8 Reasons Why a Guy Would Block You

When a guy decides to block you then there is a solid reason why he does that.

A guy will not block you without any reason.

A guy might block due to the following reasons;

1. If you have annoyed him too much.

A guy will block you if you have been annoying him too much without apologizing.

No one likes to be annoyed or treated as a joke. So, when you have been constantly annoying him he will end up blocking you.

In most cases, if he notices that you have been intentionally annoying him and he knows that.

He would at least be kind and considerate if he is aware that you have no idea that you are annoying him.

When he finds that you are doing it intentionally and finding it fun then he will block you no matter how much he loves you.

You have to know that every guy has his way of solving issues.

Some find it easier to solve problems by cutting off communication while other use words of the month and others use their hand.

So, if he will decide to cut off the connection then the first thing he will do is to block you.

2. A guy will block you if he finds you stubborn.

If you are being so stubborn and he has something important he is doing online then he will block you.

He might block you and unblock you later or leave you blocked.

So, if he doesn’t want to be irritated by your endless chats he will block you.

He might leave you blocked, but if he wants to communicate with you he will call you or meet you.

Some guys aren’t into texting. So, when they find that you are too much into texting they will block you because they will eventually find you stubborn.

3. A guy will block you if you ignore him.

A guy might have been texting you for a while but the only thing you do it so ignore his texts.

He will think that you aren’t interested in having a conversation with him that is why you are ignoring him.

So, when he makes it this way in his mind then he will eventually block you.

I’m sure you will also do the same if someone gave you his or her number to chat and he or she decides to ignore you.

You will find it no need for his or her number to be on your contact list if he or she isn’t replying to your texts.

So, when you have been ignoring a guy for a long period then he will block you.

4. A guy will block you if he wants your attention


When a guy wants your attention that you have been keeping away then he will block you.

The moment he blocks you he knows that your head will be filled with so many questions of why he decided to do that.

The curiosity that you will have in you to find the answers to your questions will eventually make you have attention to him.

You will find another way to be in touch with him so that you find why he blocked you.

This is one of the tricks that guys do use it and it’s working so well.

I tried it for someone who had no attention to me and it did wonders.

5. A guy will block you if he doesn’t want you to see his status

Status in WhatsApp, stories on Facebook and Instagram will not be shown to those people who you have blocked.

Every person who has been using social media platforms for a while knows this.

So, if a guy is in a relationship with someone else and he lied to you about that.

If he wants to post his girlfriend during her birthday day then he might block you so that you don’t see that status.

Guys have been doing this, especially those who are used to cheating.

It also is that the guy is used to posting dirty status and stories and he doesn’t want you to see them he or she will block you.

6. A guy will block you if he doesn’t want to communicate with you.

This is another reason why a guy might block you.

If a guy doesn’t want to communicate with you due to several reasons then he will block you. He knows that if he blocks you then you will not be able to reach him in any way. Also, this is one of the first things people do when they want to cut off communication.

So, if a guy doesn’t feel like talking to you and he knows that you will be sending him a bunch of texts then he will block you.

This is one of the easiest ways to cut off communication because it doesn’t take time to press the block button.

7. A guy will block you if he is busy with someone else online.

If a guy is online and he is very busy with someone else then he will prefer blocking you.

This is because when you will notice that he is online and he isn’t texting you or replying to your texts you will start an argument.

So for him to prevent that from happening he will block you. As we all know if someone decides to block you you will not be able to see him or her online.

You can do anything you want online without being disturbed and later unblock the person.

So, if he is busy chatting with someone else more important to him than you then you will be blocked.

Ouch! it hurts but that is the truth. If you were that important to him then he wouldn’t have blocked you.

8. A guy will block you if you argued.

If you argued with him that was so huge and it got out of control then he will block you.

As we all know when someone is mad they never measure the weight of their actions.

Especially, those who are short-tempered tend to do things without thinking straight.

So, make sure you avoid making decisions when you are mad.

When you had an argument with him and it went too far and he felt like talking to you can make things even worse then he will block you.

He blocked me after a huge argument.

If you argued with him and that is what made him block you then you should find something to do to make things right.

Making things right with him might make him unblock you.

There is no guarantee that if you make things right with him he will unblock you. It’s all up to him to decide that.

You also have to remember that his decisions are influenced by how you play your cards.

if he blocked you after a huge argument you are lucky enough because you know where to start than someone who got blocked and she has no idea what made her get blocked. When you know why someone has blocked you then you know how you can make things right.



What to do when he blocks you after an argument.

There are some things you can do if a guy blocked you after an argument.

When a guy blocks you after an argument then the first thing you can do is to make things by apologizing for the argument that happened and the second thing is to make ask him to unblock you so that you can go on with your conversation.

The moment you ask him for forgiveness he might forgive you but fail to unblock you because he will assume what you cared about was his forgiveness.

If you ask him to unblock you then he will realize that you are still interested to make the conversation going between the two of you.

This is what to do when he blocks you.

Why would a guy block you, then unblock you?

If you are asking yourself why would a guy block you and unblock you then this is what I can tell you.

A guy would block you and then unblock you if he wants your attention, he has questions of whether to communicate with you or not and he might be doing this to see how you are going to react about it.

If a guy wants to see that you care enough about him when you do something like this.

So, when you react by being inquisitive and angry about him blocking you and unblocking you then he will notice you care.

I think if you care about him then this is how you will react, isn’t it?

When you don’t care about him then you wouldn’t care why he blocks you and unblock you.

Someone who truly loves you will never think of making you unhappy.

You will not say a word about it and you might even not be aware of it because you won’t on the constant look on his profile.

To sum it up, if a guy blocks you and you try everything you can to make things right between the two of you and he doesn’t appreciate it then just walk away.

If he cares about you then he wouldn’t have thought of blocking you but confronting you and making things right.

We all have weaknesses, so be with a person who appreciates your weaknesses and helps you to improve on them than the one who finds them disadvantageous.

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