7 Reasons Why Low-key Relationships Are Better

Low-key relationships are better and in this article, I will share with you my reasons. I’m sure after reading this you will prefer being low-key with your partner.

What does low key relationship mean?

For those who have no idea what a low-key relationship means then I got you covered.


A low-key relationship means keeping your relationship private and only a selective group of people know about it. This is making your relationship a thing that only a few people in your circle know.


I know you may be wondering why someone might want to keep his or her relationship low-key.


After you have read that article and know why someone might do that then come back here.


You will get to have a good understanding of why people do that.


Anyway, let me get to the points of why I’m saying low-key relationships are better.


This is why low-key relationships are better;


1. No one gets to judge you, your relationship, or your partner.

This is one of the reasons why low-key relationships are better.


If you make your relationship your private issue, then no one will judge you for the person you chose to date.


There are people who will always judge everything you do. They will judge from the clothes you wear to the person you are hanging out with.


The truth is that not all people will be happy with you living your life with the person you chose.


They will not stop judging your partner and this can mess you up so much if you are the kind of person who cares so much about what people talk about you.


Other people will also be there to judge your relationship. If you know you are straight there is someone around the corner thinking that you shouldn’t be one.


So, when he or she sees you with someone he or she will start judging you and even going to an extent of talking bad about you.


The moment you keep your relationship private and only a selective group of people you trust know about it then you will be so much better with your relationship.


2. You will enjoy your relationship peacefully.

You will enjoy your relationship peacefully and happily when it’s a low-key one.


As I said earlier that no one will judge your partner or your relationship; no one will be hitting on your relationship issues at all.


You will enjoy your relationship peacefully because your friends won’t have a thing to say about you or your love life.


No one will make you feel that you made a bad decision choosing the person you are with right now.


There are some people who may be your friends but they might not want good for you.


They will never be happy with you if you manage to have someone who is way better than their partners.


And they will do anything they can to make your love life hell in order for you to lose the person you are with currently.


So, when you make your relationship low-key then you will have a chance to enjoy it to the fullest and keep the happiness within yourself.


3. You aren’t under pressure from your friends or family.

I like low-key relationships and this is why I say that they are better.


The moment you make your relationship official be honest you will be under pressure from your family and friends.


Apart from their pressure also your partner might also put you under pressure.


I’m not saying that it’s bad to make your relationship official but you should understand that when a relationship is made official so many expectations arise from it.


You might like thisThings To Consider Before Making A Relationship Official.


Sometimes these expectations can be a good thing and a the same time they can make our life in that relationship very hard.


The moment you make your relationship official your family will start asking you a bunch of questions about what you expect from that relationship and your partner.


Your family will start asking things about the future that you might be even afraid to think about.


This can put you under pressure that will make you feel your relationship is a burden to you and so exhausting.


This will be different compared to when you are just low-key and you are taking your relationship at a pace that you all desire and one step at a time.


4. You have time and privacy to define your relationship.

This is another reason why low-key relationships are better.


If you make your relationship low-key it’s obvious that you will have so much time with your partner to define and plan how you want to take your relationship with your partner.


This will give you ample time to think of everything you want your relationship to be.


The other thing is also privacy.


As very few people know about your relationship you have the ability to change your relationship in any way you want.


You can decide to make it an open relationship, a one-time thing, or any way you will think of making it with your partner.


No one will ask you why you have changed your relationship in any way.


No one will question you for turning your relationship into friends with benefits as long as you are all happy with the way the relationship goes.


This is an advantage that the relationships that aren’t low-key don’t have.


5. You have a chance to find someone else easily if the current relationship doesn’t go the way you expect.

This is another advantage that low-key relationships have. You should probably try if you are thinking of starting a relationship.


To be honest not all relationships will work to your expectations.


You might start a relationship and you, later on, find that you are not even near compatible with the person you chose to date.


This happens sometimes. You meet someone and you get attracted because he or she is so amazing, the physical attraction draws you in but later on, you find that your vibes aren’t even quarterly close.


Anyway, here is something you should do instead of finding someone else.


Also, this can happen when you move too fast in a relationship without knowing the person you want to date or mistaking lust to love.


So, when your relationship doesn’t work with your partner you can both decide to end the relationship.


Which will be very easier since it wasn’t official. There will be no pressure from your family and friends.


Also, it will be easier for both of you to find someone easily because not so many people knew you were in a relationship.


6. Your partner gets to be safe from the eyes of predators.

If you are happy in your relationship there are people who hate that.


We have people out there who some may be your closest friends, who might pretend that they are completely happy with how your relationship is progressing.


Trust me, not all people will be happy with how your relationship is taking turns.


We have people who are struggling really hard with their relationships to be where you are currently but they can’t manage to make even a single positive step.


That is why we have people who keep saying love is sh*t and it is just a delusion.


These are the people who will never find it difficult to destroy your relationship.


These are the same people who will be just waiting for you to mess up with your partner so that they can jump on him or her.


But if your relationship is low-key, you don’t have to worry about these predators at all.


You will just enjoy your relationship in peace and not in pieces.


7. You avoid all unnecessary dramas from your friends and family.

If they don’t know your partner will they tell you lies about her/his whereabouts?


Will they tell you that your partner abused them and treat them badly?


I’m pretty sure such kinds of things will never happen.


You will always avoid these unnecessary dramas that will make you pick fights with your partner for no relevant reasons.


The only thing you will have to worry about is how you will build your relationship and take it where you want it to be.



You have to know that everything that has advantages also has its own disadvantages.


You might keep your relationship low-key and since your partner knows that not so many people know that you are in a relationship and he or she starts cheating on you without you realizing it.


He or she might even cheat on you with your friends because your friends don’t know if she or he is your partner.


The other disadvantage of keeping your relationship low-key is that it will be hard for you to go for advice from your friends or family since they don’t know the kind of person you are dating.


This will make it hard for you to solve any problems between the two of you since you will have no external support since very few people know about your relationship.


Do you have any questions? Leave your comment. See you in my next article.


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