t love you anymore and he decided to walk away from you then the chances of him coming back to you again are very rare, to almost impossible.

There would be chances of him coming back if he just went silent on you and disappeared, if he went very far from you or if he told you that he needed time to figure things out.

It’s very hard for him to come back after him saying that he doesn’t love you because convincing you to let him again for a second chance will be an issue for him.

Which excuses will he use to make you understand that what you said was all a lie? what things will he do to show that he has feelings for you?

Thinking of making things right with you again might something hard for him.

In most relationships that I have experienced a man telling a woman that he doesn’t love him anymore about 1 out of 10 end up working after such kind of a break-up.

Men are assertive on the decision they decide to take especially if it’s something that deals with matters of the heart.

So, if a man made his mind to walk away from you then don’t expect him to come back to you.

The nature of a woman makes her caring, emotional and empathetic so when a man comes back proving he is ready to make things right then most women tend to give it.

For a man, this is usually kinda hard.


He says he doesn’t love me but acts like he does.

There are some situations when a man might mean differently from his words.

He might tell you to go but in a real sense, he wants you close.


If he says he doesn’t love you but he acts like he does then he is probably joking about it. He may want to see your reaction. It can also be that he can’t kick you away even if he doesn’t love you since he is used to having you around.


A change can be hard for some people. You might have been dating for 3 years.

So, the thought of him changing or letting go of how things used to be might be hard for him that is why he still acts like he is in love with you.

If someone falls out of love with you can they fall back in?

As I wrote earlier in my other blog that love changes over time; as I explained that love can increase or decrease over time depending on the effort made on it.

If someone falls out of love with you they can fall back in if you fight for them to fall in love again with you. It’s all about making an effort to restore the spark of love that is in them. It’s possible to make someone fall in love again.

Love is just like an “interest”. You can have no interest in someone but the things that he or she might end up doing for you might bring back the interest you had for him or her.

This means that if someone fell out of love with you then you can bring the love he or she has for you if you do the right things.


How do you know when a man doesn’t love you anymore?

If a man doesn’t love you anymore some things will come clear to you.

When a man doesn’t love you anymore you will know because he will act distant, he won’t care about you, he will never spend time with you, he will ignore you, he will flirt with women in your presence, he will never respect you and he will eventually, say it to you.

Furthermore, if you want to know if a man doesn’t love you just observe how he communicates and treats you.

These are the two things that will show you if he loves you or not.

Compare how he behaves towards you at the beginning of your relationship and now, you will have your answer.

If a person doesn’t love you anymore everything about him or her changes.


What to do when your partner doesn’t love you anymore.

If your partner doesn’t love you anymore then there are some things you can do to restore back the love he or she had for you.


These are very easy things to do but they want effort, patience and commitment.

This is what to do when your partner doesn’t love you anymore;

1. Find out why your partner doesn’t love you anymore.

I wanted to skip this subheading but I figured out that it’s very hard for you to solve a problem without having known the cause of it.

So, if your partner doesn’t love you anymore more, the first thing you should do is to find out why your partner doesn’t love you.

You can find out if your partner doesn’t love you from the recent activities that you were all involved in before he/she said to you that he or she doesn’t love you.

Think of the activities you did with him or her.

Go back in time and think hard and try to find the cause.

If you had an argument that made him or her angry at you then that might have been the cause of him/her saying that he or she doesn’t love you.

Think of anything that might have made him change how he or she feels about you.

If you will be able to find out why he or she said that she doesn’t love you anymore then you will have a good shot at solving your issues if you start making right the things you broke.

2. Ask your partner how he wants to be loved.

In most cases, couples in a relationship usually assume that they know how their partners want to be taken care of.

That might be the case, you also have to know that people grow and change.

Every single day that passes by someone can attain a different perspective on how he or she perceive love to be.

If your partner has told you that he doesn’t love you anymore, you still have the right to have a conversation with him or her.

Talk to her or him and get to know how he or she wants to be loved.

If a small part of your partner still wants to make things right in that relationship then he or she will open up to you.

By doing that you might have saved the relationship from failing.


3. Try to make things right if they were broken before.

If you have found out that there is a lot of issues that made your relationship break into pieces, yet these issues can be fixed then make an effort of fixing them.

You will never make things right with your partner if you will still be having unresolved conflicts or problems in your relationship.

Humble yourself and start finding the problems that you have in your relationship and start working them out.

For instance, if you had a fight and you never made things right between the two of you then go ahead and ask for forgiveness from your partner.

If you want to save your relationship you have to keep your ego down. Don’t feel bad about saving your relationship.

It’s always better to save your relationship than to start a new one.


4. Tell your partner how leaving your life will affect you.

When your partner wants to leave you because he or she doesn’t love you anymore, he or she will eventually leave you.

There is nothing you can do at that moment.

Anyway, the words you choose to speak when your partner says that he or she doesn’t love you anymore can change his or her mind.

Think of how your partner and you have been working hard to keep that relationship going.

Will your life be fine without him or her?

If not then make a point of talking to him.

Open up and explain to him or her how leaving your life might mess you up.

This is not something that guarantees that he will love you back immediately but if he or she is a person who used to care these words will stick in his or her head.

It might eventually make him or her rethink the decision he or she is about to make.

5. Try to rekindle the excitement again and make it like you are meeting for the first time.

If your partner doesn’t love you it might be that he or she got bored and all the interest faded.

People do lose interest in relationships and this is something that you should know.

Relationships do get boring sometimes if there is no effort made to keep them active.

Now, that you know your partner doesn’t love you anymore, just hit the reset button of your relationship.

Let go of everything you think you know about relationships and start finding ways to add excitement back to your relationship.


Talk to people who know how to deal with relationship issues and who have experience.

Hear what they will tell you and start implementing it in your relationship.

Read blogs and books to find more amazing ways of making your relationship exciting again.

It will be a tiresome thing but in the process, you will understand more about relationships and at the same time you might save your relationship.

Make your relationship exciting and fun again as if you have met today.

Have time for your partner and show him or her that it’s worth keeping the relationship.

# Lastly…

If your partner doesn’t love you anymore and he or she has proven that he or she can’t get back together with you don’t force him or her.

The moment he or she finds out that you are too desperate he or she might take advantage of you and keep you so that he or she can manipulate you.

That relationship will eventually turn to be toxic. So, no need to force someone to be with you when he or she has made it clear to you that he or she doesn’t need you in his or her life.

Let him or her go and move on with your life. It might be a hard thing but it will be the best for you.

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