Why Do Guys Always Want Pictures?

When a guy is chatting online with you he will ask for a picture of you. Especially if you have just met him and you are In the process of knowing each other.


So, if you are having a problem knowing why guys always want pictures then this is one of the main reasons.


Guys will always want pictures whenever they are chatting with you online because the first that they want to observe from you is your beauty. They usually want to make sure that they are talking to the type of a girl they would want to have according to their appearance specifications.


The first thing that most men are usually interested in observing from a girl is her beauty. Every man always looks at the surface of a girl before looking at the other factors that might make him fall in love with her.


There is an article that I wrote that I highly recommend you to read it. In this article, I mostly discussed the factors that can make someone fall for someone.


When you read it you will understand how the appearance of a person influences someone to fall in love.


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Why do guys ask for pictures of your face?

The beauty of a person always starts from the face then the rest of the body follows. As I said earlier that guys always want to see the beauty of a girl before they start investing their time in texting and calling her.


If you a guy finds that you have the beauty in your face that he had been dreaming of having on a girl that he wants to have then he will invest his time in you because you are exactly the type of girl he wants.


Guys ask for pictures of your face so that they see the cuteness and the beauty you have on your face. The beauty of your face is what will either keep him continue texting you or stop eventually.


Most guys don’t want to be disappointed by ladies. As in he was imagining your face to be in this way but it’s exactly opposite to what he expected.


So, when you send a guy a picture of your face and he likes the way you look then he will keep on communicating with you. No one would want to communicate with a girl who isn’t cute and beautiful.


He keeps asking for pictures of my face.

If you have sent him a picture of you but he keeps on asking you to send him other pictures every day then this is what you should know.


If he keeps on asking for pictures of your face this means that the first picture that you sent him, he didn’t believe that it was you, or it might be that he was so much attracted by the cuteness of your face and he wants to have more pictures of you.


So, when he liked the first picture of you that you sent him then he will keep on asking for more pictures of you. If you are that cute then he would want to keep pictures of you in his gallery. So, that to look at your face whenever he misses you.


To be honest, every man likes to keep pictures of cute girls in his gallery. It just feels good having your gallery filled with pictures of beautiful girls.


Don’t be surprised if he keeps on asking you to send him pictures of you. That is a sign that you have really attracted him.


The opposite of that then it means that he never liked how you look that much. 


When a guy wants a picture of you what does that mean?

When a guy wants your picture then it could have a different meaning, but these are the common ones.


When a guy wants a picture of you it means that; he wants to see your beauty, he wants to know how you look, he wants to know if you are the type of girl she wants in appearance and he also wants to connect with you.


He wants to know how you look so that when he accidentally see you at a coffee shop he will eventually know that you are the one he has been talking to.


The other thing that I haven’t talked about mostly in this blog post is wanting your picture so that he can connect with you.


When you are texting with someone and you haven’t seen his or her face then it will be very hard for you to connect her or his response in the text if you have seen his or her face.


The moment when you see someone’s face you will be able to connect to him or her whenever you are talking to him or her.


This is because you will have an idea of how her or his face look like when he or she says that he or she is sad, happy, surprised, shocked or angry you will be able to relate to how his or her face look.


So, when you connect with someone by knowing how he or she looks then it will be easier for you to relate the words he or she says to you to his or her feelings.


Do guys like it when you send them pictures of yourself?


I won’t give you a direct answer first before I elaborate to you whether guys do like it or not when you send them pictures of yourself.
If a guy likes you, and he likes the way you look then he will like when you send him pictures of you.
When he doesn’t find you attractive and you send him your pictures he might never tell you anything but after he has received the pictures he will just delete them.
Guys like it when you send them pictures of you because they feel loved. It’s rare for a girl to send a picture to a man unless a man asks for it. So, if you take the initiative of sending your picture to a guy he will appreciate it. 

Why do guys always want dirty pictures?

We have guys who have the tendency of asking for dirty pictures of girls. You might be wondering why this is so, but here is the full insight.
Guys always want dirty pictures from girls mostly because of their lust. Some guys will want dirty pictures from you so that they can masturbate while looking at the dirty pictures that you sent them while others just like looking at them. 
Anyway, we have those who are in a long-distance relationship. For them to be intimate while they are far from one another then they will send each other dirty pictures of so-called “nudes”.
Sometimes guys will want dirty pictures of you so that they can feel intimately connected to you. This is especially if you have been dating and you are far from each other.

Why does my boyfriend ask for pictures of me?

If you are wondering why your boyfriend ask for pictures of you and yet he knows how you look then this might be the reason why.
Your boyfriend asks for pictures of you because you look attractive to him and he wants to keep your pictures in his gallery. Sometimes guys want pictures of their girlfriends so that they can show them off to their friends. It’s good if he is proud of how you look.

is it normal to send pictures to your boyfriend?

Couples do send pictures to each other almost daily. So if you are questioning yourself if it is normal to send pictures to your boyfriend then this is what you need to know.
It’s normal to send pictures to your boyfriend because it is also one way of keeping the communication between the two of you going. A picture that you send to him might bring an exciting topic to talk about and the more you talk to each other the better your relationship becomes.
Sending pictures to each other in a relationship is usually fun. You get to come up with things to discuss, the weird faces you all make on a camera, the funny postures you make while taking selfies, it is so cool.


If you feel that you are uncomfortable sending pictures of yourself to a guy then there is no need for you to do that.
Do something that you feel right doing and something that preserves your dignity. Don’t send dirty pictures to just any guy that asks you to.
Have the power of saying no to some things that are way out of the limit. You deserve better. You should let no one manipulate you.
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