What Do I Talk About With My Girlfriend’s Friends?

There is so much that you can talk about with your girlfriend’s friends. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of the things you can talk about with them.


If your girlfriend wanted you to meet her friends and you eventually did it and then you should know what you can talk about when they are around you.


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You have to be smart and come up with something to talk about if you want her friends to like you.


Though don’t get carried away and forget that your girlfriend is the reason why you met them.


Also, you have to be careful with what you choose to talk about with them.


These are some of the things you can talk about with your girlfriend’s friends;

1. Get to know them first.

Before you talk about anything with your girlfriend’s friends you have to know them first.


Knowing the kind of people they are will enable you to know the right way to approach your conversation with them.


Take it easy and don’t get carried away by what you see. Be calm and perfectly present yourself.


Don’t just say anything you feel like when you first meet them. You should take your time knowing them first.


Don’t go deep into conversations with them yet you have no idea of what they hate and like.


So, after you have observed them you can start by asking their names.


Even if your girlfriend told you their names make a point of asking them again.


When you do this you will be creating a rapport between you and them.


This is the foundation of your conversation.


If this first conversation with them goes well then you will have a better chance of talking so much more with them and your girlfriend will never be embarrassed by having introduced you to them.


The first impression matters a lot.


The next thing you can ask them about is their hobbies. Also, this will further keep the conversation going to keep them engaged and comfortable enough to talk to you.

2. Tell them about yourself.

Once you have known a little bit about them it’s time for you to introduce yourself to them in a better way.


The only thing they know is your name and that is all.


So, you can start telling them about yourself. This is for them to get a rough idea of the kind of person you are.


You have to make sure you keep this conversation short and sweet because you don’t have all day with your girlfriend’s friends.


Also, making these talks short will give you more time to focus on your girlfriend and not on her friends.


You have to be considerate about this. She wanted you to meet her friends so that you know them and not focus on them.


So, you can talk about your hobbies, the job you do or the college you are in, the course you are pursuing and a little bit of your background story.


Make it short so that you can jump on other important things to talk about.


When they know who you are then it will be easier for them to talk to you since they know the things you are interested in.

3. Talk about when they met with your girlfriend.

The next thing you can talk about is them and your girlfriend.


Don’t be so silent around them after you have known each other.


If you have nothing else to talk about then you can ask them this question of how they met with your girlfriend.


They will be more than happy to tell you about it and this will be so much fun for them to talk about.


This will help you to know more about your girlfriend from your friends.


The truth is that your girlfriend’s friends may be understanding your girlfriend more than you do.


So, let them tell you how they met.


This will give you a picture of their backgrounds.


Also, don’t forget to engage in their conversation and ask them questions about the day they met your girlfriend.


You have to keep the conversation going.


And in this way, they will be more than happy to tell you every detail of what it was like when they first met your girlfriend.


Make sure you don’t ask awkward questions and end up ruining your girlfriend’s mood.


You should be considerate with what you choose to talk about with them.

4. Talk about their friendship with your girlfriend.

You have to keep the conversation two-way thing. After they have told you what you wanted to know then you can also go ahead and let them know more about you.


Also, let them know how you met your girlfriend and how it was that day.


Give them a few details of how the day was when you first met your girlfriend.


Your girlfriend’s friends will want to know more about that but make sure you keep it short.


Also, talk about their friendship.


The friendship between your girlfriends and her friends.


Ask them how their friendship is and how they perceive each other.


This is the point where you will get to understand the kind of friendship your girlfriend has with her friends.


Don’t be afraid to ask your girlfriend’s friends what they do for each other as friends and the things they like doing together.


This will give you a clear picture of your girlfriend and if she was hiding anything from you then you will know.


Also, this will keep the conversation going.

5. Talk about how amazing your girlfriend is.

When you meet your girlfriend’s friends and you hang out with them talking about several things, don’t forget that you were able to meet them because of your girlfriend.


Don’t forget your girlfriend at all when you are talking to them.


You also have to give your girlfriend attention. You have to leave your girlfriend’s friends with the impression that you love their friend so much.


You can do this by sitting next to your girlfriend.


Holding her while you are talking to them, looking at her several times and even kissing her from time to time.


You don’t have to be shy at all. Be confident and show your girlfriend that you are so happy having her in your life.


As you give your girlfriend attention when you are talking to her friends then you can also start talking about how amazing your girlfriend is.


This will make your girlfriend feel so good and she will connect herself to you even on a deeper level.


After that conversation with your girlfriend’s friends, you would have made an impression on her that she is the most important person in your life.

6. Talk about anything that seems to amaze them about you.

After you have talked with your girlfriend’s for a while and you are about to leave them don’t be afraid to talk about them.


Let them know how you perceive them and how your time with them has been.


Talk about how amazing they are. Let them know that you are grateful that they welcomed you kindheartedly.


Show them that you care about the conversation you have had with them.


Make them feel good about meeting you.


And this will make your relationship with them so great.


They will even reach out to you when there is an event because they know you are an amazing guy.


So, talk about the things you enjoyed while talking to them and make them feel good about themselves.



This is what you can talk about your girlfriend’s friends. As I said earlier, don’t be carried away and forget that you were only able to meet them because of your girlfriend.


You have to give your girlfriend maximum attention even if you are talking to her friends.


This will make your girlfriend realize that you also care about her even if you are in another group of people.


This will give your girlfriend’s a positive impression and it will strengthen your relationship with them.


It will also have a positive effect on your relationship.


Your girlfriend’s friends will talk to your girlfriend after you have left.


They will give her their feedback.


Their feedback matters so much to your girlfriend.


If your girlfriend finds out that they liked you then your girlfriend will even love you harder.


But if your girlfriend’s friend never liked you then your girlfriend will be confused.


So, make sure you give an awesome impression on the first day you talk to your girlfriend’s friends.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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